Fist Bump of Legend III: Jihad, MFers! UPDATE

*Graphic by moi, photo of Peyton Manning found in the comments section on Politico.

Past is prologue. Read how a modified high five became FOX News’ greatest nightmare. (Media Matters)

UPDATE: In other news, E.D. Hill, the FOX host who started this all has issued a non-apology apology for us interpreting what she said incorrectly. She STILL doesn’t explain where she got the “terrorist fist bump” thing from, but she’s totally sorry, guys. Totes sorry!

One thought on “Fist Bump of Legend III: Jihad, MFers! UPDATE

  1. LOL!!!I’m getting tired of the apologies. How hard is it to think before you speak? Wait a minute. That’s not a realistic demand to make of FUX News. I just found that in the Media Matters reader comments. I love it. Sounds better than Faux News and it ties with Fox Noise.

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