Pat Yourselves on the Back!

In an EXTREMELY quick time The Black Snob has jumped from hitting the 20,000 visitor milestone last month and now we’re at 40,000 (it sort of snuck up on me over the weekend!) Wow! I’m humbled by the attention and I’m happy that my musings on Barack Obama’s candidacy, politics, racism, Michelle Obama’s fabulosity, Kimora Lee Simmons’ fabulosity, Kanye West’s love for fashion created by the Taliban, Incognegroes of every stripe, Hillary Clinton being Hillary Clinton, analyzing a host of black conservatives, getting occasionally controversial, making fun of Amy Holmes, plus many, many, many other things. (Like my love of difficult supermodels, lace-front divas, and hate of all things that are tacky in a non-ironical sense.)

I’m glad so many people were willing to go there and keep it irreverent and interesting with me. And I really appreciate my three Snob “Keep Me From Eatin’ Top Ramen” All-Stars Andrea (The Unapologetic Snob), Ruth F. (Snob Sista No. 1) and Sharrie B. (Snob Warrior Princess).

Altogether they supported a Snob with more than $80 this weekend in donations.

No Top Ramen for me! I can upgrade to Cream of Wheat, or, shit, rice! With butter! And sugar! Mmmm … those will be some good carbs.

You can check out these fantastic three on the blog to your left, just below the big, fat “Donate” button from PayPal.

In other Snob news:

Remember that schedule I attempted to keep track on regular content? Yeah. My like didn’t want to work with that schedule. But I will adapt and get you your Obama views, Negroes, Incognegroes, Michelle Obama news, “Dereliction of Duty” and other semi-regular features. But Profiles In Sexy will continue every Wednesday on the dot.

I bought my domain name, so I’ll be moving to that soon. Right now Network Solutions is being difficult as they put a hold on my name just because I priced checked it there. I already paid for my name through GoDaddy, which despite having some of the most sexist television marketing ever (Why, Danica Patrick? Why?) really does offer reasonable prices. So, soon we will be moving to I’m so happy!

I will also be on NPR again towards the end of this month. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m looking for candidates to write brief “Profiles In Snobby” on real life Black Snobs, from your educated black radical chic to activists and academics who represent to the well-monied, well-opined uppity talented tenthers! From the Whitley Gilberts to the Carlton Bankses, give them to me!

Remember, guys! I do answer my email (although I’ve been a bit slower than the norm), so I want to hear your feedback. Likes. Hates. Loves. It all. It helps me keep the site current. Also, if you have story ideas, suggestions, find things you think are neat, pass them along. You can find me at!

Thank you again for stopping by with such frequency!


The Snob

2 thoughts on “Pat Yourselves on the Back!

  1. Congats on gaining so many new readers. The good blogs always rise to the top!Also I look forward to hearing you on News & Notes. I love that show, Farai is great.Monie

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