Amy Holmes, Let’s Be Friends

Despite my best efforts to hate her because, um, everything she says is wrong. I love Amy Holmes.

Long, long ago on this blog I mentioned my desire to capture Amy Holmes, brainwash her and recruit her back to the black hand side. I don’t mind that she’s a conservative. That’s fine. Keep the conservatism. But I also know that she’s a registered independent who’s pro-abortion. She also went to Princeton. She was also born in Zambia. And she has a thing for Jews. (That’s cool too. I mean, I’d do Jon Stewart. Not Bill Maher though. He’s fuggly and I don’t touch things that have touched Karrine Steffans.) But I really, really like her. I know, a lot of you hate her. But I really, really do. I don’t know why. I just do. So, Amy, if you read this blog, here is my recruitment letter to you.


Dear Amy Holmes,

Hey girl. Can I call you “girl”? Is that cool? Because I don’t know your level of “blackness.” Girl might be wrong. So I’ll call you Amy.

Amy, I know a lot of black libs and progressives are really, really hard on you because sometimes you can come off as a hateful bitch. I know. Sounds harsh. But it’s true. Yet somehow, I don’t believe your bitchatude. You just can’t convince me you’re evil. How can evil come in such an adorable package?

But that’s not what this letter is about. I want to recruit you to be a true independent. For reals. Because, let’s face it, you’re not William Bennett. You’re not Bill O’Reilly. You’re not Rush Limbaugh. You’re not Ann Fucking Coulter. You’re not even Mary Matalin (although you come close!) You don’t care about raising the capital gains tax or eliminating the estate tax. Let’s be real, Amy. Really real. You’re just doing this for the money.

I know you don’t want to admit it. But let’s face it. Independent, liberal-leaning blacks are a dime a dozen. There are like, a billion of those jocking to be on TV. And maybe you didn’t feel like duking it out with Donna Brazille because that would be like bring a knife to a gunfight. But say you’re a “Republican strategist” and suddenly your cute-as-a-button, afro princess face is everywhere. You’re in demand. “Get that cute black conservative girl!” the networks shout, “Her bitchatude is awesome!”

And it is. You’ve got bitchatude for miles. But I think you’re at a junction here where you can gracefully move closer to the center and become the poster girl for independent black women.

1) You hate Hillary Clinton. I’ve noticed that you’ve noticed that the tide has turned on black folks’ love affair with the Clintons. You can TOTALLY bond with Negroes over that. My God. That alone would endear you to millions.

2) You were born in Zambia. We like women from the motherland! Sure your dad split when you were a kid. But that just makes you a cute-as-a-button, conservative/independent version of Barack Obama. With a little elbow grease and that sparkling smile you could win over the hearts and minds of Negroes. We don’t care if you’re biracial. This is America. All black folks are lumped together whether they want to be lumped or not.

3) You went to Princeton. We need Ivy league Negroes! You could inspire some young sisters to go to college. Do you realize how many sisters would look up to you if you crossed over and talked about hard work, personal responsibility and hair products. And, by the way, what hair products do you use because I too have natural hair and yours looks stunning, I must say. Absolutely stunning.

CNN election-night stalwarts Amy Holmes and Jamal Simmons. Holmes said they coulda been the next Matalin & Carville, except “I love Jews!” (Does this mean Wolf Blitzer should be careful when approaching the pundit table? Nope — Holmes is happily dating a nice Jewish boy in Los Angeles. You’re safe for now, Blitzer.) Photo from Huffington Post

4) You don’t have to start loving all that Liberal stuff. We know you don’t like all of it. That’s cool. Most black people don’t like all of it either. You can TOTALLY disagree with Liberal stuff and still be cool with black people. I don’t care if you have some issues with “big government” and our education system. People NEED to talk about this shit any way. And you could talk about it from a place of love (like Bill Cosby) rather than from a place of whorish superiority (like Ward Connerly.) I know you can bridge that gap!

5) We can be BFFs! Seriously! I would be your friend. I’m being honest here. You seem like a nice person (when you’re not being a bitch on TV.) Even if we always didn’t agree on stuff, we could still kick it. I can get along with almost anyone and I think we have a lot in common. Really! I do. You look like a pretty big snob. We both have nice hair. We both have tons of white friends. We both think Jews are kind of hot. (Although I prefer the blacks, the Asians and the Incongnegroes. Woo. Someday Wentworth. Someday. And you tend to like your Jews kinda old. I don’t do that, but whatever. The heart wants what the heart wants.)

Also we can both talk right over people who we disagree with. I mean, just run their asses over like Steven King’s “Christine.” Fuck their POV! It’s about MINE, bitches! You survived being on “The View” a few times. I’ve survived watching “The View” a few times. Your pro-choice. I’m pro-choice. You’re a cute not-black-black-girl. I’m a cute 100 percent (but pale) black girl. You sometimes get shit wrong. You’re only human. I get
shit wrong too! We’re both human! Yay!

6) You can totally not like Barack Obama and still get in there (even though I think you secretly like Barack Obama). Cornell West has issues with Barack and he’s black as hell. A lot of black folks have their issues with Barack. They thought he gave Rev. Wright the shiv. They think he doesn’t offers enough specifics. Some folks don’t trust him because he’s not the descendants of slaves. (Don’t worry, Amy. You’re half Zambian, but we can smooth that right over.) They think he doesn’t address enough black issues. They think he’s kowtowing to white people and apologizing too much for the “failings” of us darkies. And some are still Clintonistas (go figure). So really. You can criticize Obama and not all black people will want to beat the shit out of you. Some will. But not all.

7) We need more black Independents. God knows we need some different POVs in black America. We are not a monolith but the gatekeepers want to keep us as a monolith. We’ve got an ocean of mouthy black people who think alike and think they run shit who are populating the airwaves. I, personally, am sick of about half of them (Tavis). We’ve been experimenting with some things for about 30 years now (affirmative action, integration, welfare, etc.) that could use a fresh look. As long as you don’t come off like a crazed opportunist, once again, like Ward Connerly, you’re in like Flinn!

So, come on, Amy! Join The Snob Generation where black people can be smart, independent, educated, good looking, cultured, well-read, uppity and dignified. Be a SNOB, Amy. I know you’re probably a snob in the conventional sense. But be a BLACK SNOB. Take it up a notch.

If you don’t want to know The Snob Generation, that’s cool. I’ll still be your friend. We can still disagree when you go off on some hateful rant. I can ignore the fact you go on FOX News. I can just focus on what we have in common. The whole “educated, tons of white friends” thing. The afro thing.

But just think about it! You’ll still get to be on TV! Michelle Bernard of the Independent Womens’ Forum LIVES on Hardball with Chris Matthews. She plays both sides of the field without being a complete bitch. You can do it, Amy! You don’t have to carry that Republican water any more! Set yourself free!

And be a Snob.

Yours truly,

Danielle B. a.ka. “The Snob”

PS. Part of my desire for Amy to make that move to the center is that I’m a stan for every curly haired bandit on television. Seriously. Have natural hair on TV and I will love you no matter what foolishness comes out of your mouth. God knows, I love the shit out of Alison Stewart. Even when she was MTV News. She rocks.

39 thoughts on “Amy Holmes, Let’s Be Friends

  1. I love Allison Stewart, too. I remember when she had puffier hair. She must be using some products made for curly hair to calm it down. I’ve seen Amy Holmes on TV a couple of times, and she doesn’t seem so bad. As for you, you describe yourself as pale. You don’t look pale in your pics, more like a golden brown. Pale makes you sound sickly or something.

  2. SnobForgive me, but I like Amy Holmes too!I think it’s because she is black, intelligent, and full of confidence.I think she has a crush on Obama.

  3. nadra: Alison Stewart is awesome. I need to write a post about her. (And I need to find out what SHE uses on her hair.)And how pale or brown I am depends on lighting and the time of the year. I tend to get high yellow in the winter and a nice light golden brown in the summer. I honestly don’t know how to describe my color. But it does have a nice red undertone. Quite hilariously though my Big Sis hates the redness and wishes she could be a smooth, pretty brown like Gabrielle Union. But us Snob girls. Sit us out in the sun and we just get red, red, RED. Some Native American in our blood just refuses to allow us to turn a nice perfect brown!ms.martin: I think she has a crush on Obama too. C’mon! They’re both HALF from the motherland!Watch your back, Michelle!

  4. Amy Holmes…that is so weird you all feel this way. I think a lot of people FEEL for her. No one was saying it until you did Danielle. I meet a lot of her types and they make me FEEL for them. At times I just want to whip them with a belt and beat the Blackness into them and at times I want to say, “Come here baby. What did your parents do to you?” No matter what when people say the parents did not do it, it is the parents responsibility of your formative years and how your sensibilities are shaped. You can’t blame it on the integrated culture of multi-culture friendships. Negation is criminal.I think she is scarred. A lot of self-denying Blacks are scarred and instead of lobbying sympathy they negate their Blackness.I want to invite a lot of genetically Black Girls to a Being Black Tea and take them through the initiation of liking being Black. I do think she may accept your invitation if you had clout. Like if Oprah offered it, she would accept more Blackness. She would have to feel like she was gaining something she could leverage in doing it.I think she is scarred and wants men who will feel fulfilled by helping to promote or redeem a damaged Black woman. Those are motivators in some who seek us. Why could she not just be assisting them in cherry-picking her?

  5. I want to hate Amy Holmes, but the thing that prevents my heart from going so cold towards her is…Her natural hair. The dating White guys doesnt upset me. The dating men old enough to be her father – creeps me out. If she had the attitude of Michelle Bernard – I’d be sorta cool with Amy. Ms. Bernard is clearly so proud of Obama. She has policy differences with him, but she’s never taken a PERSONAL shot against him. Amy needs to take that approach.

  6. Snob: I think that Amy will join the Snob Nation. She just has to, we love her despite herself. The letter will work you just wait and see.I find myself listening to her and disagreeing, but also being proud that she is a sister on TV expressing her political opinions. I totally think that she is full of ish on some issues. She is down for the people. Even the people that she hangs with that are non blacks are liberal minded progressives. I am from Los Angeles and there are very very few “conservatives”.I can’t knock her hustle.Funny- “I want touch anything that has been near Karrine Steffans”. That was funny “girl”.

  7. I’ve always liked Amy Holmes. She’s a bitch in a nice way. Not like Ann Coulter, where you want to walk away and find where she lives and kill her. Holmes can be a bitch, but you still want to have dinner and drinks with her.

  8. Count me out of the Holmes-love fest. Consider what we’re basing this she’s-one-of-ours-even-if-she-doesn’t-want-to-be valentine on: our belief that she’s just doing the ‘Conservative thing’ for the money,face time on CNN, whatever. What if she actually believes the prattle falling out of her mouth, ever consider that? Think long and hard of the forty-plus year conservative Campaign to undo the Great Society, the implementation of Affirmative Action, the unforgivable replacement of Thurgood Marshall with Clarence Thomas, and so forth. Holmes agrees with all of it. Every drop of horribleness that black people have worked their tails off to stop, circumvent or reverse with regard to our social progress—she’s been cheering on the side of the other team. I mean, Snob, if you’re up for forgiving her then why not bring O.J. into the fold? Or the aforementioned Justice Thomas? Or Ward Connelly?Like and love her all you want, but know that that wrapping your arms around her means wrapping your arms around Nixon’s Southern Strategy, the Reagan/Gingrich revolutions, and everything else in the past forty years that—politically—has worked to disenfranchise the social, educational and economic uplift of people who look verymuch like you.

  9. CT: I totally understand if you dislike Amy Holmes because of the view she espouses. But I enjoy both poking fun of her and disagree with her. And I don’t necessarily lump her in with Ward Connerly as she is not actively part of any campaign and her only goal seems to be to get on television a lot. That’s not exactly the “Southern Strategy.” And she’s actually pretty outspoken about racism and discrimination. Last year she was all over the “Don Imus must be fired, tared and feathered” debacle. Plus, she’s purely a pundit. She has no more power than Michelle Barnard or Kelly Ann Fitzpatrick or any pundit who has not held any office or has not worked on a major campaign. She was a speech writer, of all things. If all Republicans/conservatives were of that caliber we would have nothing to complain about. So I don’t see the need to lump her in with racists we she has not demonstrated such affection for them. Plus, some of the column was humor. Hair is not a legitimate case to love anyone. Neither is skin color alone. But Holmes is in no position of power, like Clarence Thomas. So I can’t say that she is so horrible that she should be anathema to the black community as a whole.

  10. An anathema? No. Let’s save room in that pantheon for the people who’ve earned their spot. But the brisk, sobering salve for all this ‘she’s-not-so-bad-because-her-hair’s-curly’ nonsense is this: she’s publicly—and regularly—carrying the water for a slice of the electorate that has absolutely no interest in African-American social advancement. Period.Why make a heroine out of this person? And what exactly is the part of her that young, intelligent, politically astute black women should hope to emulate: the textbook case of self-loathing embodied in her dating Judeao-ethnic father figures, or the curly hair? Might I suggest Melissa Harris-Lacewell for canonization instead? I get the sense, from viewing her television appearances and reading her articles, that she’s much more the role model than the aforementioned right-wing water carrier.

  11. CT: But would Melissa Harris-Lacewell be fun to make fun of? Does she date really old Jewish guys? Is she a media lover who flipped right to get on TV all the time? Does she go on hateful bitchrants to nowhere? Is she so perky and chippy that you want to scream at her through the TV? Because that’s why I wrote about her. I find her HILARIOUS! That’s all. Tis a joke column about a person who I don’t particularly take seriously (as evident in the column).So I get your point. But this was never meant to be taken too seriously (politically). It’s written so over-the-top. I mean. I call her a “bitch” in the piece, multiple times. I mock her “bitchatude.” I have a Karrine Steffans reference in there. It’s fluff. The fluffiest of fluff. It’s Cool Whip and beaten egg whites, it’s so fluffy. Now, there are some layers you can read into it. Like Andrea touched on the issue of black people who are alienated from their culture. But I was writing about a person I thought was ripe for satire and who I liked in spite of herself.So I don’t know how you can make a heroine out of someone I basically called an attention hog who has duplicitous principles.

  12. I mentioned Melissa Harris-Lacewell for this reason: in praising Holmes, I can’t help but think sympathetically of all the other equally intelligent black woman—with an eye for politics, and whose opinions more accurately reflect those of the larger black community—that could benefit from having the prime perch on CNN that she does. Harris-Lacewell, in the opinion of this fan of yours, is the portrait around which this frame should be placed. If one of the staples of black female-friendships is having a friend that actually likes black people (and I would think that it is), evidence suggests Holmes might not be the way to go.I have a hard time believing that Amy’s conservatism is little more than a safe house for the racial and emotional maladjustment brought about by her father’s absence. That reads horribly, I know, but how wrong do you suspect it is? How many bi-racial girls read William F. Buckley’s ‘God and Man at Yale’ or Barry Goldwater’s ‘Conscience of a Conservative’ and say to themselves “I identify with this entirely!” Which adds yet another layer to my ‘It’s Harris-Lacewell-not-Holmes-that-you-should-be-friends-with’ bark. Given the political leanings of the black electorate, should we even be talking about her? Who exactly does she speak for when she’s on CNN? I know who Kelly Ann Conway’s constituency is. I know—frighteningly enough—whom Ann Coulter represents (those hard-working white voters who’ll be shillingfor Hillary in West Virginia tomorrow). But where’s Amy’s peeps? Is there an armada of black-female Republican’s that have somehow escaped the grasp of the RNC? Lets be frank. Her capitol isn’t in her credentials as a speechwriter or her Ivy League learning’s. It’s her face. She’s a touch of the exotic for CNN’s white male viewers—the tortured mulatto of literary renown: an ass-less Venus-Hottentot sort, swooning at the first mention of Paul Wolfowitz (after all, he is her type). You might look at her and see a person who’s worth a few chuckles. I, on the other hand, see a missed opportunity made flesh. How amazingly tragic this woman is! I’ll risk writing a sentence so overheated it might well be entered into the hyperbole Hall of Fame for the sake of making a point: she is a bright, beautiful half black woman who, inversely, has nursed a stinging self-disgust so acute, so brazen, and so complete that she doesn’t feel the slightest pang of shame in parading it. Overheated? Perhaps. But not wrong. Not by a long shot.

  13. CT: Agreed. There is a river of black people (and white people and Asian people and Latino people) who deserve to be on television far more than the same people who are so omnipresent because of their attractiveness or various connections. The cable news tends to double, triple and quadruple dip from the same circle jerk well.And Lord knows, Tim Russert needs to get a few more politicos on Speed dial since he’s been rotating in the same nine people for years now.The exasperation is understandable. I’ll still continue to mock people who should give up the ghost and convert to blackness. But, yeah, you’re correct. There are many people who do deserve legitimate credit for their work and opinions.

  14. Amy Holmes just never seems to be “”there” when they have her on the election night panels its like she’s sitting at the kid’s table.Melissa has been getting a bunch of shine this election cycle. But they already have Donna Brazille and Black women who support Obama are a dime a dozen so in some sense, though you were joking youwere head on when you mentioned that being a Black”conservative” makes good business sense if you are in the business of being on TV. Not as much competition. Almost the reason why I think COlin Powell is a Republican. He knew he was going to have to get in line behind a bunch of other folks and be part of a crowd, the Repubs gave him top billing.

  15. g-e-m2001 said…: I think I started noticing a few years back that there seemed to be twice the number of black conservative pundits per black liberal pundits. Which caused me to first posit the theory of supply v. demand, and Amy’s ubiquity chiseled that theory into stone.Are you a black political hack? Wanna be on TV? Be a Republican strategist! You can be on Hardball, The Situation Room, and Hannity & Colmes all in the same afternoon! I half expect to see Amy Holmes at Starbucks telling me my coffee with a splash of milk, two sugars makes me a targeted voter for Hillary Clinton in West Virgina.I’m not from WV. But I’m sure she won’t care.

  16. Oh boy…She’s cute. She got a good gig. And, um, you have a girl crush. Period.The guy I like happens to be a J…but this wasn’t the plan, right?As per most of these black pundits, post-Obama, we’ll never hear from her again. Her comments simply don’t cover enough weight. She sounds more reactive than proactive.Otherwise, I’ve been finding Donna Brazille extremely emotional these days and don’t enjoy listening to her as much.In other news, I’m glad yo’ not po’ no mo’. And have you made the blidget into FB and Bebo apps yet? 70 million people can’t be wrong.

  17. BlackSnob:On a relative basis – who does more aggregate harm to the Black Community?Amy Holmes who I don’t ever see on television because I don’t watch whatever channel she must frequent to have her even be mentioned on your blog? Indeed she might be getting a payout to do whatever she is doingORthe array of Black Democratic operatives who call Black conservatives “SELLOUTS” to the GOP but they have clearly SOLD OUT the best interests of the Black community per any rational measure that could prove otherwise and they work for so CHEAP on behalf of the Democrats? As I stated before “Sellout-ness” is not measured by the popularity of the action and thus the absence of popular damnation. SELLOUT is defined by one’s proclivity to place the interests of a third party external reference against that which can be proven to be YOUR OWN! I get the funny feeling from reading your long and winding post that you want Ms. Holmes to “support the half-rican” guy for the “race” and tuck her foolish disagreements away. What if she is making her primary reference to the fact that TODAY we have more people who are FAVORABLE TO THE BLACK ELECTORATE IN POWER OVER OUR COMMUNITY than ever before in our history and in seeing their absolute benefit to our community – she is not willing to go along with the racial gravitational pull?Didn’t Obama say a few months ago that “trying harder at the very same thing is insanity”? Could it be that Ms. Holmes is not the insane one? What if she wants PROOF that the machine to which Obama belongs to can actually – fix our schools, keep our streets safe and create jobs in our community – before they get a promotion and run the entire nation? Is this a reasonable request?I know that in the past certain folks said “the nation is not ready yet”… give Black people their equal rights. I AM SAYING… 2008 THIS IDEOLOGICAL MACHINE that Obama is a part of, after having near absolute domination of every single Black majority voting district in America and not having produced that which is on the list above – AIN’T READY YET to be given a promotion based on a drive for the “First Black” anything.I would be more pacified to see a doubling of the Black college graduation rate because our schools have been fixed instead of ONE MAN entering the White House. That is IF you want to know my opinion.

  18. [quote]and whose opinions more accurately reflect those of the larger black community—that could benefit from having the prime perch on CNN that she does.[/quote]Excuse me CT:Can you make the case that what is POPULARLY through of as being THE BEST INTERESTS to Black people has proven to be the case where it counts the most? On the streets – after the people who have been POPULARLY elected govern them in our communities?You appear to have a circular reference without vetting the assumption.

  19. constructive feedback: Like I explained to CT before you the Holmes piece is satire. I don’t know how you, or anyone else, could take this very seriously.As per me wanting her to support Obama, um … did you not read the piece in its entirety, which not only encouraged her to be a more vociferous independent, but …4) You don’t have to start loving all that Liberal stuff. We know you don’t like all of it. That’s cool. Most black people don’t like all of it either. You can TOTALLY disagree with Liberal stuff and still be cool with black people. I don’t care if you have some issues with “big government” and our education system. People NEED to talk about this shit any way. And you could talk about it from a place of love (like Bill Cosby) rather than from a place of whorish superiority (like Ward Connerly.) I know you can bridge that gap!And …6) You can totally not like Barack Obama and still get in there (even though I think you secretly like Barack Obama). Cornell West has issues with Barack and he’s black as hell. A lot of black folks have their issues with Barack. They thought he gave Rev. Wright the shiv. They think he doesn’t offer enough specifics. Some folks don’t trust him because he’s not the descendants of slaves. (Don’t worry, Amy. You’re half Zambian, but we can smooth that right over.) They think he doesn’t address enough black issues. They think he’s kowtowing to white people and apologizing too much for the “failings” of us darkies. And some are still Clintonistas (go figure). So really. You can criticize Obama and not all black people will want to beat the shit out of you. Some will. But not all.These are JOKES, man! You’re half African, he’s half African? What am I? AN EMBICLE suddenly? That is a insane argument! It is so over the top. It is so beyond the pale.This is SATIRE! I find Amy Holmes funny so I wrote a satirical piece full of superficial reasons to “convert” her. I know that you know that I am capable of intelligent, critical thought. How could you read that and take it seriously?And why are people taking this piece so seriously? I used the fake word “bitchatude,” like, THREE TIMES! I mocked her love of old Jewish guys. There’s a Karrine Steffans reference. And if you’d seen Amy Holmes on TV (and you said you hadn’t) I think you might have grasped the joke a tad sooner.The only semi-serious point I made was if Holmes is an independent, she should be an independent, not daylighting as a “Republican strategist.” I told her you don’t have to play for either team. But if you’d read any of the preceding comments were I explained that it was a joke to CT, you already know that it’s a joke. So … dude? What’s you point? These are JOKES, MAN! LAUGH! Why is everyone so serious this week? Who died?

  20. [quote]I don’t know how you, or anyone else, could take this very seriously.[/quote]Pattern matching, my dear – follow the pattern and one sees a picture being painted as it all comes into focus.The NAACP reminds us that they are a “non-partisan group” all of the time but…………..

  21. constructive feedback: Well, psychoanalyze away. I realize it didn’t matter that I called for more independent thought in the black community or that I wanted to bond with her over “hair quality” and “Jew boy loving.”One could also assume that I:@ I have a fetish for biracial people.@ That I’m secretly a conservative lover.@ That I’m pro Hillary hate.@ That I hate being black@ That I’m a gross generalizer who makes sweeping assumptions about people.@ That I’m a wise-ass.@ Or, what you just assumed out of, like, two quotes, that I’m some over-exuberant Obama cheerleader.Never mind the fact that you admitted you knew nothing about Amy Holmes, how she flacks very hard for the Republicans, but holds some independent views and is a pro-choice, quasi feminist. The joke was a call to her to drop the pretense, stop hacking it up for the TV cameras and present her more interesting views to the black community.That was the goal of my joke (and to make fun of her fame whoring). That we need more black independent thought. Something I believe you also believe in. But I can’t do anything about how people chose to interpret it. So, think as you will, my friend. Think as you will.

  22. constructive feedback: And sidebar: I never claimed to be an independent or non-partisan. I’m obviously supporting Obama as I have an Obama widget on my site. I’ve exposed some Liberal beliefs. (Gay marriage and pro-choice, for example) But I also claim to be a pragmatist, which means I tend to not get caught up in hype and prefer logical analysis — when I’m being serious. Which is why you do not see entry after entry fawning over Obama.

  23. [quote]But I also claim to be a pragmatist, which means I tend to not get caught up in hype and prefer logical analysis[/quote]Indeed I am as well.For me as a dispassionate Black man who is surveying the condition of our community after having our communities currently dominated by the machine that both Hillary and Obama both belong to…..I have to logically ask myself – “Do my people have any type of check point by which we confirm the notion that as this particular machine grows in power that the benefits that were promised for our community have trickled in in proportion to their power increase?”As a people who are collective “Racism Chasers” (as evidenced by the frequent referral to “conservatives” in the Tavis Smiley and My Liberal Friends” gathering and most Black talk shows) it is clear that there is a strategy for “Let’s chase the conservatives / republicans out from their control over us in the hierarchy of government.”What is not in place is the plan “OK we now have the Democrats in place over the base of the pyramid (our local communities) let’s manage them to insure that they are fulfilling our needs.” As I scan these cities where we are most concentrated – I fail to see it.I cannot assume that what is in alignment with what I have as my ideology while I am aggrieved is in fact that which I will need to support once I am in control.How many 60’s revolutionaries are now POLICE MEN because they realize that someone must perform the “police function” once the “revolution is televised”?There is a distinct different between victories in the American electoral system and victories for your interests back at home. Our people are too focused on helping an external entity win their battle while we lose the war from internal cancer.

  24. All of y’all are too deep for me, and way too serious. :- )I have a feeling that I’m old enough to be the mother of most of you, too, so I’ll just say this:I feel ya, honey. And I understood your post perfectly. Sometimes I just want to go get Amy, bring her home with me, and feed her. Bless her heart. She just needs somebody to ‘splain some things to her. And, Michelle Bernard would be a great role model for our little Amy. Michelle B. has been surprising the frak out of me these days.Now, bring on some more Michelle O. photos.

  25. She is not black enough…. are you kidding me. So there is a certain blackness that we must subscribe to. Whatever happen happened to individuality and autonomies decision making. Just because some one does not fit the mold of what we typically see in a the mass media define as "black" , it does not mean they are irrelevant as an individual. In addition you should not expect all people of color to have same view of the world. We be are very diverse culturally, level of education, political orientation, and aspiration. I am an african who grew up in america just like amy. Just because I do not listen to gangster rap or the fact that I am the only black male in my college of pharmacy, does not exclude me from being a black person. We may have some disagreement for instance we africans who came to this country we tend to do well in school and therefore compete well for college admission without the need for affirmative action. Thus we may be against affirmative action because it does not address the underling problem such as discrepancies in public school funding. Obama is not for affirmative action that preferentially treat minorities but he support affirmative action based on economic status, which make a perfect sense. Does that mean he is not black enough? Amy may be anti- affirmative action but that does not make her any less black. I believe in self-reliance and not government entitlement. I believe in working hard and do not expect the government to solve my problem. I fight for my self and do not expect Jesse Jackson to go march every time I have a problem. I do not follow the herd. Amy, just because she does not pander for african americans or does not espouse afrocentric view. You should be proud of this system. Did I mention she is hot. Here is one of you give the finest political commentary and analysis

    . This guy is a total idiot but yet most african americans claim him as their hero.

  26. Danielle, I love your website. I discovered it while trying to get Amy Holmes email address after listing to her insulting comments about African AMericans today. She’s no match for Donna Brazile. I use to like her commentary. But after a few months of listening to her I slowly began to question her character and who she really was, is, whatever. I can’t stand that Bitch. What a waste of talent.It is so obvious that she’s looking for a pay day in the wrong way. She might as well go and sale her ass on the street corner for the highest bidder. Obviously she’s sold her soul. Oh, I’m sorry she never had one in the first place. I seriously think she’s prejudice against blacks…for real..She’s only half black when it’s conveinent….seriously…watch her. I was stunned that she had anything positive to say about Michelle Obama. Kudo’s to Ms. Amy Holmes.Great work Danielle B..I’ve booked marked your site. I plan to forward it to all my black Ivy League friends, harding working folks in the hood, etc. I love it.Danielle, very creative…keep up the good work.Sincerely,Karen a.k.a. “I’m a Snob too”PS- I feel so much better getting this off my chest. Thanks a million!

  27. Amy Holmes is just another self-hating negro like Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly. I came across this site like someone else, looking for her email address to rip her a new one. I want to slap the black off her.

  28. Amy – I was watching you on CNN this morning defending Sarah Palin – you have lost your damn mind – that is if you ever had one. Any six year old can plainly see that this woman is stupid, stupid, stupid when it comes to foeign politics and anything else that has to do with running the country. Please stop embarassing yourself (and your family who no doubt want to be proud of your accomplishments) by trying to justify the selection of this grossly unqalified woman to be vice-president of the United States of America!!

  29. I was googling Amy Holmes after catching her on CNN earlier today. I basically have a similar reaction to her. I don’t fully agree with her conservative views but for some unexplainable reason I friggin’ like her! What a pleasant surprise it was to discover your blog post on Holmes practically at the very top of my google search. I am now a fan. Love your writing.:)

  30. Wow! I thought I was the only one. I actually like Amy. Ok, I would actually engage in some act with her that might actually look savage to the untrained eye. She’s hot in a weird way because I think she’s actually pretty damn dumb. Actually, she’s really smart, but is clueless and completely lost. However, she is intense, very good looking, articulate, has amazingly kissable looking lips, and kinda built (you know she passes all the shallow man’s stuff)So now that I’m not alone I can get back to staring at her talk while thinking she is clearly too smart to actually be this stupid.-Alex

  31. Amy, I have been a long-time fan of yours for a while. The most interesting thing about that is that I am a black man. Many black men feel as though most of the comments that you make are one sided, however I realize that you are rational enough to appreciate that many of the things you say are just simply taboo and no one wants to acknowledge the truth to many of the things you say. However, they are still hurtful. I understand that people are simply the product of their enviornment that they are raised in so I can’t fault you for being who you are. To many of my friends, I have to many conservative views. For example I do not support gay marriage, and I believe that women should only be allowed an abortion once every ten years unless there are extinuating circumstances. But many of the views you support oppress the majority of minorities who simply exsist and are trying to survive in this country. I was saddened by your position that the Republicans shouldn’t have attended the Tavis Smiley debate simply because they should not have to waste their time hearing the concerns of the African American community. You could easily be perceived as an African American yourself and we consider your positions on national television. Is it your position that only the wealthy and/or highly educated should represent America? I went to the Univeristy of Md and served in the Air Force. Should my voice be heard?

  32. So, remembering my cousin Robert Parker (one of the last Black MEN lynched in Mississippi in 1956 before Michael Donald’s lynching in Mobile, Alabama in 1981) on this days of days, I just have to ask Amy Holmes and other black intelligentias who hate their race and who are so into themselves that they don’t understand the enormous significance this day brings to America, how y’all feelin’ this morning?I am by no ways a militant, a liberal or an apologist for the state of Black America today, but when stupid white kids with no more than a MySpace page, plot a Columbine-style killing spee of 88/14 “niggers” (the 14 words represent the racist creed and 88 – Heil Hitler – H is the 8th word of the alphabet), I get a little incensed – don’t no why, it must be the 300 years of oppression.Amy, good luck in your future career pursuits with the circles you run in; “Mammy” is always in vogue with them I hear!

  33. I have to agree… I really like Amy Holmes as well. I’m not sure why either… maybe it’s her great smile and eyes, but I like Amy holmes despite not seeing eye to eye with her on politics. She’s not a knock out, but there’s something about her. I can’t explain it. 🙂

  34. Hello. Miss Amy I se you on CNN today 8 november 2008 on 22 h . i am in europ spain and I never see á nicer girl as you. you ar beautiful, pretty. have á nice day . Louis from Alicante Spain.

  35. Amy you sometimes drive me crazy with all yo conservative talk thing but the Africa motherland image just steals my heart.I know you need the money so keep doing your thing to pay the bills.

  36. I know that this is a late comment but what do you consider “nice hair”? Kinda lets us “real” black folk that have course hair and are “black as hell”. Stop the madness. Leave the slave master’s mentality in the past.

  37. lolracial disputing and insulting each other over political views while the other races don’t apply sell out to each other cause you don’t agree with them.

  38. Amy is the real deal, honest, intelligent,respectful and humble. Stay on track and keep the faith.

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