Obama in Esquire

Whether he becomes president or not, this dude will be able to wallpaper his house in nothing but magazine covers.

Here’s a taste of the lengthy piece for Esquire by Charles P. Pierce called, “The Cynic and Senator Obama,” set to be on magazine stands next week:

He’s an impermeable man now. He is smooth and clean, and there’s nothing jagged or dangling or out of place. He seems to have emerged into this campaign, and into this moment in history, fully formed. One of the chief — and most deadly accurate — criticisms of Hillary Clinton was that her entire campaign was based on the inevitability of her nomination. The cynic has watched Barack Obama on fifteen different stages in fifteen different places in three states, and even here, even through the static on the radio, the cynic realizes that nobody ever thought Hillary Clinton was as inevitable a president of the United States as Barack Obama believes himself to be.

11 thoughts on “Obama in Esquire

  1. I’ll be the first to comment on this post. Every day i’m in an airport I buy every magazine that mentions Barack or has him on the cover. I’m about to wallpaper my office at work with them.

  2. I admit to having a storage bin full of nothing but Obama newspaper clippings and Obama magazines. I admit it. We don’t even get into my Obama tape collection…LOLYou know, there are rare times when you actually KNOW you’re watching history? But, I do believe we’re watching history unfold before our very eyes, and there’s something so stunning about it. In case you never made it back to the Family Obama post..THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOUYou did more than I ever wanted. It was a fabulous post. Loved it.

  3. rikyrah: So YOU’RE planning on wallpapering your house in Obama Mag covers??? I still want a picture of it!!! ;-)And I’m glad you liked the pictures. They are criminally adorable.

  4. I’ll probably buy it. I love Esquire. The December Genius Issues are must haves. There are my definitely collectors items. So I want to read this issue. Esquire, Fast Company, Good, Inc., Wired, Details, Vanity Fair…along with your blog and Skeptical Brotha’s are my crack. I read more male-writen publications. I told you that before. So yeah, I am biased eventhough I am pro-women otherwise. Girl, you are company among a league of men. You know Danielle…it would be great if their was a fierce women’s writing corp. Did you know Nora Ephron wrote for Esquire back in the day?Esquire, before we were born, was so cuting edge. The 1968 Muhammed Ali cover! The 1963 Sonny Liston Santa cover! The cover of Malcolm, Castro, Dylan, and JFK! The Nixon cover! When Tina Brown was the editor of Vanity Fair they had interesting covers too. Nothing could compare to Esquire…still.I like the remake of the Marilyn Monroe cover they have now of Jessica Simpson shaving. I didn’t buy it though.

  5. andrea: Thanks again for the compliments. I think it helped that although all three of us were girls in the Snob household we were allowed to love and do what we wanted regardless of gender. There were no specific gender rules. My little sister played with He-Man toys. I loved Legos. All of us were into sports to different degrees. (I think only my younger sister doesn’t follow pro sports on television, but she is probably the best athlete out of the three of us. I’m the worst.)We wanted Barbie’s too. But we weren’t big on baby dolls and when we played Barbie’s we played “Barbie Goes to College,” and the Ken doll was this after thought. When we played pretend we were Laverne and Shirley trying out for the circus. I never felt a lot of pressure to be “girly” save for in what I wore. My mother was very fashion conscious and wanted us to look perfect and cute. Still, my youngest sister often dressed however she wanted, I was Miss Priss and my oldest sister dumped all the flowery rayon outfits the minute she got out of college.danielle: Thanks! I hope you like it. Please give me some feedback on it via email (blacksnob [at] gmail [dot] com). The good. The bad. The everything.

  6. I must admit I even save all the great photos to a drive where I can pull them up later and revel in beauty of blackness and success.

  7. torrence: Yeah. I think that writer may have been getting “high off his own supply.”He’s creative. But it got a little self-masturbatory for my tastes.

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