Ah … The Young At Heart!

The Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey (Canery?) “We’re in love, really. Stop asking” Tour shut down an amusement park to get their Tweety Bird on.

I can’t even come up with comments for this. Six Flags? Really? Six “fucking” Flags?

Don’t get me wrong, The Snob loves Six Flags. Underneath all my cyncism does beat the heart of a child who loves the Batman roller coaster as much as the Old Mine Train roller coaster. We have an awesome Six Flags in Eureka, Mo. called Six Flags Over Mid America. I have fond memories of hanging with “The Clique” of me and my girls (including my BFF Tiffany). Walking around, flirting with boys and trying to keep from passing out from dehydration because it’s late Spring in the Mo. and it’s 100 degrees out with a humidity level of Brazilian Rain Forest.

I also remember how couples would get matching Nike or Tommy Hilfiger outfits and take some Sears pictures together before heading to the park looking exactly alike. Pants, shirt, everything. It was like clone love fever. Even I did it one year with a dude who was totally NOT my boyfriend, but we were almost dating, homey-lover-friends hence the matching outfits.

I now look back with shame on it. (I was a girly-girl then and he liked chicks who dressed like old school TLC in dude clothes. Totally NOT SNOB.) So when I look at those old photos I look really stupid in braids and that Nike outfit, but that was then. This is now.

Mimi and Nick. Show me how the non-Sears picture taking crowd does it.

Photos from WireImage

8 thoughts on “Ah … The Young At Heart!

  1. Hmmm. Looks fun? LOL. They just seem so….’different’ all together like this. Is it really, real, yo? LOL. Have a great weekend!

  2. Unh-unh *shaking my head*Six Flags is the Kmart of amusement parks. Ya’ll rich…fly to Disney World.Where did the sign magically appear from in the first pic? And why is he looking at the camera when she’s kissing him in the second or third pic? Really?I’ll be glad when this charade comes to an end…

  3. I’m happy they can laugh at themselves. They are probably just as terrified as we are watching this.I wish them the best. Well…I wish her the best…from a woman to another woman. They have every reason to make it worth because the media will have a field day with the displays like Bennifer did if they end. There is too much documented. They have to last or it would dog them.

  4. So, wow, Nick Cannon really is Mariah’s man?! This one is up there with Janet & Jermaine and T-Boz & Mack 10 in “How The Hell Did This One Happen?!”-ville!!! Further proof that we really don’t know these celebs like we think we do! Well, they look happy together. And Mariah still looks good for a near-40 woman. I see that you remember those Sears portraits too! Memories.

  5. I have a Girlfriend who ADORES Mariah and is heartsick over this, cause she thinks Mariah’s going through another breakdown. You know the kind of fan that’s rooting for you all the way; that’s her with Mariah. She also sadly believes that Mariah just doesn’t want to grow up. She doesn’t want stability or a decent relationship. She married her father, and now she’s marrying the little kid down the street who whose older uncle she used to date. She’s never gone for ‘normal’, not even celebrity normal. \\Me?I hope she has an iron-clad pre-nup.

  6. all: Mariah, with all her lollipops and rainbows, does not want to grow up. This has been apparent for years now. I half expect her to go out like Norma Desmond in “Sunset Blvd.” (If you don’t know, hit up Blockbuster now.) She’s gonna be in a big old house mansion in New York State, having funerals for her dead tiny dogs, talking about her youthful comeback album when she’s in her late 60s, writing songs about teenage love affairs that will never get produced and being catered by a decrepit Sean Diddy Combs telling the kids working at his studio that that was the great “Mariah Carey,” and the kids are going, “I thought she was dead?”But that’s just me. I could be wrong. Maybe Nick’s really mature of his age, said The Snob as they both cuddled up like teens and ate butterfly topped cupcakes.

  7. I heart Six Flags too Danielle! My dad lives in the St. Louis area and I’ve been to the Six Flags in Eureka more times than I can count. I know my way around that park like the back of my hand. But I guess I don’t know it as well as I thought because I would have bet my life that it was called Six Flags Over St. Louis…regardless I’ll probably be up there a few times this summer riding The Joker, swimming in Hurricane Harbor, and getting my yearly caricature with my sisters.

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