The Obamas: Too Cute, Yet Again

Had to share. This is from last week when the Obamas were heading to Iowa for their big shindig. The girls are too cute, specially Malia in her little junior trench coat! And look at those gams on Michelle. She’s got legs and she knows how to use them. And all the leggings on the girls and the cute little ballerina-type slippers. I’m in love! I’m in love! I’m in love with this family! I could stare at pictures of them all day.

10 thoughts on “The Obamas: Too Cute, Yet Again

  1. I love them too!And, no, you can’t get too many pictures of them.I love the mini-trench…so stylish, just like her Mama. Viva Family Obama!!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pic. This will be my desktop background at work for the week.We are all so blessed to be living in this time to see such a beautiful thing happen.With all of the baby mamma and bady daddy crap going on, this is so refreshing and aspirational.

  3. They are so sexy in this photo. The girls are trendy and yet still a bit sexy too…in the sense that sexy is breathtakingly spirited. Malia is walking with her head erect…a sign of confidence. And Sasha obivously does not like the noise. Bewitching!I remember walking like that with the men in my family and especially when spending days with my daddy teaching me something. You walk tall and so near. This is one of the organic things I have to admit I love about their aura…it’s so damn Old School.

  4. First time commenting on your site.Love those family. And proud Vogue made Michelle Obama an “IT Girl” in the April Issue. Although, personally I don’t like flats (my friends tease me about this since heels make me almost six feet tall). But I can’t deny it; they look so chic on these girls.

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