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I’m trying to decide what banner to use until I come up with an original logo design (this is a hodge podge of cartoon characters from my strip “Nerd Girl” and a illustration of Lil’ Kim.) I realized I needed a more gender neutral logo, as I do have a male readership (and I love you all). I don’t want new readers to think this is not a penis friendly place. So, ideas? Suggestions?

BTW. For anyone who cares the characters are Rebecca, a biracial girly nerd, Jenitta, the fierce Alpha female and Glenn, a vain egotist. The character based on me, Maddie, is sort of to the left there, but that’s an early rendering. I’ve changed her look some and I haven’t scanned in any of the good ones of her yet. Maddie (short for Madeline), Rebecca and Jenitta are all main (female) characters. Glenn is one of Maddie’s ex-boyfriends.

The three main male characters include Steve Feung, Jermaine and Budda X. All three are perpetual slackers. I’ll eventually get around to posting more on the strip after I finish some other personal projects.

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  1. doesn’t matter to me. I usually just scroll down to the topics anyway. I am glad you have a separate section with all of your “guy pictures”. If all of those were on the main page while I’m reading, that would definitely be kinda weird.

  2. So I got one who likes the old look, another who hooked me up with some Michelle fashion pics (thank you!) and you, dewfish who appreciates the fact that TJ Holmes and Lenny Kravitz moved further on down the line.1) Glad I could help!2) This still isn’t enough information for me to make an informed decision.Hmmm … what to do? What to do?

  3. I like the new one. I think it’s a good idea to be guy inclusive but particularly since there are so many male readers. I think guys would say they don’t care (seems like details like that aren’t important to them ???), but it does send a positive signal.

  4. I dunno!Glenn is so Post-Civil Rights. Of course Lil’ Kim is and Jenitta. I like the social commentary of his look…fur, shades on top of his head, and wanting to be bald — needing to MAINTAIN his haircut. Understanding that everything is deliberate in how you drew him, I’m reading the codes.Vain. He could or could not be a snob but I clearly sense, he is into himself — thus his POV framing his look. Because he drew himself, right? I can’t wait for more about him. He is a quite familiar figure on college campuses.So…I like the add of a guy.I’m not into the social scene “thing” hat has been trademarks of party-all-the-time mentalities of our generations that followed when things finally changed in ’68 to fermented cynicism. But Glenn’s look channels that group.I know this older man who told me that he failed his daughter. She went to Duke Ellington High School here in DC and then a gang of them, her crew, just enrolled across town at Howard U. The were matriculating in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.Around the campus, he found out how she and her crew and classes before they arrived to Howard and after they arrived, ushered in this “DC Thing Runs Howard” advisory. They trademarked their infamy as the ambassadors loving to partying harder with clout as those who brought it was from DC. (That turf war bragging thing)Now in her 30’s, he says she and her friends still want to party like it is 1999. You know, the party-with-a-purpose cliques that really want to party all the time and promote that they are socially conscious, aware, and engaged in more than a Cosmo or Henny, All-Star, Super Bowl Weekends, Vegas, Miami, and going to conferences — when they really simply want those things to mean something more than what they mean superficially in value and context.So now they go to 4-Obama Happy Hours with the bandwagon.He told me that he did not think she would turn out like that/this because he, himself, is so engaged in development of community ideals. He thought she would grow up carrying her weight in his resemblance but he is now rather embarrassed and disappointed. He told me that his wife who works at Howard is no different. She only shops with her fat salary. But she and he are Boomers and the Post-Civil Rights babies only followed suit of what their parents did or did not monitor. He takes ownership.So when I see Glenn it reminded me of that conversation I had with that man. He recognized his daughter was obsessed with fun, fabulous, and fantasy. The “cool kids” wear expensive shades and wear the trendy clothes. I identified in knowing the class of people he sees his daughter a part of.So…I think it is cool you put him (Glenn) out there because we have this obsession of marketing only the “positives” or marketed desirable promotional archetypes about our people while we deny that there is a large group of Glenns and Lil’ Kims that have hi-jacked the generations’ microphones.I don’t identify with the logo as who I am but I LOVE the social commentary it makes. I don’t see how it goes with Black Snob because it excludes you but I am patient to see the continuum. Since I don’t do South Beach nor do I do Martha’s Vineyard nor do I invade The Hamptons, I don’t fit in with very much of what is typified of our demographic stereotypes.So I will accept anything as it is an expression of your art. I could see all of them in Miami though with party addict and publicity photo-hound, Gabrielle Union. She would be in a photo with Glenn.That is the irony of your blog. It takes a lot of deep breathes and it is a lot of laugh at loud. Glenn made me laugh out loud because of all the Glenns and “Tyrones” of our generations just like witnessing your shrine to TJ Holmes. Glenn could really be cool but without me knowing he reminds me of the posterchildren of our generation.

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