For the Grown Folks

It’s the fourth annual Apollo Hall of Fame Awards where “Actors-with-a-capital-A,” Denzel and Pauletta Washington were honored and Smokey Robinson was inducted. Let us all take a break for the kids, the Rhianna’s and Nick Cannon’s and see how the older cats do it when they step out.

*Warning. I hate almost everything they’re wearing.

We all know that Denzel is an incredibly handsome man. I’ve gotten used to him dressing like crap all the time, but he managed to half pull himself together to receive his award. And while I love his wife Pauletta that dress is looks like a Hefty, Hefty Cinch Sack. And her handbag looks like a carpet sample. Cute shoes though.

Top: Music Exec. Cathy Hughes and activist/talking head Rev. Al Sharpton. Below: Rep. Charlie Rangel and his wife.

Ruby Dee: I can only hope to be this “Eartha Kitt” hot when I hit 83. The sunglasses? Awesome. They’re both fashionable and “I’m an older lady who doesn’t care what you think anymore.” And she is cool from her short silver ‘do to her glistening blue ensemble.

Oprah’s BFF Gail King always looks bad to me, but she keeps trying and that’s half the battle. That wig isn’t working for me and she probably shouldn’t rock a sleeveless look, but hey, I’ve seen her in worse. Cute shoes though.

India.Arie … I hate what you’re wearing. I don’t know how to do justice to how ugly this dress is. Maybe it’s the mix of patterns, the gold appliqué circles sewn on, the fact that it is a mini dress or the split sleeves. Or maybe it’s because she doesn’t look elegant or ethereal or glamorous. She looks like she got her hair done a week ago, rolled out of bed and grabbed the only thing that fit in her closet and wore it to the show. Cute shoes though … even if they look like they’re strangling your feet.

Tamara Tunie: Hmmm … Tamara is an attractive woman and I guess this outfit is OK, but … I don’t know. Maybe it’s the skirt. I’m just not feeling it.

Smokey and Frances Robinson: Smokey looks great as always. Once again, what is up with every woman not India.Arie dressing in shiny garbage bags? Are clothes two sizes to big for you, cinched with a belt what’s hot right now with the grown n’ sexy set? Despite the fact she looks like she’s wearing a fluffy, metallic trench coat, Frances does look pretty.

Top: S. Epatha Merkerson looking like an 8th grade English teacher; Wanda Sykes looking kind of awesome in animal print; Earth, Wind & Fire looking a hot mess as always with the perm and the leather and the sunglasses; and Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, prolific songwriters who gave me “Solid,” solid as a rock, and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” That’s almost enough to make me forgive Nick’s perm. Although, to keep it real, his perm looks almost as good as mine did in college.

And now for some pics from the show …

Still hate the dress.

It’s all about cont
rol and she has a lot of it in her leather Rhythm Nation/Matrix jacket and really modular silver ring.

And of course, Mr. Baby Wipes himself, Terrence Howard, forever sexy and still looking like he ain’t worth a damn. I mean, seriously? Who could trust a man with such a high degree of cool? He’s rocking a hat for Lord’s sake. A hat! He makes me want pull a Tyrone Davis and cha-aaaange my mind.

8 thoughts on “For the Grown Folks

  1. Tamara Tunie–it’s because her skirt looks like she’s wearing an apron . . . like she’s ready to take your order.

  2. I’m posting from my mom’s and I called her over to look at Denzel. She wanted to lick the screen. :)She has some issues when it comes to Denzel. And Jason Taylor.What Pauletta Washington has on looks like the red carpet equivalent of a sweat suit. That looks like the kind of thing you wear when you just don’t give a damn anymore.

  3. Oh and yeah someone needs to tell older black men it’s okay to put away the conk.Don’t torture yourself gentlemen.It’s not worth it.

  4. vcat: You’re right! It does look like an apron! Or a big smock. Like she’s going to chop up meat at a butcher shop.baltogeek: Tell your moms there’s nothing wrong with lovin’ Denzel. And with the exception of few (Rangel’s wife and Ruby Dee) almost all the women wore the dumpiest, baggiest crap. They looked like deflated balloons, save India.Aire who just looked bad all around.

  5. baltogeek: If James Brown were still alive between Rev. Al, Nick Ashford and dude from Earth, Wind and Fire they could have a “perm-off.” Who’s perm was the softest? The thickest? The most manageable? And do men with perms wrap their heads at night? Or do they sleep in curlers? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. there are numerous crimes against nature being committed here…i won’t list them out…just know that it’s there…

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