Have A Great Memorial Day Weekend

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  1. I am taking that this is an all-Black troop. Was this during peacetime or war-time?And who is the White-looking male in the back row? Is he Black or Mexican?What else can you tell us about this photo? Where was this taken?

  2. andrea: This is a photo of the colored officers of the 317th Ammunition (Train? Handwriting hard to read), with their French interpreters “after several weeks hard grind in France ready for the western front. Hope you will cook some large fish before the season is over,” cousin Imoge(?) PerkinsSo the post card is from France some time after we liberated it during WWII. I’m not sure which one is our cousin, but my great-great aunts’ mother kept so many pictures and then they inherited those pictures and now they’re ours.I’m in the middle of categorizing them and getting my dad to identify all the people he may know in them, as I only recognize my two aunts, Bertha and Josephine, who I knew as a child before the passed.

  3. anonymous: Thanks! My Uncle John was a Buffalo Soldier who became a career military man, so that book sounds like a fascinating read. I’ll have to order it!

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