The Obamas Go To Oregon (And More Michelle In Puerto Rico)

It’s time for another Obama Family Album!

A few observations:

1) Michelle appears to have the magically shortening and expanding hair 99 percent of all black women poses as her hair seemed shorter in Puerto Rico but was its usual bob length in Oregon.

2) As a few posters noted in a different Michelle thread, mainly Snob reader Andrea who is on a natural hair campaign, the Obama girls actually have their hair done up in more natural, little black girl styles. They’re still adorable. But enough chit chat! PICTURES!

You Scream, I Scream, the Obama’s Scream for Ice Cream

Barack and Michelle hit up a pair of ice cream parlors/concession stands in Oregon and brought the girls to on in Milluakie.

The Obama’s had their niece, Leslie Robinson with them. I believe she’s the daughter of Michelle’s brother, but don’t quote me on that. You can tell she’s related to Michelle. My God. She looks more like her than Malia.

Then, later, the Obama’s, just Michelle and Barack got some more ice cream at Prince Puckler’s in Eugene and visited a concession stand. I think the woman at the concession stand below is a wee bit happy to see The Great Hope Mongerer.

Getting the Rally Started in Portland!

And here’s a miscellaneous shot of Michelle and Barack at an assisted living facility in Gresham.

And More Parlaying in Puerto Rico

Decked on in a white summer sweater set and black skirt, Michelle dressed conservative but still towered over the rest, quite literally, because she was taller than most of the dignitaries she was pictured with below. (And in flats nonetheless. If she owns any heels, my God. She would be lethal. She’s the same height as her Secret Service detail.)

*All pictures byThe Associated Press. If you find yourself some gratuitous Obama Family activity, tell me where and I will find the photos!

8 thoughts on “The Obamas Go To Oregon (And More Michelle In Puerto Rico)

  1. I thought for sure that you’d have posted about the Good Morning America interview this morning. I haven’t seen the entire thing, but <A HREF="

    REL=”nofollow”>this portion seems particularly apt. How incredible they are.

  2. I won’t lie: I have tried to resist Obama-mania, but these photos that you post make me dare to dream. Just seeing those waves of white people (Do Black people live in Oregon? Kidding. Of course we do.) in the rally pictures takes my breath away. Just look at the one picure with the Obama family’s back to the camera facing that crowd of adoring white voters….who knew I would live to see the day.

  3. natthedem: I almost fell off my chair during that clip. The sexiest black man in the world is a black man who sticks up for his woman/family. And in that bit, Barack Obama was the sexist black man in the world. It makes me think of how my Dad was prepared to beat the crap (verbally or physically) out of anyone who talked bad about his mother, his daughters and ESPECIALLY his wife. Mama Snob is the love of my dad’s life.Hell. He’ll even beat you down for attacking brothers or dad. No one puts Papa Snob’s family in the corner!marilynjean: I just love the pictures because it makes me want to go, “See? See? My functional two parent family was NOT the weird one! Black people do love each other. See? See!”

  4. That’s hot! She is walking with a head-of-state like a leader herself. Ouch!The symbolism is astounding.The symbolism in the family’s comprised photos remind me of “back in the day”…when your cousin tagged along. Kids today that I taught don’t have those types of family outings. No way takes them along.My grandmother, my great-grandmother, my mom, or my aunts would plait our hair down like the cousins. I am happy to see the ethnic pride (finally). Those girls will be talking about their braids and pigtails when they get older too. It’s the things that make you grateful for exposure to knowing your own culture. You have the heirloom remembrances of being connected to it once long ago.

  5. Despite the fact that I find Obamas politics problematic I cannot help but admit that I love his family. I love watching the way he and Michelle relate to each other. It is such a breathe of fresh air.

  6. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!I knew if I sent you on the case that you would find them. That picture of them in Oregon knocked my socks off. I loved the entire diary.And, lovemesome Michelle in Puerto Rico.YEAH!!!You rock, Black Snob.You rock.

  7. About that “Secure Retirement” thing: I learned from my attendance of the “Fiscal Wakeup Alarm” tour put on by the US Comptroller of the Currency last year – the next few presidents of the USA will have to seriously address the out of control growth of the big 3 Entitlement Programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid). It will take more than “Audacity of Hope” to address this.(Notice that the Iraq War spending, though a popular subject in some circles the cause of our financial unrest is not mentioned as the key spending element that threatens this nation’s economic future) [quote]The federal government’s long-term financial obligations grew by $2.5 trillion last year, a reflection of the mushrooming cost of Medicare and Social Security benefits as more baby boomers reach retirement.[/quote]Obama indeed knows how to “Please a crowd”. I still have not seen him tell this same crowd what they NEED TO HEAR rather than what they WANT to hear. There is no voting “present” by the President

  8. You were correct, she is the daughter of Craig Robinson, Michelle’s brother. And the young man in the background is Leslie’s older brother, Avery.

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