So … When Hillary Concedes …

… Will her supporters follow her lead?

I realize that Grandma Moses here will probably write-in Deputy Dog before she votes for an “inadequate black male,” but what about the rest of crowd? The Joan Walsh of crowd. (I don’t know if she backed Clinton, but she was one of her biggest defenders in the punditocracy.) Actually, to be honest, Walsh is intelligent and reasonable. Of course she can bridge the Obama divide, but I realize others are going to be really sour patches over this. It wasn’t like Hillary was Huckabee. She has more than 1,900 delegates. She won states. She’s got some die-hard fans, white and black, who just can’t stop giving Obama the side-eye, screeching that he’s unelectable and will be trounced by McCain in the fall.

Oh well! Because “Ding Dong” Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is (almost) dead and I don’t believe that anyone’s voting for McCain. Half these die hards are dyed-in-wool feminists. Why would they vote for anti-abortion, woman-chasing, ancient sexist John McCain? They’re more likely to make the switch to decaf or stay home.

Don’t worry. Jon Stewart feels your pain, Harriet Christian.

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