The MVP: Maybe Vice President?

CNN is hitting the Hillary Clinton for veep bong again and they’re hitting it hard. You can’t blame them. They have primary night fever and it’s spread to their diseased brains. Barack Obama’s planning to declare victory. Jimmy Carter and James Cyburn have officially picked Team Obama (although neither were a surprise).

Sen. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday told New York lawmakers she is open to being the running mate of Sen. Barack Obama, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, two of the lawmakers told CNN.

Rep. Charles Rangel, a senior member of the New York Democratic delegation, also told CNN, “I have reason to believe she is open to the [vice president] slot.”

One of the sources added that former President Clinton has been privately pushing for a couple of weeks for his wife to be No. 2 on the ticket.

On Monday night, a close friend and adviser of the former first lady told CNN Clinton will say tonight “that she will do whatever it takes” to put a Democrat in the White House. Barack Obama insiders saw that as an indication she would accept an offer to be his running mate if asked.

Now I don’t doubt that there’s veep talk going around because, why not? We’re talking about politicians here. But still, after all that has happened, I still think it would be nutters to have them on the same ticket. I’m aware that the Grandma Moses demo will not vote for anyone unless they’ve shared a long, complicated, infidelity-laced marriage with Bill Clinton, but, my word, this would be the most side-eyed, non-trusting, innuendo-drenched, biracial, battle-of-the-sexes political tag team ever.

This is what the press wants. Not me. This is their “dream team.” A charming, feel good up-in-comer and the long-awaited sequel, “The Clinton Years II: First Lady’s Choice.” How long will it be before all the horrible made up shit starts mixing in with the true drama creating a Masterworks Theater of clusterfuckery? How long before I see the supermarket tabloid about Bill and Michelle’s secret rendezvous? Will I be able to keep down my oatmeal after I look at that?

I mean, I know why some would want this to happen and but it would be a Valentine to The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS. Even C-SPAN. So, go there if you must, Team Obama, just know who you’re getting in bed with.

3 thoughts on “The MVP: Maybe Vice President?

  1. I’M SOOOOOOO MAD I’m at work right now, my phone has been blowing up with my cuzin sending texts about Obama winning. I can’t wait till I get a long break from work related crap to do my blog about HRC and Obama and especially what I’ve seen on AB’s blog about “incompetent black man” woman from Manhattan who just snapped at the credentials hearing and from what I’ve read at today.My, my, my….she gave it good shot tho…dontcha think!*goes back to work silently snickering to self*

  2. Billary wouldn’t be a wise choice for VP because:1. There was much so much divisiveness in her campaign.2. Obama’s new politics, Billary’s a reminder of the past.3. A Black man and a White woman running on the same ticket would create a lot of discomfort for White men who aren’t open to neither.4. Obama needs someone that will compliment him where he’s weak (e.g., foreign policy).

  3. An Obama/Clinton ticket would be death warmed over for me because it’s not like things are going to get any easier to get a Democrat into the White House. I realize that Barack’s newness and African American status already give some palpitations but Hillary would just recreate the Clinton bloodlust that has never died down amongst certain members of the press and Republicans. I can do without folks acting like the possible veep is the fugging Blair Witch while the press goes on 24-hour bimbo watch with the former Fornicator-in-Chief.I just … I just don’t need that in my life. I don’t need both racist conjecture on Obama and leftover 90s Clinton Hate flaring up on all sides.

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