Picture Me Rollin’*

Craziest thing? Wheeling around in this dealie is my earliest memory. I was in that sucker that much. (I believe it took me the longest to learn how to walk. Thirteen months to be exact which might explain the frequency in which I was sitting in this.) I can remember the colored shapes on top. I can remember trying to get from the couch to the patio door in it. I can remember just sitting there, chillin’, when my lil’ legs got tired. Then I don’t remember anything else from my babyhood until suddenly I’m three and Baby Sis, aka Baby Snob, is born and is threatening to bite me as we sit on the kitchen floor in our church clothes.

No one believed me when I said that she was a biter. But I knew better.

* Correction: The baby in this photo is my little sister, Baby Sis. As babies almost all the Snob Girls looked exactly alike and Baby Snob looks exactly like how my mother looked as an infant. So upon further review Big Sis told me that this was not me, but that is the walker all three of us used as babies.

5 thoughts on “Picture Me Rollin’*

  1. The first thing that popped in my head when I saw this pic:They see me rollin…they hatin…

  2. midwesterntransport: I’m convinced I was just being lazy. My dad and I were talking about me being slow to walk and he said after having no interest in for most of my babyhood I just got up one day and started walking, unprompted. So I’m pretty sure I was frontin’. I just wanted the parents to carry me around. ;)I was also not interested in reading until I learned my oldest sister could read and sported a diaper until I was three. I was just the world lazy toddler. Which is funny, because I grew up to be an incredibly lazy adult.

  3. I had that exact same walker – circa 1974. My mother still has it. My younger sisters used it. My 17 year old niece used it. Most recently, my now 2 year old niece used it. It’s somewhat of a deathtrap these days though.

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