Too Tired to Vote

I think this is the third time I’ve referred to Emerson, Lake and Palmer during this election cycle, but …

Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends.”

Forget Bush fatigue or Clinton fatigue. How about “I wish everyone would go someplace and shut the hell up for five minutes” fatigue. Because I have that in spades. I’m bored with the (not) controversies. I long for the days when the people who aren’t running for president didn’t get press time like they were. I want to build a bridge back to the 20th century, encourage the Clintons to cross it then burn the bitch down before they can make it back to the other side.

It’s not that I don’t like them. I’m tired of everyone trolling for votes. I appreciate the fact that I’m so desired as a voter, but my mind is starting to wander in a bid of self-preservation.

Sigh. If only there were one or two horrible wars to learn about on the news. Oh, well. Go ahead Chris Matthews. Tell me how Hillary Clinton won’t do your show because you’re a horrible sexist. Can I offer you some cheese to go with this wine?

I can’t even get properly outraged about things. Everyone else is so passionate, instead I’m telling the election “not tonight” as I roll over to my side of the bed, leaving the election alone to masturbate to Sean Hannity.

The last time I genuinely felt an emotion was in Cold Stone Creamery where early 90s anti-gang violence song “Self-Destruction” was playing and when Kool Moe Dee rapped “I never, ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan and I shouldn’t have to run from a black man,” I found my eyes getting watery.

Damn you, current rappers! Gang violence is tearing up US cities and the best you can do is provide a soundtrack screaming “Pimps up, hoes down and pass me that Courvoisier so I can pour it all over this fine Cartier jewelry while screaming, ‘I make it rain!”

There was a time when rappers actually gave a shit or at least had the decency to discourage gang/drug violence. Not create grand arias to it.

But I digress.

I care, but then I don’t care about campaign 2008. How can I get worked up over Jeremiah Wright when I still think Hillary Clinton has no path to the nomination. How can I care when a million Wrights does not equal two wars, a shitty economy and having George W. as your BFF. Sure, the shit didn’t help any, but I’m sure shaking a tail feather at the Press Club seemed like a real good idea at the time. Just to rub it in people’s faces.

Still, I’m tired of all the outrage, especially the mock outrage, that has driven everyone else nutso.

Seriously? Bitter-gate? Aren’t we insulting previous fake-gates like Monica-gate and File-gate? And can the press write about a controversy without adding “-gate” to it?

Is this my … tired of the bullshit-gate?

I look back on things I used to care about. Film. Art. “Grey’s Anatomy.” Music.

Robert Downey Jr. keeps winking at me, beckoning me to leave my politicking aside and have a wild, one-afternoon-stand with “Iron Man.” Which I’m totally going to do, even though it will be over with in about two-hours. And after that triple “X” throw down is done I’ll waddle home to the election who will still be there like a lump on the couch, sucking on a beer while Hillary Clinton and Bill O’Reilly do shots of Patron. And the kitchen will be ransacked because someone let the Washington Press Corps in and George W. is snorting up all the good coke on my coffee table when he knows I was saving that for Naomi Campbell. All the while his secret service agent hits on me … again.

The election keeps telling me that someday he’ll be over. That he’s going to leave me and take up with who ever becomes president next year and maybe that’s true and maybe that means that someday I might miss him.

But someday ain’t tonight. Please turn off the light when you’re done.

10 thoughts on “Too Tired to Vote

  1. You know, Girl…this is nothing. Imagine how it used to be in this country…Tamminy Hall…riots…lynchings…all tied to the election processes as tactics of strategy to win. This is tame.I think this is a testament of the fact that we are so used to not mattering that when we matter we are allergic to it in a sense. We are looking for antibodies that will sustain our immunization to cope with being factors and knowing what to do as factors of the process.Right now we are on overload and I just want to go to Kings Dominion or Six Flags tomorrow and PLAY. I mean, I am really serious and you know how intense I am about things. It’s only so much those of us who are conscious can take while watching our peers who are lemmings take mind control pills.Tomorrow I want to take my cantankerous ass somewhere giddy and mindless. I want to partake of Walt Disney’s dream (to take my money and give me a happy pill). What is the going price now for amusement fun happiness, anyway?But like you have admitted you want to watch IronMan, I think it is healthy when the strong admit they need a breather of manufactured, manipulated fun. I need that arousing high.Let me check the pollen count. I may go to Six Flags tomorrow.

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for articulating my everything-about-politics-fatigue better than I ever could.

  3. “I care, but then I don’t care about campaign 2008. How can I get worked up over Jeremiah Wright when I still think Hillary Clinton has no path to the nomination. How can I care when a million Wrights does not equal two wars, a shitty economy and having George W. as your BFF.”…you must be inside my head…mental health day!!!!

  4. Never too tired to vote….just came across a video and it is a MUST Watch…Clinton Advisor Kantor – Indianans Are ‘White Niggers’Mo’Kelly doesn’t make up the truth…he just tells it. Mickey Kantor, advisor to both Hillary and Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns puts in his two cents on the upcoming Indiana primary. And notice who else is in the video, George Stephanopoulous…hmm. Folks want to talk about “advisers” like Jeremiah Wright…well it’s time we talk about EVERYONE’S “advisers,” “associates” and surrogates. Nice how “Nigger” is always the fallback “diss of a people” word.Black people – NiggersMiddle Eastern people – Sand NiggersIndianans (people of state of Indiana) – White NiggersBlack people TO Black people – Niggas (See the correlation, all of you who like to toss around the N-word?)My people, you know what to do with this video. (Only available at, not available in feedreader or email blast)This video is from a 1993 documentary film The War Room about the polling results from Indiana during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

  5. Mesha, that story is a bogus smear job (the video was edited and the audio added). CNN disproved it. Also, there’s enough friction between dems without ppl adding fuel to the fire. At one point everybody’s gotta come together whoever the nominee is or everybody loses. No sense in making things too hard or each dem camp will stand divided and we all fail.

  6. all: Glad you could see the humor in me telling the election to “pleasure itself” by watching election porn on FOX News.andrea: I’m aware of the history behind elections of past generations. I’m just bored with this election. I know it’s billed as the most exciting election of our time, but as a political junkie I’m all burnt out with the monotony of Clinton and Obama fighting over nothing. They both want to be president and they’ve been engaged in a petty tit-for-tat “candor” war for months now. This isn’t about me, the public or the country. It’s about “Clash of the Egos.”Hence why I’m bored. And TV news is not helping as they only care about the fight and not about the problems our country is facing in the wake of this election.jasmine: I try to sneak in Sir Mix-A-Lot references whenever I can. And despite criticisms about “Baby Got Back” being “sexist,” I’ve always thought it was the loudest (and crudest) celebration of the beauty of black women, as within the song he tells black women: there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re beautiful, your big ass is beautiful, I will beat the shit out of anyone who says you’re not beautiful, and the much desired Westernized beauty is a myth.But that’s probably just me. I know Mix-A-Lot said he was just rapping about the greatest ass he ever saw.

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