The Obama Family in Iowa

He won Oregon and she won Kentucky (by a somewhat disturbingly large margin), but when it comes to who I want to post pictures of you know who wins hands down.

We can all admit it. We’re junkies. So roll up your sleeves, bite a pencil and smack that vein so you can get your dose of “Happy Obama Family” heroin.

Let the “ooohs” and “aaahs,” commence!

Why are they all so cute? Why???? *Sigh* I also like how Sasha looks strangely unaffected by all this hoopla. She makes me think of my too-cool-for-school Baby Sis who always had this look of “I’d rather be playing My Little Ponies” going on about her.

I also love Michelle’s green suit with the blue clasp. The clasp looks Asian inspired, but I can’t quite tell. And she’s actually wearing heels making her look ever more put together as she and Barack strolled into Iowa like they own the state. I’m beyond pleased with everyone ascetically. I honestly have nothing commentary-wise to add. Partially because they all look so stunning and also because I’m exhausted from a long day that has drained me of my creative thought.

Let’s just leave it at this: The photogenic legacy continues.

*All pictures, not mine, but The Associated Press. They do good work.

14 thoughts on “The Obama Family in Iowa

  1. I’ll say it..BLACK SNOB ROCKSBLACK SNOB ROCKSBless you for doing this so soon.Yes, I’m swooning over these pictures..LOLObamafile heroin indeed…LOL Sasha in those Shirley Temple Curls, and in tights too boot. Loved it.Malia is growing so tall, and she’s just going to be a stunner. Michelle was rocking it, from head to toe. I can’t wait to get out and find every paper I can tomorrow. I can’t help it..LOLI just can’t.

  2. Thanks for the pics of our next first fam!!! I can’t wait to see them in the White House.

  3. Yeah, what Rikyrah said.I love these pictures. There really are no words to express how much I adore this family.I burst into tears (for real) when they came out to the stage last night. Michelle’s green ensemble is just beautiful. This is definitely in my top 5 of primary night looks.

  4. When I saw Morning Joe this morning, I had to blink. I was thinking, “Is she wearing leggings under her tunic…too cute…too daring…I love it!”I have never seen political children dress so stylishly. Well, the Edwards kids were cute but it was their rambunctious personalities of how they were all over the place. They had “it” factor because their parents coudl not keep them still. But I thought The Obama Girls…especially Malia’s look…it is so brazen and definitely risk-taking…nouveau…”It’s so what kids are doing!”I think Malia is channelling to push Miley Cyrus off the screen. That look is going to start the paps to start following her. It’s so WOW and intelligent for a kid to go there like that and not wear church clothes. You know you always have to get approval from mom if it is okay to wear such-and-such in public but I think it is really a sign of independence of the girls because moms don’t do it like THAT with style usually.Maybe she will be what Raven Simone could not in being the glamourous Little Black Girl. Raven was strong and dominant and truly amazing but she did not have the intrigue, the fashion, and grace. She was the comedian that they did not get a chance to be pretty and delicate. That part of our softer side of Little Black Girls and Black women are never acknowledged by mass media.I used to wish Angela Bassett would play softer roles instead of playing the one-dimensional Strong Black Women roles. I didn’t like that about her in that she wanted to be only dominant when White Actresses play various types of female archetypes. It further marginalized us eventhough it was an attempt to promote us as strong. I’m so over that. White women got and get to play delicate and be loved without having to play the victim or heroine seeking or needing it for redemption.I like that this image of Malia (and Sasha) looking delicate and whimsical in their retro clothing may chip off of a little bit of new idea engineering of how Black women and girls can be perceived. It’s an interesting scope.I was loving the braids from over the weekend because it gave them the validity of being Brown in culture and I love the fashion look because it channels that they are “little girls” like all other girls are considered. Black Little Girls usually are not considered adorable…little…or girls in archetyping.The Black Community has not promoted them or defended them that by the time they enter school they are trying so hard to emulate ideas of who they aren’t. They adopt what they have seen and learned from television on BET and MTV and the mean streets, which is jading. Little Black Girls today are transitioning more and more as jaded before they even reach puberty. They needed for a long time — someone — just someone as a public model peer that exemplifies femininity, intelligence, gracefulness, and mystery as one of their peers. All they have is Miley Cyrus, the Cheetah Girls, and High School Musical or our hip-hop kids that I really can’t remember the names of. Rihanna is too old and too grown for Little Girls to emulate but she is the closest thing to a little girl herself. So Rihanna has to be careful and I feel for her having that weight on put on her because there is no other delicate archetype of young Black females that channel kid-friendly in Black Female Celebrity.Malia, with those leggings on, may become that girl for other Little Black Girls to identify with. I hope she would rock the Afrocentricity as well in equal time. The braids and twists are of a demographic of a lot of suburban Black girls cultural trends.

  5. Gorgeous family. And my, oh my, does that walk/stroll across the stage look like a “victory walk” or what? They’ve got it down for November. Hopefully they’ll be taking the stroll then. 🙂

  6. such a gorgeous family…absolutely the best looking family to be living in the white house…

  7. I also like that the girls look like “little girls.” Not dolls or too adult. But normal, cute girls. And they’re both so adorable. Sasha’s curls and that nonplussed look on her face while holding that flag and Malia looking gorgeous as always.I mean, my heart skips a beat thinking about them being “First Daughters” and growing up in the White House. I think it would do wonders for the self-esteem of millions of black women and girls to see a family so loved. To see the possibility of “The Black Family.” Not talk about it like it’s dead. It’s real, man. You can have it if you try.

  8. Thanks so much for the album and commentary Black Snob, Rikyrah refered me over here. I agree Andrea with your points. The symbolism for the self-esteem of black girls and women is enormous!! just enourmous. They remind me of me growing up and to be accepted by society and the possibility of them being the first daughters is amazing. Michelle becoming first lady is amazing, just amazing. As a little girl, I would have never thought in a million years that we would have a black first lady one day. The possibilities of that is just so exciting and uplifting. I love their style. I saw the braids the other day and I loved it. They were able to be there authentic selves in public space. Culturally, authentically and beautifully black. The media contrived images of blackness are demeaning and inauthentic. This is simply refreshing to see. I am going to also cover this over at my blog. Thanx so much! I thought that I was the only one who was excited about them as a family and as beautiful black women, mothers and daughters.

  9. SnobAs usual, you have the best pics and great commentary to boot.The family is strikingly gorgeous – a sight to behold and I can’t wait to see them in the whitehouse. I think they have cornered the market on “family” and “family values” .

  10. I agree, BS, the possibly of the Obamas in the White House means so much. Having such a beautiful, strong brown family as the nation’s first family will reflect so beautifully not just on the country but on black people, as a whole.

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