AP Is Saying It’s Over While the CNN Says He’s A Mere 12 Delegates Away

Also, Maxine Waters has flipped from Clinton to Obama.

Read the AP’s take on “a historic step toward (Obama’s) once-improbable goal of becoming the nation’s first black president” here.

Political experts think Clinton will likely “suspend” her campaign then later concede.

None of this has sunk in for me yet. But, believe me, if my cynical heart melts and I start singing Negro Spirituals, you will be the first to know.

And for poops and giggles, this is a Moveon.org ad I caught a few days ago on CNN (and saw again today). It’s a Bush = McCain ad. Personally, I don’t think anyone could equal Bush completely as the man has the direct opposite of the Midas touch, but as a piece of pure guerrilla marketing (or propaganda), this ad is a lethal act of both supersonic meta marketing and unsubtle imagery. Largely because of their gratuitous use of “The Patty Duke Show’s” theme song.

It’s very vintage, “Nick at Nite.”

Move On’s efforts to draft McBush as Siamese twins continues with their, The Bush-McCain Challenge. I took the challenge (which, since I’m 30, made me think of the Coke Taste Test/Pepsi Challenges of the 1980s), and failed horribly. Perhaps my political Kung Fu is not as good as it used to be.

6 thoughts on “AP Is Saying It’s Over While the CNN Says He’s A Mere 12 Delegates Away

  1. Maxine’s trying to save her seat that’s all. It may be too late though.The people who will be campaigning the hardest for Obama this summer will be folks like Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and Sheila Jackson-Lee.Those fools who towed the Clinton and had no problem spitting out ludicrous racial and xenophobic crap like <A HREF="

    REL=”nofollow”>thishave alot to be afraid of.We need new black leadership too bad things had to sink to this level for folks to wake up and realize that some of their reps are worthless.

  2. “the best person won”Torrance,You said a mouth full. That is the best part of this entire event. He was just the best damn person, period.

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