Black Snob In The News, Again!

Me and my former co-worker Eric accidentally dressing alike at a party in Bakersfield, Calif.

Had a chance to chat with Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jenice Armstrong Monday about Michelle Obama and her purple dress from last Tuesday. Its still got tongues wagging. She quoted me at the bottom of her column today! Once again, the full name was name checked. It’s funny because I wrote as Danielle C. Belton for so long as a reporter. It’s going to take some getting used to seeing my full name in print. But I like it.

“The thing with Obama is authenticity,” pointed out Danielle Celena Belton, who runs a humor blog called Black Snob. “You honestly feel like she dressed herself. She wasn’t scripted. She was wearing what she felt like wearing. It wasn’t about fitting the traditional mode.”

You can read Armstrong’s column here.

7 thoughts on “Black Snob In The News, Again!

  1. Hi SnobThere is some kind of Shining Star Award Nominations going on at They run until June 17th. You should check it out if you are interested. And maybe get people to vote for you… I have already voted for you as best new political blog for 2008. Here’s a link: of luck (if you want to do it!)A reader in Europe

  2. Congrats on all the comments, BS! I never get quoted in the paper, they just use my hideous pics. If you want to see them, come on by and read the post “Voguing Omegas.” Its, um, very interesting!:)L

  3. Yeah…you’re in the news!!Did you see that there’s a new article on Michelle and her style in the NYTimes…complete with 4 or 5 pictures.

  4. k-boog: She told me that she’s actually a reader of my blog and that a lot of her friends and co-workers were too, which was pretty awesome. I’m actually a pretty humble person, so I’m always both surprised and delighted that so many people read this blog.Also, if you search in Google “Michelle Obama Fashion” my site is one of the first one’s to pop up and a lot of people were searching this due to that final “Super Tuesday” and Michelle’s purple sheath dress by Maria Pinto.

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