“Lay Off My Wife”

Since The Snob cannot keep track of all the TV interviews the Obama gives I’m always happy when someone hips me to a very good sound bite and this one is delicious. Mostly because this is what I love right here. This is what I live for–A man willing to throw down for his wife. Papa Snob didn’t play people disrespecting Mama Snob (not even me when I was a mouthy teen). Grandpa Snob didn’t take no mess towards Granny Snob and Obama says you’re walking into a world of hurt when you mess with Michelle. That’s how it’s done. That’s what every woman wants. Fight for your girls, wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and lady friends and they will fight for you, fellas! We’re supposed to take care of one another and fight for each other. You can have your issues with Obama the candidate, but Obama the “back up off my woman” guy? Priceless.

*Thanks for the clip NatTheDem.

9 thoughts on ““Lay Off My Wife”

  1. It’s good to see Barack step up for Michelle.I wonder what the idiot’s chorus of folks calling Barack soft have to say about that.But this is also Barack giving Cindy McCain and her kept man a warning.Mrs. McCain won’t release her tax returns because of all the shady dealings. She’s had to divest herself of some holdings she had in the Sudan of all places.And you know that’s just the tip of the iceberg.But knowing the GOP they’ll be dumb enough to come after Michelle anyway.

  2. That man makes me swoon….Strong, intelligent, witty, and kinda cute (although he is skinny)…While he’s handling folks left and right, I’ll (we will) have to take care of things on the ground: GOTV!<A HREF="http://www.chocolatechiq.com/“ REL=”nofollow”>ChocolateChiq.com

  3. That was beautiful! I made my husband get up and come watch that clip! That is how a man handles his business. Attach him, attack his track record but leave his family alone! It’s only right.

  4. You have no idea how many times I rewound my tivo of this interview when I came home. I was like YEAH, Barack. YEAH. People have been nice to Mrs. Trust Fund McCain.But, if they wanna GO THERE..Then, let’s GO THERE. Michelle’s not the one STEALING.Men…Funds from Charities…well, you know how ugly this can get if they want to continue down this road.

  5. Okay Rikyrah,I co-sign with that hooray. I wondered when he would send “code” not to fuck with Michelle because his silence annoyed the shit out of me when O’Reilly said he wanted to lynch her.’Bout time. Still he says it so careful. That is how you have to do when you are “cuss’n corporate”. You can’t show your shoulders rising…your neck can’t roll…you have to not move your eyebrows…you basically have to challenge looking like a damn statue”.One time I got fired for “cuss’n corporate” to a client. She got mad that I would not submit and listen to her bullshit. Each time she said something, I countered so stoic and dull but intense with clarity that I was a provocative smart-ass too calculating to lose my cool. Well, it sent her over the edge. That was the only time I got punished for it. Another time I got blacklisted for “cuss’n corporate” and they said “it’s not going to work out”. But lately, I think because of my reputation, people are afraid to fire me when I do it because they know I will tell. When I got fired and they denied my unemployment I appealed. The city sent me to advocacy mitigation and I told them I was fighting my firing because I was not guilty of insubordination. I was guilty of not staying in my place and continuing to kiss ass and willfully pay the tax as if it was a bargained agreement that I would always remain in a submissive role. The representative, a heavily degreed and certified professional, looked at me in dismay. She told me I was going to lose my case because WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TRY TO FIGHT THESE THINGS. I told her I didn’t give a damn and that I would make my firing presidence. She then looked more annoyed by me as if I was arrogant and ignorant all rolled in one. Fast-forward to the morning of the appeal and my employer that fired me — after all of that fighting me in calling me “at fault” for insubordination — they did not show up to the court. I won. Like that…I won.I knew I had a 50/50 chance in losing but I had to fight. I knew too many of us — just beholden to the terms of “the unspoken but understood” as workforce stipulations of proper codes of conduct — when we were being held hostage to the confines that created our inertia. We saw the disenfranchisement as “part of the process” in being in the American workforce when clearly the strata was multi-dimensional and noncalibrated. We saw it as the dues to play The Game but then we stood in the corners at work with our co-workers whining about how unfair Mr. Charlie was and how The Game was set-up. We whined in mourning circles thinking that was proactive, progressive power when it was reactionary bathos. It did nothing but make Whites more cautious to hire the more malleable ones of the darker race that would not congregate with their own in solidarity. My kind of people were least hired so they played ideas of tricking The Man to get in and still find themselves stumped on whether to give up fighting because they had no support or go down like a brave contender.I realized I was an endangered species that all sides repelled. Blacks hated me because I was too smart for my own good (because my existence challenging the status quo put them in areas of discomfort — forcing them to either stand up for and with me or to abandon me — leaving them to have to deal with their own willful choices of cowardice and neglect). Whites and other supremacists hated me as well that I was too smart for my own good because I consistently questioned the “Unfinished Business of Race and the Workplace” when no one of gatekeeper status was ready to tackle it yet. I was a nobody twerp shining lights through the holes and crappy tailoring of post-Integration workplace compliances. This crap was not worked out. It was cheaply hemmed ideas carried on from Jim Crow that I would abide by the graciousness of the ruling classes to give me a job and I would keep my fucking mouth shut no matter the treatment or my desires to practice the meritocratic gesture promised of the citizenry of the United States and the necessary tools needed for execution to practice to strive for the fucking American Dream.One of my co-workers, a Spelman graduate, one day asked me how to do it…’cuss corporate…and I told her that it was nothing I could readily teach her. I was so alarmed by her innocence that she asked me but also so alarmed that she was telling me that no one (and I mean Spelman or the Black Community) taught her or her peers, obviously, how to battle in articulation without feeding into the stereotypes of the Angry Black this or that. I was disturbed because I sensed that so many Blacks had been and were being taught how to play The Games and still coming up short but maybe taking home prizes…prizes that they could not share with us. It was negotiated terms and I knew Black Colleges filled with Boomer ideas of proper Blackness was facilitating spreading the ideals and conditions on how we manifested in America — let alone Corporate America. To me…cuss’ corporate should be a primer for the survival of all Blacks. It is about esteem and resistance. It is about the reversal and refusal of self-elimination by accommodation.So when I see Barack now…finally…finally executing some pride and protective bravado, I wonder is it an act of timing and convenience now that so many drink the kool-aid or is he finally getting tired. Is it Michelle who is finally getting tired or is it others questioning his manhood and his Blackness to counter and defend his family? Is it that he is willing to finally go there and test the waters to find out how hot or cold the temperature is for getting out of his place and being Uppity for defending himself? Is he exercising the courage he never had? Is he simply realizing those little girls will one day find out that he did not defend or protect Mommy always because of politics? I don’t know what it is and is at the root of his sudden visual and vocal defense. But I do know when I see code “cuss’n corporate”. That is commendable for the least part. I have yet to see when acts of courage can further be exercised outside of the excuse that it is strategy to win and not seem too manly…I mean TOO BLACK. Nobody castrates us but ourselves.I think we should take notice, commend, but not exalt this act at this point. We must hold Barack and each other to higher standards. That was the theme of who Mustafa was in the Lion King. He wanted Simba to grow strong in character and conviction for all things…not just his wife…not just his offspring…he had to defend his whole PRIDE (no pun intended).

  6. Andrea: I appreciate your comments. But in everything that I have read or heard from Michelle Obama and those close to Senator Obama, he is not a man that is easily led and NO ONE tells him what to do. That is a quote from Mrs. O herself. So I believe that was a genuine moment from him. I think that we have seen many genuine moments from him. I am sure that he takes counsel on a lot of things as most executives do, but I don’t believe that he used a poll to determine that he was offended by that GOP attack in Tennessee. I don’t fault him for not going after EVERY single ignorant comment that someone on makes it is beneath him as it would be beneath me. And we know that is exactly what they are waiting for from him. They think that they know all of our moves and they really don’t.He has given strict orders to his campaign to not highlight the racist and bigoted events that happen on the campaign trail in order that he gain this nomination from a position of strength not one of weakness.

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