The Recent Inductees to The Great Wall of Sexy

The Great Wall, as always, is still under construction, but open for your perusal.

Idiris Elba

Rosie Perez


Daniel Day-Lewis

Jasmine Guy

Ben Harper

Dawnn Lewis


Khandi Alexander

Peter Sarsgaard

Jurnee Smollett

Thierry Henry

Jennifer Freeman

Dondre Whitfield

Keisha Whitaker

Holly Robinson-Peete


Alicia Witt

And more …

*Please continue to suggest various people of all types to be added to the Wall. Remember the Wall is on permanent CP Time, so all updates happen whenever I get around to it.

20 thoughts on “The Recent Inductees to The Great Wall of Sexy

  1. Finally!! Someone finally gives Khandi Alexander some props. I think she is a beautiful woman and she’s one of the only reasons I watch CSI Miami.

  2. Hey! Dawnn and Jasmine were hot in there day. And Dawnn sings jazz and Jasmine did Broadway! Plus, totally dead and old people are also on The Wall of Sexy. You don’t have to presently be hot. You just have to have been hot at some point in your life! 🙂

  3. I’m happy with your choice of Thierry Henry. He’s my fave footballer. I think you should consider adding Ville Valo of the Finnish rock band, HIM, if he hasn’t been pinned to the wall already. There’s never been a Finn so hot, and there never will be. (That’s not a challenge to all you Finns–you’ll hurt yourselves trying).

  4. Hi Snob,Here are my nominations; Keri Hilson, Kisha Batista, Chudney Ross, Sarita Choudury, Taral Hicks, Jennifer Beals, Aaliyah, Cree Summer and Jeffery Wright.If any of my noms are already on the list I apologize.Monie

  5. Idris is just getting his spot on TGWOS? I love Khandi Alexander. She’s a hot broad. I love that word broad for some reason. LOL

  6. Although you did not get our approval of my husband to be on your sexy list, since you good peoples, we shall let it slide (this time). Thank you.Sincerely, Grown Elba

  7. Idris is super sexy, saw his fine ass in person in the Bahamas. Sexy English accent but WEIRD piercings on his triceps. Still extra sexy!Some suggestions:Rafael NadalColin FerrelGary Dourdan

  8. hey!, hey! I like Rain. I’m aware of his cheesiness. Also, I don’t know who Jan Don Gun is. I will look him up.all: Per some of your suggestions –I will check out Ville Vallo, Keri Hilson, Kisha Batista, Taral Hicks, Eduardo VerásteguiI will add Colin Ferrell, Sarita Choudury (I forgot about her. She IS hot!) and Chudney Ross (I actually already have some fashion pics of Chudney I think)Already on the Wall: Jennifer Beals, Aaliyah, Cree Summer, Jeffery Wright, Rafal Nadal (*drooling) and Gary Dourdan (*also drooling)Mmmm … Nadal and Dourdan …

  9. Please add Mathew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under) to your list. Good gawd almighty, that man is fine!

  10. Sorry, still can’t agree with Dawnn at any point, ever. But I’m glad to see Khandi–little recognition from the public at large for someone so fierce.

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