Michelle Obama to be on ‘The View’

She’ll be a guest host June 18th!

Sayeth The Associated Press:

Michelle Obama will be a guest host on “The View” on June 18. The popular ABC daytime talk show had invited her to be a guest this month, but she sent back word that she would like to be a host like Cindy McCain did in April, said Bill Geddie, the show’s executive producer.

“Equal time — that’s hard to argue with,” he said Wednesday.

Being a guest host will allow Michelle Obama to help interview guests and participate in the opening “hot topics,” or banter about what’s in the news that day. It offers the chance for someone to show a more complete personality than just sitting for an interview and talking about themselves, Geddie said.

I’m always frightened for anyone who goes on The View, mostly because it’s like an estrogen fueled Lionesses’ den. But Michelle should be more than capable of holding her own. Plus, Whoopi Goldberg isn’t nearly as nutters as Rosie O’Donnell, although I really wonder what exiled former View co-host Star Jones would do in a Michelle O. interview.

Oh, well! Set your calendars Michelle-a-holics!

11 thoughts on “Michelle Obama to be on ‘The View’

  1. deedlelee: I checked out both sites as well as the links to the Web site the artist created to promote the exhibit. I, personally, found the Obama exhibit offensive. But I know that he was making it offensive on purpose to invoke a response. The creator is an imaginative provocateur exploring a taboo subject. A lot of artists are like this. His greatest faux pas was the title of his exhibit. He had to know that any references to “assassination” would lead to authorities getting rankled. The title of the exhibit made it unclear that he was referencing to media coverage and “character” assassination. The exhibit is obviously about that (even if it is offensive in its presentation. But the media coverage has been offensive as people grappled poorly with the idea of a black and a female candidate).So I understand an artist’s right to create giant black penises or a wall of cigars in order to reduce Obama and Clinton to their most base elements, even if I think it’s repugnant, but he should have known that if you reference assassination of any federal government figure you’re going to have to deal with the Secret Service.I might use the links for a story I’m working on for later this week about imagery that straddles the line between racist stereotype and art.

  2. seeing as how I don’t have to be in work before 12pm EDT on most days, I’ve caught up with my “The View” these last few days. Yes, I’m a black male, and my mother teases me about watching it, but still I think this group of women represent a pretty good cross section of American females–although a Latina woman on the panel would be nice.That being said, Whoopi was all smiles this morning as she broke the announcement about Sis. Obama coming onto the show and I hope that it goes over well. And you’re right, she’s not going to have to field the stupidity of Rosie, and Elizabeth (aka Lil’ Miss Priss) is nothing she shouldn’t be able to handle.

  3. I cannot wait to see this…I am not a fan of the view but will make an exception for Michelle of whom I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan. She can do no wrong for me. Too bad she isn’t running instead of her husband but who knows maybe she will take a page out of Hillary’s play book a few years from now.

  4. I am pretty excited about it. The View is well interesting. Sherri and Elizabeth have me shaking my head, but I can’t wait to watch the feisty Michelle Obama and see what she has to say. I thought she was really funny and real at the event with the political spouses that Maria Shriver hosted.

  5. Can’t wait. Will be putting it on both tivos, just in case.I think Whoopi and Sherri will be over the moon. From one tough ‘ broad’ to another, Joy will be happy to see Michelle. Elisabeth – Michelle will swat her away the same way she did Meredit Viera. It should be great tv.

  6. Three cheers for Michelle Obama getting a guest-host spot. You don’t offer the guest-interview status to Madam First Lady-in-waiting. Of course, will she wear the belt? Methinks not, because she’ll be seated most of the time, right?

  7. Ooohhh. I lurves The View. In undergrad, I scheduled my classes around it one semester. That, and Lifetime…Don’t judge.Will Elizabeth be on that day? Cause I hope Michelle gets in that preverbal ass…I can’t stand her Republican tail.

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