The Black Snob In The News

Read all about it! The Black Snob is in Minnesota’s St. Paul Pioneer Press today in an article on Michelle Obama’s sense of style. I am quoted in the article under my God given name of Danielle Celena Belton. For some weird reason she included my middle name, but whatever, that’s cool. Everything was spelled right so shine on, you crazy diamond!

From the article:

“Most political wives don’t want to dress too fancy or flashy because they don’t want to take away from their husbands,” says Danielle Celena Belton, who documents Obama’s fashion choices on her topical/political/ humor blog The Black Snob. “Michelle dresses colorfully and bold and in that way she stands out, but it’s almost like she’s a compliment to Barack instead of overpowering him in any kind of way.”

3 thoughts on “The Black Snob In The News

  1. ruth: Barack and Michelle exude power so you can tell that he’s comfortable seeing his woman shine and she’s comfortable in his afterglow. There’s no power struggle going on there. That’s what I love about looking at them. There’s harmony and balance. She can be a complex, beautiful flower and it doesn’t affect his gravitas. Perfectly matched, those two.Per the banner, I’m still tinkering. I might reinvent the old banner. Have a banner contest to help me pick the prettiest one.

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