A Puerto Rican Ruffle for Michelle Obama

As the primary continues there are more and more opportunities to gander at what new outfit Michelle Obama can pull off while visiting whatever new state/territory.

Why? It’s ruffles in Puerto Rico!

There’s something very Oscar de la Renta about it all. Rather than go for something pandering, like yellow, red and green ruffles, Michelle went with something a little more business-like, but still prepared to party if necessary. But there was no need to party at the children’s hospital where she rubbed elbows and dispensed smiles.

It’s also starting to look like the aspiring first lady got herself a haircut. It’s a little more obvious in these later picks. I don’t know how I feel about the new ‘do. I liked the pinned back look with the Oscar de la Renta homage, but the helmet hair bob isn’t quite the same as her more recent looks that were pretty freaking awesome.

As per the suit, she’s working it. Not really my flavor as it makes me think of jungle fatigues (or something Mama Snob rocked in the early 90s. But I like the cut. Not bad.

* Thank you, intrepid anonymous Snob reader, who tipped me off last night on the pics!

14 thoughts on “A Puerto Rican Ruffle for Michelle Obama

  1. I love the shirt. It’s fantastic. Very daring. Very risky.The suit demands respect. That’s absolutely confident.I love Oscar. I wish he could dress me. I would be his muse if he wanted me to be.

  2. I love both outfits. The suit looked like African mudcloth. Very interesting and stylish. Imagine, a first lady who has an actual waist, non-cankles, and can wear sleeveless tops! First in 40 some odd years!As for the hair, it could be more polished in these photos. Since it appears she may have cut it, I think a very loose curly bob “a la” Marilyn Monroe would look great on her. Very loose and feminine with a big bouncy curl hanging over one eye.

  3. andrea: I like the shirt too. I would wear it with a fitted black or gray/silver blazer and a black belt.And if it weren’t for these damn flat feet of mine, black sling-back stilettos.tracy: You’re right. On closer inspection Michelle’s suit does appear to have an African derived/inspired print to it.And I do like that she has a figure and isn’t shy about letting it show, rather than drape herself in some First Lady unisex blue suit armor. Even Cindy McCain and her obviously not 50-year-old knockers often looks nice.Basically. No Laura Bush’s this time around. I mean, Laura seems like a nice enough broad, but she didn’t break any molds with the pants suits and cankles.That was Hillary’s signature look! Get your own, Bushie!

  4. I like Michelle’s hair in the flip.(the curve away from the face makes her look more lively) I also think she needs to get her eyebrows toned down a bit: maybe get them bleached to dark brown and less of a pointy arch, which would soften her face) Some of her fashions lately may be aimed toward the campaigns in some of the swing states. I do think there is a politic to dressing for elections. I can tell you one thing: her arms and shoulders are to die for.

  5. I never really liked Michelle’s hair from the get go. I mean it never looked horrible but it never really looked that great to me. It always seemed like it aged her.I am tired of her always wearing it down. I want to see more flexibility. I know she has a make up and hair person. They need to fix that.I liked her hair for a layout she did in Vogue a few months back. It was pined back and elegant. Not just straight and flat.

  6. I love both outfits. I love her. I cannot get over how great she always looks.Now, having said that, I’m not sure about the “bob” either. I’m with tracy@6:51pm on the Monroe-esque curly bob suggestion. I think that would be fantastic on her.Michelle is phenomenal. And, I want that suit for myself.I need more pics, please. :- )

  7. Hello, I’m rikyrah, and I’m a Michelle-a-holic. Sorry to be late to the meeting. I like everything Michelle tries to wear, even when I don’t like it – that purple paisley top from last time. Ruffles…how…..YES. She’s unafraid to take chances, and I respect that. People better leave her hair alone. They won’t be satisfied until she has a Beyonce weave…which would make this Michelle-a-holic upset with dispair. Michelle tries…come on now..we know how difficult it can be. I, too, love Oscar De La Renta. I just love saying the man’s name. He, Valentino and Armani just look like they were born to be designers. They just have that aura about them…making beautiful, timeless classical clothes. Them, and the late Givenchy, with his basketball-tall designing self. They are all gentlemen. It’s Puerto Rico..you know that heat and humidity is being wicked on Michelle’s hair.

  8. I think Michelle’s hair is lovely, but it needs to be more poilshed. Not in a “beauty queen” way, like Cindy McCain, whose hair stays pastered to her head. But I think that Marilyn Monroe style is very loose and easy but still polished. I’d like to see her rock that instead of a plain bob. And when she wears her hair up, her cheekbones pop something serious. I’d like to see more up-dos.

  9. tracy, et al: I’m feeling the whole notion of doing something more daring and sleek with Michelle’s hair. I’m going to dabble in a little Michelle makeover magic. She’s got great hair, it just needs just the right touch.I swear. Michelle Obama is my living black Barbie. The kind I had as a kid where I would play “Barbie Goes to College” or “Barbie Goes to Work Her Own Business.”Yeah, I was that kid. Ken was an afterthought with me. It was all about my black Barbie looking fierce and being fierce and working a fierce job. (Like jungle explorer and fashion designer.) So I can’t resist when it comes to Michelle.

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