What If Puffy Threw A Party and No A-Listers Came?

“Look at dem dolphin teeth!”

Wasn’t there a time when Puffy, I’m sorry, Diddy, threw a party and Demi and Ashton showed up? When New York’s glamazons, music all-stars and hip hop moguls showed up to get tipsy?

But the Shiny Suit Man threw a party over the weekend launching some new piece of crap he’s shilling and the best he could get was Nick Cannon (sans Mariah Carey, so that almost doesn’t count) and Kim Kardashian (sans Reggie Bush, so who is she again?)

Poor Shiny Suit Man with the dolphin teeth. Not even a Justin Timberlake or a Jessica Alba. No cool kids!

But, I’ll cut him some slack. He did get John Mayer and Quincy Jones to show up. But then he also got a crazy Tichina Arnold. Beggars can’t be choosy!

Work it, Tichina! Work it!

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