The Baddest Snob of All

Baby Snob!!!

Don’t hate!

I just found this old picture of my little sister. She started striking “supermodel” poses around age two or three. She didn’t stop making them until she was about thirteen.

I just felt like sharing.

4 thoughts on “The Baddest Snob of All

  1. Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy just made a big speech about Hans Solo and Star Wars to save a patient and it was very nerdy and I thought you might have enjoyed it (if science fiction is part of your nerd definition). 🙂

  2. andrea: Yeah. My baby sister has thought she was “the shizz” for a very, very long time. She used to bully me around when she was only two. And I was five at the time. It took me a minute to recognize who was the oldest.She was/is so BOSSY! 😉

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