Did We Win? Is It Over?

I stayed true to my goal and did not watch any election coverage yesterday. I didn’t even know about Michelle Obama’s fierce orange dress until Snob reader Lindsay hipped me to it.

It was awesome. Love. Love. Love it.

(Oh, and I think Barack won North Carolina and that Indiana was too close to call, so maybe Hillary won it, but if she did, she didn’t win it by much so … Obama’s the nominee, right? Are we done, Superdelegates? Pretty please? Because I need to start picking out what I’m going to send them as Inauguration gifts. I’m thinking T-shirts that say “Elites Do It in The White House.” Too racy? Because, seriously. Elites do it in The White House. Just ask Bill. Or FDR’s ghost. Or Kennedy’s ghost. Fine. I’ll just send rose dinner China from Dillards.)

*Sorry so late posting. I was really sleepy this morning.

10 thoughts on “Did We Win? Is It Over?

  1. Hey Snob- I love it! Elites do it in the WH! 🙂 can you get that t shirt made and put it on your website? I’d totally buy it , just like Lola gets too! :)BTW, I just heard great news! Hillary is expected to drop out of the race by June 13 ….but I hope this doesn’t mean she’ll run as an independent like some people speculate….still the news of her dropping out is music to my ears!!

  2. Love her dress. I thought about this site when I saw her dress. They are such a statuesque couple.

  3. Check out CNN’s black in America site. There are some flickr pictures of your boy.

  4. Black Snob….thanks for these picsI was too nervous myself, and went to see Iron Man (great summer flick).I first wrote that I loved the fit of Michelle’s dress, not too crazy about the color.This morning, though, I apologize to Michelle Obama and her stylist.I should have known better to doubt Michelle. While that dress didn’t do well on television, in print, on every newspaper I saw today, it looked fabulous. It was bold. It was dynamic. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how many newspapers I bought today from around the country..LOL But, SHE looked absolutely fabulous. They must have known that the dress would look great on a front page and in pictures. Bravo, Michelle. Once again, she humbles me….drinking another cup of the Michelle Kool-Aid.

  5. Love it. She was looking sharp and he was holdin her waste like that was his WOMEN. Love it!I know….the body language for them is terrific. I loved that move..very possessive of him..just like her possessiveness of him in New Hampshire……one of my favorite pics of the two of them. ..the ‘ I’ve got your back, Barack.’

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