The Pretty (and Not Pretty) People Parade

And other photo fun all with the infamous all across the USA!

Ahhh … the beautiful people were out at the Lincoln Center for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People party. Even septuagenarian presidential nominee John McCain was there. It was beauty and the beast. While some looked simply scrumptious (a la Great Wall of Sexy member Robert Downey Jr.), others looked more ‘simply Skeletor.”

By the power of Grey Skull! Let there be CELEBRITIES!

Oprah’s BFF Gayle King with Ed Bradley Award for Journalistic Hotness nominee Matt Lauer. Matt looks nice. Gayle … looks like Gayle.

This is Great Wall of Sexy member Zhang Ziyi, who looks gorgeous. I don’t know what’s up with her date though, Mr. Vivi Nevo. I’m not diggin’ the bony face. And it’s not good bony, like Willem Defoe. Just bad bony. Like Maria Shriver.

Malaak Compton and Chris Rock. Are they still together? For some reason I thought they called it quits? Either way, this photo isn’t doing them any favors.

Aiiiieeeee! Bill O’Reilly and Rupert Murdoch. Look away! Look away!

The newlyweds! Nick Cannon and Mariah “Mimi Butterfly Rainbow” Carey. Am I the only one who misses her “curly” hair? We haven’t seen it since she dumped Tommy Mottola. Still, she looks good. In the pictures below, even though there’s a good chance she’s wearing some Spanx Power Panties, she looks hot.

And is that a sparkle microphone stand? With a studded microphone??? Damn, Mimi. That’s divalicious.

Aiiiiieeeee! What is that old man doing to that young lady! Oh. It’s just Rupert again with his (gasp) wife, Wendi Deng.

John McCain, in one of the better pictures I found of him. Salute! And don’t fall down while cameras are rolling! No Bob Doles!

The Downeys: Both Roberts, father and son. And, damn. The son is hot.

Herbie Hancock on a hand held electric piano. How 1983.

Tyler Perry doing a “grip n’ grin” with Keenan Thompson. Why the sunglasses? Did he just have cataract surgery? Lasik? Coming down with a bit of the ‘Ray Charles‘? Or Corey Hart disorder?

Aiiiiiiiiiieee! What is this? An ugly white dude, hot Asian lady sandwich? This is an abomination. They both are DRAMATICALLY better looking than their husband/date. Gah. Rupert. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


I need something to wash that horrible taste out of my mouth. Something smooth. Something sexy. Something preferably rocking a hat in a sexy silver suit at Sardi’s Restaurant in New York City.

It’s Great Wall of Sexy member, Terrence Howard! Oh Terrence, you may be a pretty, pretty asshole, but you’re a pretty asshole who’s made my day.

Mario Van Peebles. Also, rocking a hat.

Giancarlo Espisito. Also rocking the hat. I love black men in hats.

Phylicia Rashad, Anika Noni Rose and Terrence Howard all got caricatures of their faces to hang on the walls at Sardi’s

And now for some schadenfruede!

Paris Hilton has a new line of clip-on hair for sale at Sally’s Beauty Supplies across the nation! I know what I WON’T be buying for my hair this season! (And clip-on hair? Seriously. What’s next, girl? Hilton brand odor eaters? You’re heading into Trump Steaks territory here.)

7 thoughts on “The Pretty (and Not Pretty) People Parade

  1. Yeah, I really hate that I find Terence Howard so hot because he really seems like a dirtbag. He had some interview in Elle where he was like, yeah, if women don’t use baby wipes than I think they’re dirty and I won’t stay with them. So he pretty much investigates their medicine cabinets to determine their hygiene regimens. Um, excuse me??

  2. redstar: I know. I heard about that one too. I just thought, “Um … gross!” I mean, that sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever unless your name is Howard Hughes.

  3. while terrence is lurking in a chick’s medicine cabinet for baby wipes, i dare to ask what he uses to wipe his nether parts…

  4. starrie: At home I imagine he uses a bidet then the fur of a fluffy white baby seal, which he promptly incinerates after usage.When he is away from home he uses rubber sanitation gloves from his murse, lots of toilet paper sprayed liberally with baby powder and gel hand sanitizer. He then puts all the used items in a new Ziploc bag then promptly incinerates it all after usage.

  5. Okay…here is my diagnosis. I could be wrong but I have been involved with intense, crazy men before. They smile like Terrence Howard. It’s sick becuase they are so sexy doing it while torturing your love for them…trying to flee them. Terrence seems like an undercover Miles Davis…mean to women but devastingly talented. Tempermental.Besides the fact that he seemed to try to be linked to almost every beautiful Black actress in Hollywood, he interviews like he is their victim. So after that I concluded why he married a White Woman. He is complicated and probably a pain-in-the-ass. Sistas with brothers or male cousins robably called him on his shit the way Sistas call their brothers and male cousins on crazy shit. They don’t entertain it. You know how assholes pose as sweet and then they start acting the fool and turn the tables on you that you were the problem? I sense this “Miles Davis” irony in him.One day we will find out by one of his kids just how intense and crazy he is and that is his genius. I could hang out with him and be his friend but I could not seek romance from him. He seems committment phobic as well. I would be scared he would do mean things to me. He seems like that. Can’t you see him taunting you? and then going to church or a wedding smiling and acting innocent having you to not know which Terrence will show up at your company picnic?He doesn’t seem to do Alpha Female for long that either a short romance or media fling…and anything less than an Alpah Female might get eaten alive by this man. I don’t see him really liking delicate for long and repelling strong at the same time. He seems that he would get bored easily with nice women and angry with tough women giving it back to him in the more potent audacity to play crazy to make a point.Can’t you see depression and then highs in him?I think he would be best every one’s friend and the lone, brave one that wants to go in there and tame him should tell us “how to tame a mad genius fool”…or worst ‘how to survive one”.He does not mince words about racism. He seems so much like Miles Davis.I sense trouble with this guy but “iconoclast” we should revere for his talent.

  6. I’m only going to comment on one person in this list of images and that’s m.f.-ing Robert Downey Jr.!I saw IronMan this weekend and like, I wanna see it again and again and again… He embodied that role; he ‘was’ Tony Stark. *screams* LOL. I’m a dork, but dammit, Robert Downey Jr. For the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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