Memorial Day Weekend Randomness

The Snob is a big fan of good music. Even when it’s not sung in English. Especially if it falls into the soul/R&B/jazz continuum. Last year I discovered South Korea’s answer to Usher and Justin Timberlake, pop singer/actor/model/pop n’ lock enthusiast Rain, and his song “Escaping the Sun” on of all things, The Colbert Report. I went to in search for it, knowing full well it would be an import and cost way too much money. (I wanted for months to buy UK’s The Servant’s self-titled album, but then Amazon decided to stop teasing me and put it up for download.)

Anyway, long story short. Amazon does not have the Rain album that contains this song. This is worse than when I had to move heaven and earth online to get Mayumi Kojima’s “Hatsukoi” after I heard it in, of all things, a Nintendo commercial. I suppose I could stop being lazy and do some serious internet crunching to find the damn thing. Learn enough bootleg Anglicized Korean to determine which site will hook me up and which will just infect my hard drive with malware, pop ups n’ porn.

Why can’t it be easy to find like Japanese Pop’s Pizzicato Five or Asian American sample/hip hop mashup Cibo Matto? The man is doing songs with Omarion of all people! There is a demand. Meet it, marketplace!

But if anyone out there in Snob World knows how to hook a Korean pop loving sista up with some Rain that is not the bitorrent malware file from hell, I’d appreciate it, because, seriously …

I need this song in my life.

That said, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the shit out of San Antonio Friday night. It was not as sweet as when the Lakers beat the shit out of Utah. Because I live to watch the Jazz lose, but it was nice to see my fake Laker boyfriend is hot half-black Jewish incognegro Jordan Farmar and the rest of the second string get a chance to run around like little kids because the Lakers were up by 26 in the fourth quarter. They went on to win the game by 30 points after Luke Walton, perpetual whipping boy in our household, drained a three from downtown.

I’m just glad the Cavs didn’t make it to the Finals, because if they had and if the Lakers make it there I’d be torn between Farmar and my fake Cavs boyfriend Daniel Gibson, who people insisting on calling Boobie because that’s what the brother’s mother calls him. Stop insulting my fake Cavs boyfriend. He has a first name, you emasculating TNT announcers.

BTW: I totally love men who can shoot a three in the clutch. I’m still dreaming about Reggie Miller talking shit and raining threes on them. It’s sad that a dude that talented has zero rings.

Eva Longoria’s “desperate” ass took Tony Parker from me, so I don’t have a fake boyfriend on the Spurs anymore. Not that there would be any scenario where I would not root for the Lakers, fake boyfriends or no. I’ve loved them since Magic Johnson. I love them up or down. I made it through Kobe Bryant’s rape charge and Bryant throwing a hissyfit before the season began. I was down even during the pre-Kobe, Shaq years which were craptacular considering “hack a Shaq” was en vogue (is it ever NOT en vogue?) and I had to watch him destroy the team through his inability to get two at the foul line.

I just love the Lakers. The Lakers and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, are the only teams I’ve ever given a damn about. (I know I’m from St. Louis and hence contractually obligated to back the Cardinals, but … ahem … fuck the Cardinals.)

I know my teams of choice not beloved by all (mostly because they’re so arrogant from having legendary franchise histories behind them). But I love their chest pumping, nose thumbing, king-of-the-world asses. Confidence is sexy and they got sexy by the Escalades.

Stay sexy, you arrogant bastards.

21 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Randomness

  1. Oh, girl. He is hot and a good singer. I keep hearing rumors that he might be having an English album out…or it could be se7en. Ever heard of him?Oh another singer you must hear is Crystal Kay, the only sista in the J-Pop industry that’s doing her own thing!

  2. dottie: Oh thank God. I’m not the only one! Damn, that Rain is fine. And his voice is amazing! I heard about the English album too and I hope he does it. I don’t know how the states will receive a soul singing Korean kid, but I don’t care. I want me some Rain, dagnabit!It’s like with Shakira’s early albums. I didn’t know what homegirl was saying but I knew what I like!I haven’t heard of se7en or Crystal Kay. I will have to check them both out. The Koreans and the Japanese have really taken to hip hop and R&B. They got the jones almost as bad as the British and I didn’t know anyone could stan harder for black American music than the Brits.

  3. Believe me, it will be kind of awkward for a minute, but once they hear him, they get over the fact he’s Korean…they’ll end up fighting over him. As for the song, it’s on his second album, Rain2, track 12…there’s also a remix as well.

  4. dottie: I would think so, since his voice is so good. He blows Justin Timberlake out of the water and is as good, if not better than Usher (I can’t stand Usher, but that’s me). And at the end of the day, all black folks care about is:1) Can you sing?2) Is the beat hot?If you can manage those two things I think you can win over the Apollo and any other crowd of skeptical black people (and white people).And thanks for the tip about the album. (of course) was totally not helpful in distinguishing the albums or listing the tracks.

  5. Hey, this is a Chinese-American follower. Love reading your blog! I’m just popping out of lurkdom to help another sister of color out. is a handy place for English speakers to get Asian music, and you can definitely buy Rain’s cds off of this site. Prices aren’t too bad, but I’m not sure how much the shipping and handling will be. Hope this helps.Oh, and I also think Rain should be added to the Wall of Sexy. 🙂

  6. Oh yeah, and I’d also check out Big Bang, a Korean hip hop boy band. All of the members, I think, should be considered for the Wall of Sexy because they are HOT. They released an English language album too that’s pretty good.

  7. I thought he looked familiar – the kids from Speed Racer…Did he also play in Distubia and that movie about college kids from MIT going to Vegas? What’s the name of that movie?

  8. I think that actor you’re talking about is Aaron Yoo (in Disturbia…he’s also in 21)

  9. Clara: Welcome and thank you! I knew if I asked someone would point a sista in the right direction! I will check out I’m glad you like the site. I’m having a dandy time myself.DN Lee: Rain is in Speed Racer, methinks. But I’m with Dottie on the other two. That’s Aaron Yoo.all: Thank you for sharing with me the hotness that is Rain. I am glad I was not the only one who went, “Damn. When is this dude coming to the states?” There should be some sort of exchange program. After all, the Koreans took model (now actor) American-born Daniel Henney. (And keep trying to steal Wentworth Miller.) Let us borrow Rain for a hot minute. We promise not to mess with his hair and will inform him of how to properly use the phrase “make it rain on dem” in Ebonics.

  10. So, wow, Snob, you’re a Lakers fan? Too bad they lost tonight to the Spurs. :-p Not that I exactly care, since I’m not a fan of either. To be honest, I don’t have a favorite team. There’s just some individual players whose game I like. I do watch the Boston/Detroit matches though. So, outta of curiousity, who do you think will play in the playoffs, outta of the four teams? I’m putting my money on Boston and San Antonio.(I dig the Cowboys too. T.O.’s my boy no matter what anybody says!)Oh, you’re a true celebrity ‘Incognegro’ finder, ain’t you? I had no clue about Farmar. His father was a black minor league baseball player too. It’s crazy because he looks black in certain pictures and straight-up white in others. He must trick enough people because one Jewish oriented magazine called him the “Jewish Jordan”. If they knew about his father, they sure wouldn’t give him that descriptor! LOL. -Happy Memorial Day weekend,Mynameismyname

  11. I’ve been lurking for some time now, but I feel the need to come out of the shadows. I’m a fan of Rain and I have that song and lots of his other songs too. If anyone knows a good file sharing program I can just upload the songs and email them to the Snob, please let me know in the comments.Also, both Rain and Se7en are planning on English albums. I can also send some Se7en songs if you want.

  12. mynameismyname: Yeah. Losing to the Spurs in San Antonio sucked. Luckily, I didn’t have to watch that beat down as I had an old friend visit from out-of-town, so I was at PF Changs eating over-priced Chinese food.I don’t “get” PF Changs. In Bakersfield we had one, but also had three really good Chinese restaurants with actual Chinese people working in them. It just seems strange to go to a fancy “Chinese” restaurant and have everyone from the hostess to the waiters be white people. I mean, I don’t expect Olive Garden to be packed with Italians, but I also don’t expect Olive Garden to taste like real Italian food. But it’s at least good, different and worth going to.PF Changs didn’t taste any better (to me) than some Chinese buffets in Bakersfield. And was no where near as good as Bakersfield’s finest Chinese restaurant, Great Castle, or the greatest Chinese restaurant I’d ever been to, Quo’s, in, of all places, Midland, TX. And I liked the fact that not only was I getting a good meal from the nicest people in the world, I was helping a family of immigrants achieve their dreams. So, um, I don’t get that “Fuck yeah, America, with Orange Chicken!” feeling at PF Changs.Oh, and I do prefer Italian restaurants run by Italians.God, this is a blog posting. I’m blogging about this PF Chang’s deal, dammit.Yes. I am an “incognegro” hunter. When I first saw Farmar I was confused. He looked white. He had an interesting last name. And he didn’t sound like a white guy. So I concluded he was an incognegro, like Jason Kidd, and that was confirmed when I read about his black/Jewish heritage. He’s got pointy, Spock ears, but they’re cute in a way.Per the NBA Finals. I want a “Beat LA!” old school, Boston v. Los Angeles match up more than anything in the world. I remember hearing “beat LA” as a kid with Magic on the floor facing that overrated Larry Bird. Those games were epic, like the Bulls v. Pistons/Knicks/Pacers games in the 90s.The Bulls had a lot of enemies.But so did LA. Who regularly crushed the dreams of the Supersonics, Utah and grappled with San Antonio.So I can’t count San Antonio out because they have this uncanny way of winning even when they shouldn’t, but on paper, the Lakers have the better, younger team with a deeper bench.On paper.So I’m heart wants Boston/LA. Especially since I like Boston now, unlike in the 80s when I hated their asses. I know the NBA wants it. Anything for ratings. And on nostalgia alone, that would get awesome ratings.stephanie: Hmmm. I’d try Lime Wire. Or if your email account can take it you could try just sending me the mp3. I think either my blacksnob@gmail account or my personal account (which I’ll give you if you email me at blacksnob) can handle huge files.

  13. Awww …overpriced white Chinese. Can’t get no better. LOL. I hear you on transracial ethnic dining though. I remember going to a soul food buffet in Newark, NJ many years ago that was run by ….Chinese Americans. And then there was this pizza shop in town that was ran entirely by East Indians. I mean I like supporting my fellow “peeps of color” as much as the next man. But c’mon, get in where you fit in.Since you’re an “incognegro” hunter, I’ll tip you off to a few. Anthony Ervin, swimmer? Ryan Giggs, UK “football” (soccer) player? Carly Simon? (Yeah, her grandmother was black …makes sense, because I swear up and down that that woman was black). Then there are the authors David Matthews and Danzy Senna who’ve written books (fiction and non-fiction, respectively) on their experiences of being lifelong incognegroes.About Farmar, he can look blackish in certain pictures. And then straight white-boy in others. I hear you though, once he opens his mouth, you know that ain’t really all-white-boy. LOL. They have a clip on Youtube of his mother and his heavily-accented Isreali Jew stepdad. Nice stuff. I always knew and saw Jason Kidd as a brotha. I got uncles (with two AA parents) who resemble him. Yeah, my mother’s side of the family …filled with pale-ass black folks. LOL.So, do you also see NBA dudes like Mike Bibby, Delonte West and Matt Barnes as ‘incognegroes’? Despite their whitest/ambigious appearance, all of those brothas were spawned from two black parents.About the Spurs …they are that team that’s there that shouldn’t be there theorectically. LOL. To be honest, I haven’t really paid them dudes that much mind since David Robinson was down. You’re right a Boston v. LA teamup would be a real event. Or hell, a LA v. Detroit teamup, maybe. Anytime Detroit is in the house, there’s drama. LOL. That’s what a good game should have, dammit!

  14. mynameismyname: Detroit/LA would be pretty awesome too. We could refight all the battles of the 80s/early 90s. Back when the Bad Boys beat my poor Lakers in 1990.San Antonio, which has consistently put me to sleep since the David Robinson days, obviously has a great team, but they’re not sexy. They’re not “the hotness.” It’s bland and reliable. I prefer my basketball performed by greatly talented egomaniacs. A clash of the Nike Titans. So I don’t need San Antonio killing ’em softly with low scoring games, Tony Parker fast breaks and good defense.I want Detroit punching somebody in the throat. Or Boston hustling their way to the top. Or Kobe and his enormous, crippling ego laying waste to everyone who gets in his way.I just can’t watch Tim Duncan do his “just another day at the office” routine to another ring. Robert Horry already has seven and that SOB doesn’t even start. He doesn’t need eight rings for being the back up guy’s back up guy. Bill Russell of Boston has eleven rings for making history as a player and a player/coach. Robert Horry is just a utility player who keeps lucking up on good teams.Boo! San Antonio! Boo!Per incognegroes, Jason Kidd, despite the paleness, is the blackest not-black looking black dude in Basketball. I also knew he was black almost immediately. He just exudes negrotude.Thank you for the additional incognegroes. I will toss them on the pile of other racially ambiguous people I need to write about.An East Indian pizza shop? We had one of those in Bakersfield, only I think they were Middle Eastern. It always makes me think of those black people with the pizza place in “Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.” I mean, Bruce Leroy and black folks with pizza? That flick is a “cablasian” love fest.Crazy.

  15. Snob,I just love me some Lakers! And yes we made through the Colorado drama, altough it was not easy. I am an LA to Atlanta girl, and a season ticket holder for the Falcons, so I am getting used to being dissapointed. But is “sho” feels good to see the purple and gold on top.Now if I could just find away to redeem Mike Vick…

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