The Snob Is Concerned …

This picture speaks louder than any words I could type. It’s poor Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s hair. A reader at The Secret Council of American Negroes blog tipped me off to this tragedy. MY WORD! Put some hair oil on it! Add a bow! ANYTHING! You’re insanely rich, Angelina. And image conscious. Call Jada Pinkett-Smith or somethin’!

To read more about this hair trauma (and the Jolie-Pitts in France), click here.

To read SCAN’s alert on their number one agent in short-pants’ hair troubles, click here.

*And while The Snob family bloodline (which is full of Incognegroes, West African slaves, other black people of mysterious origin, random white folks and all sorts of Native Americans) is probably not the best indicator, black hair, even at age three, is doable.

And yes, that is me with my gapped tooth, button cute, three-year-old self. The infant head with a bow-tied puff is Baby Sis. SO IT’S DOABLE. Even with baby poof.

22 thoughts on “The Snob Is Concerned …

  1. you probably wouldn’t have written that if she had Amy Holmes’ hair texture. Maybe Zahara doesn’t have any incognegroes in her bloodline

  2. anon: Um … if her hair was standing up all over, unorganized, yes … yes I would. All people of African descent can and will have hair issues if it is not properly maintained. Especially if your hair is curly.And Ethiopians have very lovely hair. So, um … don’t see what your point is here. Angelina needs to give that baby’s hair some TLC.

  3. Heavens to mergatroid, that girl needs a Pink Oil Moisturizer telethon. If they wanted to do it natural, I know a good salon that would even charge obscene celebrity rates.

  4. From the October 2006 Esquire Brad Pitt said:”For white people who might be having a little trouble with black- person hair, Carol’s Daughter is a fantastic hair product. We got it for Z. Now her hair has this beautiful luster. And it smells nice, too.”I think you might be onto something Snob about who is more maternal. Maybe Brad was not around or busy because he has shown some evidence he has been doing her hair. At times I would look at their baby, Shiloh, and think she was a mess with her cute self. I think Angeline is not into doing the girls hair. She combs her though.The easiest and laziest trick is using headbands for any texture. It looked like at least like you attempted.Zahara does not know what is going on now but when she gets older and sees these pictures she will go off, “What the hell you had me looking crazy for?”I remember one time my mother saw herself in the mirror at the store and she stepped to me and told me to never allow her to look crazy and out-of-place in public. My mother’s hair was standing up on top of her head and I learned an important lesson that day about being responsible in caring about the welfare of others even if I didn’t think it was my responsibility. After that I started to notify my mother of all kinds of things that were pertainent to her ability to be on top of things. It’s teamwork…being accountable for someone else.

  5. Would you prefer they put relaxer/ texurizer in her hair? Or maybe a baby weave? Her hair is beautiful becasue it’s hers.Monie

  6. Angelina needs to find a hairdresser that knows how to do natural hair. I could do Zahara’s hair and not charge exhorbitant prices. Zahara could rock some twists which would last a week or more or if she’s willing to sit still, some cornrows. I hate seeing that Zahara’s haircare needs are not being attended to properly.

  7. monie: I don’t think anyone is suggesting that (as you shouldn’t put a perm in anyone’s head until after puberty … if at all.) But you can brush a child’s hair and put a cute headband on it. You can use some hair oil. The kid has great hair, it just looks like no one is putting forth the effort to make it look nice.I mean, I wear my hair natural and you still have to put a lot of work into it, especially if you aren’t going to wear in short.So I’m with Serena’s Pink Oil Moisturizer, Andrea’s Carol’s Daughter and anything that makes it look healthy, combed and curly.That said, I also agree with Andrea. So people are more into detail. Others aren’t. Maybe she’s not into doing hair (or paying someone to do the hair.) Even Shiloh and Maddox have been looking shaggy of late.

  8. Okay, I get what you’re saying. I just think that sometimes we look at ourselves through European eyes and instead of seeing beautiful, we see needs repair.I hope that whatever her hair looks like her parents tell her she’s beautiful.Monie

  9. last time i checked Zahara was Ethiopian, therefore it is very likely that she does not have “afro-textured” hair, which means that Angelina probably definitly knows how to do her hair.Personally I think that her hair looks cute, and does not look like a mess. Can’t she just wear her hair natural? Does she really need a press and curl? Some nasty greese? I don’t think so.

  10. lockedwithpatience: I don’t expect her to have hair similar to black Americans. My point is that it just doesn’t looked combed and it looks dry. Brushing hair is pretty uniform. Unless you’re growing locs everyone brushes their hair no matter the ethnicity. No one isn’t saying natural hair is beautiful. Her hair just doesn’t look brushed or like it’s being maintained particularly well, that’s all I’m saying. (And I also think that’s what other people are also saying. She has pretty hair and it’s not being done justice.)Also, Ethiopians tend to have a nicer grade of hair than most black Americans (the curl pattern is far more uniform), so if her hair were brushed some, it would be less jarring.

  11. No need to justify your post Snob. That pretty little girl looks like she just rolled out of bed and no one touched her hair. No one of ANY heritage can just get out of bed and not comb there hair. It is not in dread locks so the child does not have the option to get up and go. Angie does not know what to do. Lawd where is Brad Pitt when you need him?

  12. Snob,Come sit by me. I love Family Jolie-Pitt, but THEY CAN’T LET MY PRINCESS Z BE SNAPPED LIKE THAT. Get some scrunchis and put it in an AfroPuff at the very least. In all honest, divide it down the middle and give me 2 AfroPuffs. PRONTO.

  13. I zoomed in on the picture and it appears that she has a LOVELY grade of natural hair, but I do agree, it needs to be combed, brushed and put in a headband at the very least. But the puff is even easier, just brush it up and put a scrunchie around it. She’s so very cute! Mind you, my daughter’s hair is not always the way I would like it to be, but I would never let her out with it being all over her head like that, without taming it some. Another thing, our hair texture changes as we age, so what might have worked when she was 1, may not work now.

  14. “Ethiopians tend to have a nicer grade of hair than most black Americans” what is a nicer grade of hair mean?Why would someone put that greasy, chemical filled pink oil in a toddlers hair?

  15. anonymous 8:44 a.m.: Sigh. One does not HAVE to put Pink Oil Moisturizer in a child’s hair. (I’m almost positive those comments were more tongue in check than literal.) If you’ve read through the comments my bone of the contention was that the hair looked unbrushed and unkept.Ethiopians have lovely hair because I was comparing their hair to AA hair as ours is often full of so many different ethnic backgrounds it can come out all sorts of funky ways. I know my hair has four different textures in it. I wish I just had ONE to deal with.”Grade” means her curls are uniform. And as a baby they are delicate and feathery. It is OBVIOUS the child has nice hair. But is also OBVIOUS that it is uncombed and unbrushed. And could we stop pretending like no one brushes their child’s hair regardless of ethnicity? Because people do brush hair everywhere. That is the most pertinent problem in this particular situation.The reality is would any of us, as parents, let our little girl go out without her hair brushed? Without a cute little barrette or a headband? Without something that says, “I’m incredibly adorable!” Without a look that really shows how lovely and uniform the curls are? Why are folks acting like they can’t see the fact that the no. 1 problem is the lack of combing, not the fact that she has curly hair. The VAST majority of people with an African bloodline have some form of curly hair, save for most North Africans. So I’m dunzo with explaining this over and over. This is NOT a diss on black hair. I, personally, LOVE black hair. I wear my hair natural. I wish I had hair like the Ethiopians and some other Africans as their hair usually makes sense. It is a diss on UNCOMBED black hair and the fact that it is not fashioned in a manner befitting of such a cute child. Tis all!So if you think it is truly cute, hurrah. I just beg to differ.

  16. That pic made me sad because it reminded me of a local girl who is adopted by a very kind and loving white couple. The thing is, when I first met them at the pool, the baby’s hair was a mess and the mom confided in me that she just couldn’t make it behave. I suggested that she take a stroll down the haircare aisle at Target or WalMart and start with some of the products for AfAms and also to take her to the local beauty shop downtown.Well, it’s almost ten years later and the little, now teenaged, girl still has hair issues …. we live in a small town and I’ve never seen the child braided, oiled, nothing and it bothers me to see her hair all broken and dry and messed up.

  17. There is a white couple in my church who adopted a black daughter and son, and one of the first things they did was get advice on hair and skincare from some of the black parishoners. The wife learned how to braid hair from some of the ladies. The husband went with the men to the barbershop. The kids wear their hair natural, no perms or relaxers. They have beautiful, healthy hair.

  18. i thought the SAME THING when i saw this, Black Snob. Don’t they have four nannies or something? Get someone to do the child’s hair before she leaves home!Any parent — particularly any celebrity parent — needs to make sure their child’s hair is done before they leave the house.

  19. It is heated like a hot comb up in here! Indeed, Snob, i was just fooling; i’ve sworn off overly chemical-rich products and keep it strictly Carol’s Daughter and aloe-based. I think the “Ethiopians have nice hair” meme is strictly “black is beautiful.” Implied, for those who forget, is that *all* our hair is beautiful– from Patti LaBelle’s purple mountains’ majesty to the fruited plain on top of the lead singer of Bloc Party’s head.

  20. serena: Yeah. Things went horribly, horribly awry. Too many people interpreted that I was slamming black hair when I was really slamming Angelina Jolie for not brushing the child’s hair.Que sera sera. This is my occupational hazard. All satire comes with the potential for blowback.And I enjoyed the Patti LaBelle reference. Her hair in the 80s? My word! She looked like something off of Star Trek.

  21. What’s really ashame is that I saw Brad Pitt on a late night infomercial extolling the virtues of some “African oil” that works wonders on Zahara’s hair. Maybe they already used up the lifetime supply. I have no issue with the grade of her hair, just the fact that it looks like NO ONE is combing it! Definitely a tragedy!

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