Clinton Concession Watch: Hell No! She Won’t Go!

Now CNN is flipping the script. They say Clinton ain’t conceding nothing. As the Harriet Christians of the world would say, “All the way to the convention, bitches!

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s is “absolutely not” prepared to concede the race for the Democratic presidential nomination to Sen. Barack Obama, her campaign chairman said.

Terry McAuliffe rejected as “100 percent” incorrect an Associated Press report that Clinton is preparing to acknowledge that Obama has the delegates to win the nomination Tuesday night as the five-month Democratic primary process comes to a close.

Obama “doesn’t have the numbers today, and until someone has the numbers the race goes on,” McAuliffe told CNN.

Clinton continues to fight Obama in the Democratic primary season. Some 61 contests over six months will end Tuesday as Montana and South Dakota hold primaries.

2 thoughts on “Clinton Concession Watch: Hell No! She Won’t Go!

  1. As usual the Clinton campaign doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing.You could say the initial concession reporting this morning was a trial balloon but if it was that means they feel that they have an alternative to conceeding.What would that be? If htye drag this out they’ll do even more damage to their shredded reputations.How will Bill get those six figure speaking engagements if everyone thinks he’s a race-baiting selfish prick.They need to campaign hard for Obama to save themselves.The game right now is the VP slot but Hillary RFK’d her ass out of that one.I’ll just be happy to see her gone.Seriously the island of Elba is only about 4200 miles away.It’s in Italy.Who wouldn’t want to spend the next six months in Italy.She and Bill could catch a flight tonight.

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