Uncle Sam to Rev. Al: Money, please!

Rev. Al Sharpton seems to be in a little “money trouble” with the “gov’ment.” Ruh-roh!

Sayeth The Associated Press:

Big corporations give him money. Presidential candidates seek his endorsement. He has influential friends in Congress and the governor’s mansion. The Rev. Al Sharpton has emerged over the past decade as perhaps the nation’s most prominent civil rights leader, a status that was demonstrated again this week when he led protests against police brutality that briefly shut down six of Manhattan’s major bridges and tunnels.

But he still carries baggage from his early days as a fire-breathing agitator: Government records obtained by The Associated Press indicate that Sharpton and his business entities owe nearly $1.5 million in overdue taxes and associated penalties.

Now the U.S. attorney is investigating his nonprofit group, a probe that an undeterred Sharpton brushes off as the kind of annoyance that civil rights figures have come to expect from the government.

“Whatever retaliation they do on me, we never stop,” he told the AP. “I think that that is why they try to intimidate us.”

Even the little people know, Uncle Sam is always going to get his. He might not get you now. Or next week. Or in a few years. But he will get you and he will want his money. As the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright (or Malcolm X) would say, Al Sharpton’s CHICKENS are coming home to ROOST!

Good luck with keeping the gov’ment off your back, Al! Stay black! Stay strong!

2 thoughts on “Uncle Sam to Rev. Al: Money, please!

  1. Rev. Al might make money but he does not make as much as he could persay he was a book hustler. Rev. Al never commidified himself so I can understand that he is owing Uncle Sam. He has expenses in being an activist that most people don’t understand and he has a staff that travels. I could see that after trying to take care of his family, finances and the children’s education, I wonder how he survives. Traveling is expensive and people just think you show up places. You have to hustle to pay off your expenses to be able to yell and stomp for families. Flyers, picket signs, and radio announcements cost. It’s not free to help a family protest.I understand why he hustles and hustles shamelessly. But at least he is not Dyson with a publishing house out of his garage sensationalizing pitying us. I saw that Rev. Al knew he could go that route and at least did not. He rather be a celebrity ho’ and take White People’s money that sell us some drugged kool-aid of victimology. He does not to dothat. He just seems to have the brightest and best on his team. I don’t know wha that is about. Is he simply against firing people because he is loyal and thinks that he must keep them on? he wants to be a celebrity and he wants to do good things but he keeps missing the mark. It’s not that hard for where he is. He needs to find a new team.I mean the TV One show is good but I don’t watch TV One and I don’t listen to The Power. He should have done MTV and worked with the kids. But no, he wants to be relevant among his peers. He needs to take note from Obama. I was bitchin’ about Boomers longer than Obama. Nobody listens to me though. But we don’t know what he takes home and whether it is pithy earnings. I feel for him. He might have to break down and hustle speaking fees and write some books. The “Al In The Family” show sounded really funny but it never was produced. I hope he comes up with the money and then some. People think activists are rolling in cash when they are mostly like squirrels trying to hoard some cash because the money is not guaranteed. Also that is why so many people speak and never come up with solutions because the cycle of processing another symposium “about our problems” may pay their bills for a few more months. There needs to be an expose done on activists and how a lot don’t make any money and how those that make money are race hustlers marketing their careers in the name of activism. Al could be a real money ho’ if he wanted to when people think he is already. The man is just trying to eat while saving our asses.He is one of those Boomers that don’t want to leave the stage and he is not preparing anyone to take over his spot. I mean what else can he do? Preach? as a Reverand? Genius idea but I don’t think he wants that. He wants to try to keep attempting to “strike relevant gold” when he could be mentoring and passing the torch.Rev. Al could create a healthy fiscal ministry to pay him and do the works he wants to do. He just isn’t innovative enough nor does he know any people who are on his team. So we have this…a cycle of Rev. Al looking like a mockery when his technique is wrong and wack. He could recover if he adapted to heed the writing on the wall. Continuing to deny makes him the target of continually missing the mark.

  2. andrea: That can’t be repeated enough. Jesse n’ Al do not make money by showing up for protests and speaking to CNN. There’s absolutely no money in that. It’s all in donations and book sales (if you have book) or a radio gig (like Al has.) Then if you have a ministry, you might get a salary off of that. But there is NO LOOT in activism.So I’m fine with people criticizing. His ideas. His tactics. His processed hair. But it annoys me when folks say they’re doing it for cash. There is NO cash in activism. Now, you can say that some of it is about ego as you have to have a pretty healthy ego to believe you can change the world. Ego is definitely at play. But you CAN NOT take your ego to the bank and cash checks.Other than that, disagree away with the man. But I agree, Andrea. People really need to stop spreading the false assumption that marching makes money. MLK marched for a living and if it weren’t for the church Coretta and her children would have had nothing. Marching, protesting and all forms of activism remains today a non-lucrative profession.

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