Here He Is, Mr. Democratic Nominee

The inevitable finally happened. (Gee … who would have thought the black guy would have been the inevitable one?) Barack Obama is the Democratic Party nominee for president. I’m rather dumbstruck about it all, but not so dumbstruck to not dedicate another pictorial to the Obamas who reached the summit of Mt. DNC.

Barack looked beatific in his dark suit and sky blue tie. Michelle rocked a sleeveless purple dress with her favorite black belt and heels. It wasn’t my favorite Michelle outfit, mostly because … sigh … I’m tired of the belt (will put together a belt montage later), but she still looked awesome.

*All photos from Reuters and The Associated Press

17 thoughts on “Here He Is, Mr. Democratic Nominee

  1. Just beautiful! My Great Gran, Gran and Mom would’ve been so happy to see this moment. I love Michelle in purple no matter what you say about the belt Snob. LOL

  2. Hey, I said she looked awesome :-), but you don’t know how many times she’s whipped that belt out on the champaign trail. I’ve been looking at it since Iowa.

  3. Getting all tight in the throat and misty-eyed again. What is with them and these pictures??? (Where were the kids?) I mean they’re no Nick and Mariah, but….

  4. The day is finally here! The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barrack Obama has clinched the necessary delegates to be the Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party! Wow, what a wonderful thing to write down. I watched history in the making yesterday just like many of you have… Sorry, if my writing is a bit off but I’m getting a little chocked up. I was not able to witness the first man land on the moon. I was not able to witness Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., “I Have a Dream” speech. I was not able to witness President John F Kenney historic Inaugural address when he took office in 1961. I was able to watch presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barrack Obama, God I can’t get tired of hearing that, give his first speech in his bid for The White House. I have to admit that hearing and watching Obama’s speech as the Presumptive Nominee brought overwhelming joy to my life. I even shed a tear or two. Never in my life time did I ever imagine or let alone expect to see a minority win a Presidential Nominee. I know that this race is not about race. It is about united every American, regardless of race, gender, class or creed, so that together we can climb out of this hole that has been dug by the current administration. Not just so our lives could improve but so that this country’s future and our kid’s future could be better then the one we will leave behind. Look at me I just have Obama speech running through my mind! Still the HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE of possibly having a Black man take the oath of office for the most powerful position in the world is HUGE. And I for one will not put that issue down by the wayside. I close with this…“Because we may call ourselves Democrats and Republicans, but we are Americans first. We are always Americans first.”And that is what I hope everyone will remember when you place your vote for the next President of the United States! God Bless America & God Bless Everyone!

  5. Yeah, and I missed all of this live last night…I was at a graduation party. But still…”the knuckle” that Brit Hume on FoxNews was going on and on about is my favorite pic. The tacit connection behind it is amazing…Babez…we did it!

  6. It’s great. Now we need to crush McCain. Let’s go!(And yes, the belt thing is slightly tired, but it works on her.)

  7. wait, do my eyes deceive me, or are they doing a fist bump in one of those pics? thats what me and my boyfriend do! I love them! LOVE!!

  8. The fist bump pic is my new screen background.I was following this on the net. I looked out my window to make sure pigs were not indeed flying. *eyes mist*YES WE CAN!

  9. I.LOVE.THEM.Michelle is absolutely stunning with her monchichi smile. She has a great figure and the belt helps accentuate her grace and her femininity; all necessary for the president’s wife. We don’t need America thinking that she’s in charge; because that’s what America half way expects out of black women. They think that we don’t have the tools to adhere to our men; particularly when our men are in positions of leadership.She could wear the belt a thousand more times for all I care. Let’s take it all the way to the White House!

  10. BTW…the photos are stunning. Barack is absolutely a beautifully charming brother. What an amazing destiny…the ancestors are surely smiling over him.

  11. Michelle, like all chocolate sistas, looks smashing in vibrant intense colors. But purple IS her color. I’ve seen that dress before but under the right lights, it just looks amazing against her skin. I think she should make purple her color. Barbara Bush had her boxy blue dresses and pearls. Michelle should her have fitted purple dresses and pearls. And who better to rock the purple than the wife of the man who’s gonna bring the red and blue states together. Perfect. Plus I think Oprah would approve.

  12. I knew The Black Snob wouldn’t let me down. You continue to rock!!!Love this!!And, you leave Michelle alone. I’m glad that she keeps on using the belt..LOL

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