Snobbin’ Ain’t Easy

Taking a trip down dusty memory lane I was alarmed to see how random my looks were in high school. On one hand I could be very whimsical and fetching. On the other I looked like a cross between “Blossom” and “Ugly Betty.” Granted, the clothes I was wearing from the 1990s were in style at the time and America Ferrera’s signature character is donning the same baggy, Cross Colors-esque duds in the skinny jean era. But it’s still no less shocking.

Behold the amazing contrasts.

As a junior fashionista I have to say, I was pretty hit or miss except when it came to the hair. Other than my super bang, helmet-do from Freshman year picture day, my hair looks fantastic. And while the loudly colored Parker Lewis Can’t Lose shirts and floral prints really time stamp me, for a four-eyed chick with braces I managed to hold it together.

That said, I’m going to take the next two days and the weekend off. I’m pretty exhausted and need some time to revamp. Please feel free to still send emails, suggestions and feedback. I will still be checking my mail, but save something big happening in the news I think I’m going to get some sleep, do some job hunting and hit the gym a few more times.

Until then …

TTFN — Taa-taa for now!

Yours truly,

The Snob

10 thoughts on “Snobbin’ Ain’t Easy

  1. I’m really happy you are taking a breather. You are absolutely beautiful. I think you favor your dad. You think?I see that you are getting ready to show the world more of you. That is a major move.Brave.

  2. andrea: I look exactly like my dad. The only thing I got from my mom was her skin color and her large rear end. My dad and I have the same nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks and smile. I think I have my mother’s chin and ears though. Big Sis got Daddy’s big ears. She also looks a bit like my dad, but she’s a better mix of the two. Baby Sis and my mom look like twins when you see pictures of my mother in her teens, twenties and thirties. It’s uncanny.None of us got my mother’s Asiatic eyes. Or her freckles. And because we’re all the same skin tone as our mother lazy people tend to think we all look like her.

  3. Hi Snob – I concur you look like your father. I love your photos! Isn’t teen-life awkward? I know my life felt like a roller-coaster of digging my look and then hating it all at the same time.Thank goodness those days are over. LOL.Get some rest (for real)this time. No blogging!

  4. all: Thanks! I thought I was cute in high school, but, like, no one was interested in me but one guy and I was kind of iffy on him. My high school was weird. And I think I was too nice (re: green and wholesome) of a girl. I mean, I didn’t curse back then. All my teachers loved me and I was funny and intense. That just didn’t go over well. I had a much better go of it in college.8thlight: I ran a more recent picture of me <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>here on the blog. I don’t wear my hair straight very often (since now I would need a hot comb to do that). I usually wear it in a curly ‘fro or twists (when I’m not too lazy to twist up my own hair and I often am.)

  5. *screams* Ahh, you said “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”!!! LOL That show used to be my sh*t!!! *coordinate Swatches**dead*Thanks for sharing your old school images! 🙂

  6. That first picture. the only thing thing you’re missing is your Guadalajara! Poncho! Don’t worry though; I I’ve got my Dorian Gray Superfro picture that I can’t get away from my mother! 🙂

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