Nerd Girl: Series #1 “Remember College?”

*Yes. That is a Que Dog in his underwear with a brand on his chest, gloves and a scarf. He is a regular feature of the comic. His name is Curtis. To see the comic that preceded this one, click here. And yes. Those are references to Star Trek and an old skool Toys R’ Us commercial.

4 thoughts on “Nerd Girl: Series #1 “Remember College?”

  1. I don’t know which LOSER I like the most.The Damn Skippy girl is such a knucklehead. She said, “Resistance is futile”. She seems like she those girls I met that went to non-HBCUs that had to seem anti anything about solidarity to promote that her dissidence to collective reasoning was paramount breakthrough theory. So many young Black Women in college were like her…resistant know-it-alls. But they sure did want to pledge on the QT. I guess I like her the most because she is the one who would eventually graduate and luck up into getting a great job which would then further cement and validate in her circles her bullshit was ALL GOOD.I can see her at The Capital Jazz Fest thinking it is Jazz.Did she pledge an alumni chapter to finally belong and redeem her dissidence to everything?

  2. andrea: The “Damn Skippy” girl’s name is Kari. She’s basically the sort of chick who goes to all her classes late, sleeps during the classes, then goes home to smoke weed, smoke cigarettes and drink beer.She’s based on the tons of girls I knew in college who were just sort of happy with having a car, dressing in the skimpiest of outfits and partying. She’s specifically based on a roommate I had who started out daisy fresh in college, but was a wild, out-of-control coed one month into her freshman year. She doesn’t have a lot of class or manners, but she’s usually so high that she’s tolerable.She’s the sort of girl who will eventually graduate from college but it’s going to take her, like, six years and a couple of abortions. Then she’ll pull herself together, find Jesus and a husband and become an insufferable, churchnik know-it-all.

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