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Last week on MSNBC’s “Hardball” I watched Chris Matthews go feral on conservative talk show host Kevin James. James, like many people, was tossing around a historical term, “appeasement,” without actually knowing the etymology and historical significance of said term.

Matthews, who obviously laid the trap that James pounced right into, pulled out his club and commenced to beating James about the head. Matthews enjoys doing this to people (which I probably why Hillary Clinton won’t go on his show … that and he’s a huge sexist who totally hates her.)

This most recent fracas was akin to a “douche off” he had with former Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe and a savage impaling of Obama supporter Kirk Watson. But this latest attack was over recent veiled statements President Bush made in Israel about Barack Obama, accusing individuals like him of being naive for wanting to talk to our enemies. James used the magic word, “appeasement,” and the beatdown commenced.

If you’re pro-Obama, it was good to see an anti-Obama dude get a torn a new one. And if you’re pro-historical accuracy, it was funny to see someone get forcefully corrected.

And if you just enjoy watching Chris Matthews act like Chris Matthews, it’s a hilarious clip.

“When you’re in a hole, stop digging!”

Bonus: Here’s Bill O’Reilly freaking out back when he hosted “Inside Edition” and a club remix of that profanity-laced freak-out. We’ll do it live!

9 thoughts on “Not the Face!

  1. I’m happy for a few reason I posted on my own blog.I think I give the American public too much credit thinking we’re too smart to fall for garbage. But we’re not, we fall for it all the time. Which is why I’m glad this happened and hope it continues to happen.Collectively, Americans think if someone is on a news program they know what they are talking about. We swallow every word they say like its gospel; empty slates buying into everything someone says. And that exchanges caused probably thousands (who had the motivation to do so) to google/wiki or whatever “Neville Chamberlain”. Whether we liked Matthews’ style or not he taught more people about Chamberlain, Hitler and appeasement than any history class.This country needs to stop trying to find an “every man” to be president and find the best person. I don’t need to have a beer with a president and honestly, I’d prefer he not be like me (and my friends) or we could be in some real trouble.The “don’t want to appear to be too smart” dilemma is not just within the Black community. We had Gore in 2000 telling people about his poor grades in college as if its a badge of honor.I don’t need a politician to dumb down for me. We should brag on being freakishly intelligent, not hide it.

  2. This blog is GREAT. I used to be in the blog game but dropped out of it. Good to see you’re holding the banner up high for the sisters.P.S. Love your TJ Holmes watch. Had the opp to see him last year at a Black journalism convention. My knees nearly went weak when we locked eyes.P.P.S. Don Lemon is VERY good looking in person.

  3. symphony: I also agree with what you wrote. America suffers from a bad case of “Ignoramus Disorder.” With one of its main symptoms being Kevin James’ arguing a point that he knew nothing about.The anti-intellectualism that runs through America, in general, is a plague. But I don’t know what the cure would be? Can we have Chris Matthews just go running around with his mallet-mouth, verbally bashing people about the noggin?one very attractive nerd: Yeah. James was a little, shall we say, “animated.” LOL!solitaire: I’m glad you like the blog and you are not the first person to tell me that Don Lemon is better looking in person. I think Don’s adorable, it’s just the TJ blinds me and has ruined me for countless other cable news anchors. 😉

  4. omg…that sounded like a chihuahua’s high pitched yippings and then biting at my ankles….

  5. starrie: I wanted to call him a “hysterical queen” but I realized that may be insulting to hysterical queens. I know I wouldn’t want to be lumped in with that asshat.

  6. This guy is indeed a loudmouthed idiot.For the record Neville Chamberlain was an appeaser. He figured that by having shaken the hands of Hitler and come to an understanding over their respective interests in security – Chamberlain thought that he had advanced the security interests of his own country. The snake that Hilter was proved him wrong and the people of Britain suffered because of it. Before the ink was dried on the agreement with Britian – Hitler invaded France and Belgium. The bantering over this concept of appeasement misses some key points that point to the errors made by Obama. He said that he would meet with these leaders with NO PRECONDITIONS. This is ridiculous. Certainly having Iran stop its uranium enrichment per the demands of the United Nations (that body of International Law) is a reasonable precondition prior to talks being had. Gary Hart and John Kerry – two advisers to Obama tugged at his coat and told him to PULL UP on that one. Obama’s major task it to shift from ideologue and idealist into a presidential command of the most powerful economic and military power on Earth.

  7. constructive feedback: As a pragmatist, I really wish the candidates, including Obama, could be more realistic in their executive visions. Particularly when it comes to their foreign policy decisions. I realize there’s a great deal of sucking up to voters going on, but I want a leader who is rational as well as having vision. Hot heads with itchy trigger fingers alarm me as much as politicos with Kumbaya allusions. These situations are very complex and shouldn’t be tossed around so forcefully.

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