Profiles In Sexy: Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union
Sexy Hustler

Big Sis is a huge Gabrielle Union fan even if the girl is hardly ever in anything worth watching. (A remake of “The Honeymooners,” Gabby? Really?) But most of Big Sis’ love for Gabby is because she covets Gabby’s gorgeous mahogany skin tone. We Snobs turn this sort of reddish brown when we get dark and it’s hardly uniform. We don’t turn a nice, sexy, smooth brown. We don’t get what Gabby was born with. But we all can’t be that sexy.

No, no. We all can’t be Gabby, who through good looks, sass and just enough talent, has been able to figure out away to never pay for drinks again.

Gabby has a sexy game that she knows how to work. She has hustled herself into the hottest pictures, the hottest parties and into the beds of the hottest people. Who knew one could pimp kicking Kirsten Dunst’s ass in “Bring It On” for almost a decade? Because that is totally what Gabby did. She has pimped that shit into more roles, more swag and more free drinks than any sister who’s name isn’t Nicole Richie.

And like Richie (before she got knocked up), my Gabby likes to party all the time. She is just skipping up to the bar late with her sexy, getting her drink on, flirtin’ all up on fellow wall alum Hill Harper, then sloshing her way home to a house much nicer than she should ever be able to afford on such a sporadic work schedule.

But you look hot girl. Never change.

Stay sexy!

9 thoughts on “Profiles In Sexy: Gabrielle Union

  1. gabrielle is definitely a beautiful woman…in that movie that i hate to admit that i like (two can play that game), she had a fantastic ponytail that i felt the need to copy….i have a thing for swingy ponytails…lol

  2. gabby is so “girl next door” cute. her and esssence atkins definitely like to get their party on. but *ahem* i’d just like to say she doesn’t flirt with hill. they’re “just friends.” best friends, to be exact. lol. i know what that means in hollywood speak, but i’d hate to have to cut her ’bout my man! lol. he has a new book coming out next month “letters to a young sister” and she wrote the forward…in other news, i love your new header/banner thingy!! super cute!

  3. Yeah Gab is sexy but come on she was good in Breakin all the rules lol, I throughly hated her in Deliver us from Eva, and Kolchak, well she tried damn it! LOLJaycee

  4. haha. Yes Gabby is still pimping “Bring It On”. You blog came up as a recommend on my Google reader. I cracked up reading your post of Rashida ( a friend is a friend). I will be checking out some of your earlier posts.

  5. Snob,I like Gabby and I think she’s beautiful. I also think that her career, like that of other Black actresses, is sort of stuck in neutral. It seems the only way Black actresses can get the good roles is to have sex with White men on screen, ala Halle Berry. So far Gabby hasn’t done that but I have heard whispers about her doing some really crazy film where she’s involved with a serious redneck.I hope those rumours aren’t true. But mainly I just keep hoping that Spike and Denzel and Will will get together and found their own studio. Then there would be roles for our beautiful Black actresses that would be juicy roles and not require them to sleep with White men for the pleasure of the White male audience.Monie

  6. @ Anon, I think you’re referring to Neo Ned…unless you’re talking about Constellation which was HORRID although intially a somewhat promising endeavor…it was HORRID 🙁

  7. Madame Z,I think it was Neo Ned. I haven’t heard anymore about it though. Maybe they decided not to release it?Monie

  8. I know I will slammed for this but ya’ll have to admit that Gabby spends a lot of time looking sexy and partying and not a lot of time working. I get the impression that she is more a celebrity who acts instead of a serious actress. But that doesn’t stop her from complaining about her lack of roles.Instead of partying, why doesn’t she high tail it to NYC and do a few plays. Let’s read about her tackling Shakespeare instead of tackling some football player. It doesn’t have to be Broadway, there’s work off-Broadway, off-off Broadway. There are also regional playhouses. There are a lot of actresses who take acting jobs they hate to fund their personal projects. I don’t see Gabs doing that either.Just my two cents.As for the Berry comment, I think you have to give her props for her performance. I can’t imagine what she had to draw on for the scene in which she discovers that her lover was part of her husband’s death team. Her win wasn’t because she screwed a white dude, it was because she was able to put the glam and glitz aside, roll up her sleeves and really get inside her character. You didn’t see Halle Berry, you saw Leticia.Interestingly, before Monster’s Ball, Berry had taken her career in her own hands and produced the Dandridge movie.That’s what I really want to see that from Gabs. I think it’s in her. We have more than enough actresses doing the cheesecake thing, it would be great to see this intelligent woman do something different.

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