Hillary Clinton Concession Watch

CNN (via The Associated Press) is reporting that the Hillster is going to tip her hat to Obama and give up the ghost this evening. Thank you, Jebus!

Sen. Hillary Clinton will acknowledge Tuesday night that her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, will have enough delegates to capture the Democratic presidential nomination, officials tell The Associated Press.

Clinton’s acknowledgment will come after a Democratic primary season, which lasted five months and 61 contests, finally draws to a close as Montana and South Dakota hold primaries Tuesday.

Only 31 pledged delegates are at stake in those two contests.

Obama is just 42 delegates shy of the 2,118 now needed to clinch the nomination. There are not enough pledged delegates at stake in Montana and South Dakota to put Obama over the top, but a rush of endorsements by the remaining undeclared “superdelegates” could allow him to claim victory when he takes the stage in Minnesota Tuesday evening.

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