Indecision 2008 Stumbles Along

I think it would have been more fun if the primaries hadn’t been front-loaded onto Super Tuesday. Because then the battle for Hoosier Country and the Tarheel State would mean more. It wouldn’t be a political war by attrition where pundits via the Clintons do their best to convince me Tuesday means something.

But wasn’t this Tuesday decided on Super Tuesday? Hillary Clinton has been playing a catch up game where she can’t statistically catch up. Barack Obama had to endure the umpteenth question about Rev. Wright on “Meet the Press” last Sunday. And everyone is just tired. Capital “T” that ends with “d, tired.

It would be different if we were talking about the issues, but instead we’re talking about who is going to beat the spread, what poll can you trust and is Rush Limbaugh impacting the race. And why is everyone behaving like Limbaugh is legitimate all of a sudden? Last time I checked people weren’t miking up DL Hughley and asking him about Nancy Pelosi. What gives? Is there some rule that if you show footage of Rush getting all red and blustery over John McCain you have to show him squealing like a pig in slop over the Democratic race? Because he’s not legitimate in either case.

That said, I might use Tuesday’s evening of non-importance to read a book or watch something out of my neglected DVD collection that probably thinks I must hate it as I haven’t watched a DVD in almost six months. I used to watch more often when I had a larger television. Now that I have a tiny, grainy, blurry TV it’s pointless. How can I enjoy the original RoboCop on that? And I own the Criterion Collection DVD of RoboCop. They don’t even make that anymore. I had to order a used copy for $40 from Amazon. That’s how serious I take my movies. I might even watch RoboCop tomorrow, or finally watch movies I bought last year, but never opened, like my copy of the anime suspense-thriller “Perfect Blue” and the last Bret Easton Ellis novel adapted for film, “The Rules of Attraction.”

But I’m not spending another evening with Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann, both of whom have a bad case of Democratic Primary Night Stigmata. I’m surprised they aren’t wearing black lace veils and acting out the stations of the cross.

And unless CNN adds my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of TV News, TJ Holmes, to their election night coverage I won’t be watching Wolf Blitzer and Soledad O’Brien either.

I’m just going to keep watching RoboCop, the Terminator Trilogy, Brazil and all the other dystopian sci-fi films I own over and over until June. You’ll let me know when they make Obama the nominee, right? Right?

And did anyone go see “Iron Man” this weekend because I did and Robert Downey Jr. was awesome.

Downey is also on The Great Wall of Sexy.

7 thoughts on “Indecision 2008 Stumbles Along

  1. Ok Black Snob,I have a favor to ask. I try, but keep on coming up blank. There were some absolutely adorable pictures of the Obamas with their children this weekend. I saw some on Nightline. I can’t seem to find them online. Can you find them and post them? Pretty please?

  2. Iron Man was friggin AWESOME!!! Loved every minute of it. –And I never knew Robert Downey, Jr. was that damned sexy–OMG. And about election coverage…I’m with you–I refuse to turn on the tv for anything tonight. I almost just don’t want to know at the point. Why stop there–hell, I almost just don’t care at this point. I don’t want to hear NUTHIN about it. At all. If I could get by without watching news for two days in a row, I’d take Wednesday off too–but i. can’t. do. that. I’m a news junkie.

  3. So glad Downey is on your wall of sexy because that m.f. IS dead-sexy. LOLOL. Haven’t seen “Ironman”. I plan to go this weekend. I bet the movie’s producers/directors/studio are shitting bricks because of the awesome $200 million dollar weekend the movie’s opening had. Robert Downey Jr.’s sexy gets sexier the older he gets. 🙂

  4. rikyrah: I didn’t see Nightline (as I always forget it still exists), where these family portraits, personal photos or shots from the campaign trail?tamra: I’m also a news junkie, so it will be hard for me as well to take more than one day off. But I’m just so annoyed by all this drama as it truly means nothing unless Obama is found eating a baby, giving Clinton a true argument for the superdelegates to break in her favor.madame z: People didn’t think Iron Man would be this huge, but it was. And it was awesome. I loved it so much.

  5. Not an IronMan fan but I might have to catch it tonight because I too am boycotting the news pundits…I can’t stand to here them dissect every and any part of this election any further…RDJ can get it. Even when he was a druggie he could have got it…

  6. i love your it.and also: i saw iron man this weekend, too! and had a grand time. i saw it in a packed theatre on 42nd street, which is the best way to see an action film, i think — lots of energy in the audience, lots of hooting and hollering and general carrying-on.the audience seemed to love it. i had a great time.go RDJ!

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