Tired of the Rev. Wright Story?

Barack and Michelle Obama talk about the Rev. Wright controversy on NBC.

Too bad!

Even though you have a lot of company in your pain the media can never, never, ever let a story with good video AND audio go. And Rev. Jeremiah Wright provided the audio and video of Rupert Murdock’s wet dreams.

What’s John McCain doing? Who cares. What’s Hillary Clinton up to? Doesn’t matter. Obama’s former pastor said stuff, loudly, that sounds like HATE to some stupid people. Doesn’t shouting and throwing up a Q-dog sign mean hate? (And if so, is “Atomic Dog” the most hateful song ever written?) Even though this has little to do with Obama–the man who is running for president–this is what matters to the press.

McCain is out enjoying his “charm offensive” where he bats his eyelashes and shrugs his shoulders at every, little heavenly creature. Clinton is out bonding with old ladies and thanking Jesus this pastor flap knocked pictures of her and Chelsea in Bosnia right off the TV. Gosh, that seems like ions ago when sniper fire was all the press wanted to talk about. But one fiery preacher later and Clinton’s back in the hunt, absconding with super delegates and staying mum in hopes that this controversy mortally wounds Obama’s campaign.

After all, a category five implosion is what she needs to even get near the nomination.

Wright knew exactly what he was doing when he planted this improvised explosive devise onto the political playing field. He was doing what he would have done whether it was Barack Obama or a stranger on the street. He was going to stomp and holler and shout and he was not going to be silenced. Whether it was about pride or arrogance, Obama, if he truly knew the man, had to know Wright was not going to quietly retire to the sidelines and ride this bitch out for his sake.

More and more I agree with the Field Negro, who the hell is running Obama’s campaign? This story has expanded over for days now and has drowned his uplifting narrative. He’s been derailed by this. You can blame Rev. Wright, but you have to realize that Obama did know this man for a long time, yet there was not mitigating of the damage. No contingency plan. Just an assumption that America–the same America that enjoys McDonalds and films starring Will Ferrell–was smarter than to fall for this batch of Step’n Fetchit. The “incendiary” preacher story was on FOX News for nearly a year before it blew up in the national media. Did they think this day would never dawn?

As for the press, they’re jackals. They’re hyenas. They are salivating over this, as best demonstrated by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” last night.

They feast off of destruction and could live of this confection of Wright a la mode for weeks if we let them. It’s their trade. Just like “Bosnia-gate” and that debate fiasco at ABC News, they froth at the mouth for the trivial. It’s all icing, no cake and cake isn’t good for you either.

So what do you do? I, personally, am demanding more Iraq/Afghanistan War coverage. Plus, they economy is going to the dogs and gun violence is up in Americas major cities. The feds are trying to take back money they gave Katrina victims. Our veterans are getting the shaft when they come home and we don’t even bother to profile their deaths in combat anymore.

Give the race for the Democratic nomination confectionery fluff a break. Put down the cotton candy and do some real reporting if you can’t find a legitimate issue to discuss on the trail.

Outside of that, pray that Bill Clinton gets it on with someone. I pick Jane Fonda. Or Kim Kardashian. That will throw them off Obama’s scent if they refuse to take this “picking the leader of the free world” think seriously.

PS. While I get that black people are angry at Rev. Wright for “hijacking” the news cycle, I feel the need to remind folks that before the press started beating up Obama with it almost every black person I heard from liked Wright and wanted to hear the man preach more. And if it weren’t for the fact that Obama is running for president these same black people would still be cheering him on. I like Obama, but we don’t have to be a monolith on Obama. We can handle some controversy. We shouldn’t have to censor ourselves, even if we are “showing out.”

If people don’t want to vote for Obama based on what Wright said they were never going to vote for him in the first place. They were looking for an excuse that sounded better than, “I’m a bigot.” So, yeah, Wright didn’t do Barack any favors, but please, don’t give the “gas face” to a man just because he did the electric slide up and down his critics’ backs while shouting, “How you like me now!” I enjoyed his Cool Moe Dee-esque display of pastoral fire. You did too, until the press went feral over it and Obama got caught the undertow. We should be demanding better of his campaign staff who fumbled the ball on this situation.

21 thoughts on “Tired of the Rev. Wright Story?

  1. Kool Moe Dee? Really? I thought he was channeling George Jefferson :-)Anyway, well-said. I wish that I worked closer with Obama cuz his campaign staff is slipping. All I can do is phone-bank for now.

  2. I’m with the GJ reference myself. He actually looks like him a little bit too.You’re right. I was actually amused at the fact that he was hitting every question and the reporter/commentator or what ever she was couldn’t take it. She didn’t know what to do with him. But she kept it going. Calling her out and all that. It was spectacle and I fed into it.I’m human. But I knew going in who I would be hoping to win. I know who I would be voting for. My mind hasn’t changed on Obama. My mind hasn’t changed on Clinton or McCain. I expect the worst from people. But what I don’t do is blame one person for someone else’s actions.

  3. Wright has been hard done, really he made it cklear that he will be campaighning for human rights.I happen to disagree with him on theological points but the press has gone overboard.

  4. I liked George Jefferson before he moved on up. He was angry and the perfect balance to Archie. George was so uppity. And then…he moved to city and started acting like a joke.Remember when Florence started off the same way with so much attitude, and then they made her into a caricature of a grumpy, one-dimensional silly old-maid.But yeah…I loved the way Rev. Wright slid and jerked and then put up the “dog” code in the air. All I thought I he was going to say next was “Wave your hands in air and wave ’em like ya’ just don’t care, and if you like how I don’t shuck and jive, let me hear you say “Oh yeah!”…and you don’t stop, and ya’ quit…”And then I would have like a Jack Nicolson’s, “You can handle the truth!” finishing with him do a bit of Miss Sophia’s, “Hell no!” and round it out with Roots, “My name is Kunta. Kunta Kinta”. That would have been hot!

  5. But it was definitely Kool Moe Dee with those shades on…Danielle, you are so funny!He was like, “She’s trippin!” with some T.I., “You don’t me!” and Bone Crusher, ” I ain’t NEVER SCARED!”

  6. I agree that he has the right to do and say as he pleases, but if the gentleman that is running for POTUS is a friend of his, he could have been a tad bit more considerate. Whether Senator O agrees or not this is an attack on the black church and Dr. Wright did nothing good to help that conversation. In 2000 had the PRIVILEGE of hearing Dr. Wright preach masterfully at my churches revival and I would have never guessed in a million years that 8 years later he would be up there acting like he was a family reunion with the entire world watching. He is much much too intelligent and profound a minister than that display. He is hurting and hubris is ruling him.

  7. Obama was supposed to win NC with a two digit blowout. There are now 2 polls out with Hillary LEADING North Carolina. Wright has hurt Obama big time. Big time. Mathematically, this thing is over. But Hillary is a masterful panderer and knows how to play the press and ignorant white folks, she will make this hell and cost Obama the general election.I can truly say I detest Wright. Obama is being beat up not only by his enemies but so called friends too. I’m praying for this man and his family. It’s so easy for us to criticize and say his campaign is slacking off. Please. The fact that this man has come this far shoots that down. He is walking a journey with no one to guide him but God. So let’s cut the man some slack before we start blaming him for not locking Wright up in a closet. Obama’s not a gangsta politican. He’s not the Clintons. And I respect him for that.

  8. kenya w: I’m not denying that the man has an ego. You have to have some semblance of one to do what he did on a national stage. But I gather that Rev. Wright didn’t like the fact that Obama said he was “wrong” in his statements when the videos first popped up. I think he took it personal, especially when Wright didn’t say anything wrong necessarily. It was the tone people were freaking out over. So this is my psycho-analyzing, but I think Wright thinks Obama dumped him first after the race speech because he saw him as going with something politically expedient rather than what was in his heart.I think all of this between Wright and Obama is about ego and who hurt whose feelings first.It sounds silly, but usually there are very silly reasons behind these sorts of things. Someone did not take care of business. Or maybe someone tried and the other person said FU. But business was not handled! It’s all out in the open now and everyone is freaking out.

  9. anonymous: I’m not saying that someone should have sent Wright to Guyana for 2008. I just think Obama’s campaign is struggling to adjust when these things come up. They should have a contingency plan when someone hijacks their narrative. Crazy things are going to happen. You have to be ready to deal with it.The press is going to do what they want to do. Critics are going to do what they want to do. You have to handle your end. You can’t wait and let the story completely takes over before acting on it. And if some ill-will was festering between Wright and Obama before The Press Club thing went down someone should have had a talk with somebody. There are ways to go about this. It sounds too much like everyone was expecting everyone else to play by the honor system.

  10. Further Black Snob…you have to have an ego to lead with an unpopular mission. I don’t know why people think crusaders are supposed to arrive with flowers and candies and not kill you. Joshua, the prophet, led the Israelites into battle. We have such a sanitized view of “relations” and most of that is sadly the double-consciousness we don’t realize we must master to balance so one side does not make the other consciousness it’s slave.

  11. And in this case the honor system was pathologically regressive and co-dependent on “Don’t make me have to step to me” and “Don’t make me play you like I don’t and never gave a damn for you”.That’s why you never let shit ride too long. You have to nip it in the bud before people say, “I thought you had me” when they knowingly was taking advantage of your niceness to not say anything and mess up their flow. Rev. Wright was too nice in abiding to Obama’s schemes.The same thing happened with Sharpton and Jesse. They fell for it. I did too for a minute. Cornell is the only one that is straight up about admitting that “something is not right with this boy” (as in how Southern family members say it).

  12. OK. I’m a Trinidadian-born Canadian living here in the US for the last 12 years.I don’t get it. Really . . . please explain it to me as if I’m in 5th grade.Back in the Caribbean, if someone had gone on air performing like a fool and undermining one of the best chances we have to right this country (no pun intended) by feeding the “see I knew it!” beliefs of those that WANT to find a problem with Obama, they would be soundly criticized for their deplorable behaviour. Permit me to ask a question of you all: Would you be proud of your parents acting the same way on TV? I’m guessing not.Even if Wright was justified in defending himself from the caricature that has been developed of him in the media and perhaps in the community, maybe even to speak out against what he believed was a betrayal by Obama, he by no means needed to do it in such a fashion. Kool Moe Dee? George Jefferson? Wow. Sooooooo not important AND counterproductive.Let’s see . . . I can’t save enough to help ensure that my two-year old and 7-month old get to higher ed in this country. I spend more than half a grand on my small car for me to get to work in a month. Who’s gonna fix that? A guy that shucks and jives like KMD or GJ? Nope. A leader that although flawed (and this can be applied to BOTH Obama and Clinton) can offer us a path back into economic solvency, ending a senseless war and gaining the respect of the world again.On that last point I have to say that nothing else surprises me more when I’m traveling around the world – China, Korea, Russia, Finland, The UK – than when I hear local people tell me that their impression of America has IMPROVED because we are on the verge of electing a Black man. They think that we are getting somewhere with race! Now we all know that America has a very long way to go, but at least the impression is changing. I think that is a good thing. Can perception be reality in this case? As for <A HREF="http://www.blogger.com/profile/11094410889694886292“ REL=”nofollow”>kenya w‘s point that this is an attack on the black church? Have any of you been to an Anglican (Episcopalian) church populated by mostly folks from the West Indies? Looks nothing like Wrights congregation – very solemn and more traditional. Yes, probably a hold over from our colonial pasts, but it is what I know. I’d suspect that many of Wrights generational cohorts at my church would disagree with his comments on AIDS and Farrakhan, just for starters. Folks have said this before . . .there is not a single Black church. This statement that the media is attacking the Black church is where we clearly see that Wright is acting out of his own self interest.But enough about that. Here is where I come down. I implore each and every one of you, PLEASE . . . talk to those you know, get them to think about the implications of McCain winning and the economic, social and practical impact it will have for those of us not white, not Baby Boomers and not Rethuglican (thanks Field). Help them understand how important it is to support Barak or Hillary (listed alphabetically!!) warts and all. I personally like Obama because he is less of a panderer (I don’t like Hillary’s tactics) at this point and his policies make more sense to me. Period. I think Obama’s campaign should modify it’s message and be quicker to take control and reverse the loss of its momentum – to the Snob’s point – but let’s not just blame the campaign. A LOT of smart people read these blogs. How about getting in touch with Axlerod and Plouffe or other senior Obama folks and making some suggestions or offering solutions on how to right the ship? I reply to the fundraising e-mails all the time from Obama’s campaign. Imagine my delight when someone actually responded to my comments. . . .I can’t vote . . .damn process to become a citizen takes sooooo long I’m still at the permanent resident stage. BUT, I am doing what I can to get others to register and vote their conscience. All I ask is that you do the same.This is what is important. If I can quote/paraphrase the Snob agan “The man is trying to get elected”. He’s not going to do everything that the Black community wants. Painful as it might be, the goal is to prevent McCain from winning.

  13. mo: I can easily answer your question … “America is crazy.”A longer version would involve our country’s horrendous racial pass and the fact that there is a segment of the population who likes to pretend gender and class divisions don’t exist.I, personally, am dedicated to voting for anyone who isn’t John McCain. I don’t understand people who would think it would be a “good” idea to offer the Republicans a third crack at completely destroying the country. Please, let someone else destroy it for a change. Everyone’s emotionally invested now. Everyone’s running on emotion and fumes, hence the crazy. But I guess it’s well meaning crazy. I can’t vote for McCain though. Seriously. The man actually seems excited about taking on the war(s) and possibly starting up a third war with Iran. How can anyone, in good conscious, help a man who is running on the “Stay the course” platform.And I didn’t mean to come off so harsh on the Obama campaign. When they adapt, they adapt well. Things just tend to start careening out of control and it takes them a few minutes to realize that all this gesticulating drama might be a problem.

  14. Snob: Your analysis is spot on. After watching the NPC event once more, I came away with the impression that regardless of the fact that SBO equated Dr. Wright to his own family and in every interview since has gone out his way to give a fair and humane view on Dr. Wright as a man and a minister, it was to no avail. What I gathered was that SBO “lost”(pissed off) Dr. Wright at the, “where Rev Wright was wrong” statement back in Philly. Dr. Wright was obviously livid at that remark. But to his credit, SBO was really, as he said trying to give some context to rational behind the sermons. I am ready to move on and get back to my phone banking.

  15. Andrea: You are so right! Someone was not communicating the way that they should have been. These two men are to close and to smart to have gotten to this point… in public. With all of the struggling and work that Dr. Wright has done over the years, I would think that seeing his friend do something this important would be motivation to be dignified in his appearances. If not that, then the very fact that he was suppose to be defending and defining the prophetic preaching of the word, should have been a better motivation to rep for Jesus with a tad bit more humility.Mo: I feel you, but this IS turning into an attack on the black church as I know it. Black and prophetic ministry to be more specific. The day that a black minister speaking out against bad governmental policy and a WAR where innocent people are being killed, is ostracized as being anti-American and preaching Hate, but ministers of other races can say the same things and they are just being biblical and real Christians… well that is an attack on the black church as I know it. I did not say all black Christians, but the prophetic black church.Legalized abortion is a governmental policy and ministers can speak out against that, does that make them anti-American?

  16. No, Kenya… Think about. Seriously think about it. The analogy I used of the prophet Joshua. They fought for God (with words and buiding empires but also scars, injuries, and death). I am talking warfare…and empire building of their nation-state. After the Israelites made it into the Promise Land, the Hebrew people still had armies. According to their Word of God (The Bible), they were instructed to fight for The Word and they had to fight as a clan of people against other people constantly trying to colonize them and make them (rename them after capturing them to another slavery). Think about what the Spanish did to emigrated Jews who lived in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. The Catholic Church forced them to renounce Judaism or they executed them. They tortured them first. It was probably the closest thing to American Jim Crow. It was mental torture and it fed their double-consciousness. Some of them resisted and were killed. Others converted to live.But the Jews were a genetic clan then and followed their Bible in which shapes modern Christianity. The Bible was clearly made up stories but there are parallels about constant repetitive life and variables. The Bible is like the book, The Art of War. It is a tool. And from that you would learn to fight for your people (as the Jews learned that they had to to defend themselves but also to comply with God’s word). It’s a parallel to when our mothers told us that if anyone hit us and we did not hit then back, she would spank us. God told them to not NOT DEFEND his word. The Bible tells stories how God instructed the Jews to not be ashamed of HIS WORD. So that meant if anyone hits you, you better bust their ass. So you have Jews that still fight for their legacy and their heritage. There really good be an empirical fact that there is no God. It is something we really don’t know. But what we know is that The Bible as a book is real and it is the best tool — like manual to help you navigate through life if you are struggling for the skillset of wisdom. So Rev. Wright is doing what his God instructed him to do. People keep looking at it as if he was totally egocentric in it being all about himself but I know it was a duality. He really was annoyed as a spiritual fighter and then he was pissed that Obama left him to be attacked and not defend him.Do you know how many people have abandoned me and have not fought for me? I have a shit-list. I have family members on that shit-list and what I do to not be vengeful is to stay away from them to not hurt them. But imagine if there was continually daily attacks on me and the dominant Alpha Male or Female of the family was mum (Obama) in not ceasing the attacks but himself taking a risk to take a hit, I would not only but defend myself, I would publically challenge him too.We are a tranquilized, sanitized group of chattering people that think we are so intellectual and so courageous because we are college-educated. But see, that does not mean shit in accordance to our measure of strength of esteemed virtues. What Obama did in allow people to attack the pulpit and to make a mockery of the liberation theology, he was a traitor. He was a passive traitor.So Obama became they enemy the more and more he vacillated and waffled, the more Rev. Wright was screaming for him to stand up. We didn’t hear it because…WE ARE SUCH A DUMB GROUP of people who don’t read nuance. If the media does not have footage of Rev. Wright pleading and praying for Obama’s soul, we act like it never happened. We repeat the only narratives the media feeds us and that is that Rev. Wright was jealous of Obama. We are stupid.I grew up to understand the complex nuances of people. I grew up to see Rev. Wright’s performance as not all that egocentric in that he did it for himself. He could not physically slap that woman asking the questions or walk off the stage because it would look like he had something to hide or could not handle the heat of the offense. So he gave it back to them. He met them on their turf and he was that couragous that he was not going to sugarcoat it for White Approval or Black Acceptance. He knew a lot of people were going to get their feelings hurt by the speech. He just did not know how consistently gnawing with oblivious arrogance the young little girl was going to keep fucking with him. He was a lion cornered in the Roman Coliseum with a tiny pip-squeek grandstanding for the crowd with the baiting and biting stupid and redundant questions. The questions were rehashed one-dimension arguments of the televised and editorialized White media. The questions were clearly partisan and they definitely showed that they did not do their research or they did the research and threw it out the window because what they wanted was for him to recant, apologize, and thank America for all the scraps and dicks up his ass and ours for the past hundred years. They wanted those questions to force him on camera to either hurt Obama’s campaign or to be the symbolism of the last uncontrolled Black theologian (race hustler) not silenced, bought, and bossed.He knew they were poking him into a corner to either make Obama’s campaign collateral damage in order to defend our honor and the honor of The Word. They knew this. They knew how many of our preachers would have taken the 40 pieces of silver and reject their God for the glory of being known as the kingmaker of the Obama campaign by castrating himself to apologize in public and take back everything he said about the country and finally sell out the entire plantation of Blacks living and dead. See…people don’t understand if he took the sacrifice to deny his religious beliefs and his socio-political beliefs supporting by The Word, he too would be stabbing Harriet Tubman in the back, Frederick Douglass in the back, MLK, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer, etc.I used to use this analogy when I visited schools to try to teach them about how our idea of being sanitized and eloquent and afraid to get angry was killing us. It is forcing us to continually minimize all there is about us that is multi-dimension in being human. We tend to think that Rev. Wright should have performed as “dignified” the way White People behave and we neve realize what we are saying. In order to do that, then you are performing inauthentically. So we continue to think the way we have to think in a workplace setting where to sometimes keep our jobs, we have to take chill pills all day. Rev. Wright is not on the White Man’s timeclock and payroll so he does not have to perform to be acceptable for them. It’s a mindfuck. And we assist in the mindfuck. It’s hazing. Rev. Wright should the calm, eloquent side on Bill Moyer and Bill Maher. Then he cranked it up at the dinner. Then he upped the ante and offered a speech as an angry intellectual and then he let loose like anyone would if they felt like they had to fight and show YOU what it is like to fight. He had to show Whites that not everyone is going to say, “My name is Tobey” after a public whipping. He was being whipped and kept saying with all teeth showing and gas-facing Whites while saying “My name is Kunta. Kunta Kinte!”It is us who are embarrassed and we are letting the media tell us that we should kill ourselves. They are telling us that if anyone else decides to contest them and show out being that uppity, they will tear them apart and shape the fear their own will fear against in future retribution.What is going on now is just a different frame of terrorism. It is mental terrorism and we eat it up. People think terrorism is just physical violence. No…the most capitalizing form of terror is mind control.Obama knows this and is allowing it to happen. He is trying to capitalize off of the media assailing Rev. Wright as a false prophet when it is Obama who is the false prophet. So Rev. Wright is actually replaying roles in the Bible of Moses and Jeremiah, two prophets who were betrayed by the
    ir people because their people got mad at how difficult it was to follow God’s Word for them and how they wanted to ignore and dictate God’s Word’s their way. The same thing happened to King. All the people, even here, thinking that they must protect Obama from Wright is doing the same thing to King that others did. Blacks wanted to not upset Whites and the media then wrote the same type of attacks on King. We tend to think that everyone liked King. No…he was crucified just like Rev. Wright is being crucified now. Our family members were a part of it…allowing it to happen…listening to the media paint King as a troublemaker…putting fear in people to not work with King and join him. Check it: Our family members all lie that they supported King. Not all of these educators that say they love King, loved King when he was alive. People revise their place and attitudes of the past to not look like historical enemies of these people. Not until King was shot did Blacks aligned to like King.

  17. I just forget when hit send:I was going to say about when I visited schools or other places to teach about the lost and constant decline and diminish of our existence, I would describe that we are making Harriet Tubman vanish like Marty McFly saw his family members vanish in that photo he had of them in Back to the Future.The more and more we minimize ourselves voluntarily to fit the narrative the White Media writes for us, we make Harriet Tubman start to vanish from meaning in history. We make Frederick Douglass or Denmark Vessey vanish. We make Ida B. Wells contributions worthless. She too vanishes from significance.What we do when we minimize ourselves, we try to fit a narrative written by others that make the contributions and risks of social justice null and void and/or impotent in value and measure of weight that those people if alive would ask, “Why did I risk…for these people that want to throw it all away to fit in to not even being tricked back into subservancy”. We spit on the legacies of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Benjamin Mays, etc.We dismiss their executions and make them less consequential in continuing to play a defense for us in the future. Soon they will be deleted from school textbooks because of us not living to exemplify their model behaviors. They are not that relevant anymore because we refused to emulate them to make them relevant still.

  18. MO…I want to thank you for your perspective on this country. It really is a mental mess here. There is no logic in anything we do anymore. Rev Wright has NO excuse for his performance at the press club. He’s a selfish ill informed man who threw up the “Que dog” sign at the end of his childish rant. While Bill Cosby loves to attack the poorest of black people, he forgets that “brothers” like Wright have been hustling black church goers for centuries now. The Bush admin paid of many black churches to coerce them to lead their flocks to vote against the “threat” of homosexuals and abortion. Many people in New Orleans who ended up voting for Bush were shocked to find out he didnt care if they died from drowning, deydration, being shot by redneck police etc. And that’s what you deserve when you ignore all the truths right in front of your face. To hell with trust…side with people who show you respect as a human being no matter the situation. There was never any evidence of integrity with the Bush admin..but people linked him to God somehow. Its time to go back to school for everyone. The fact that Rev Wright and other such as Creflo Dollar are such “stars in the hood” is proof the we as black people don’t know a pimp when we see one. In some ways people like Wright are more american than white folks…they serve their own narrow purposes first…then think about how it affects the rest of us much later.

  19. StuffgirlslikeIf I read your question about Obama correctly, you want to know what policys Obama would bring as president? Things that a supporter believes he will bring to the country?For me its a few things..I have to be brief right now because I’m on my way out. But The things that appeal to me are things like serious political ethics reform, Net neutrality, Supreame court justice appointments, Payroll tax relief and ending the Iraq war. Most of all I think he’s a “thinker” so to speak. I don’t hear him make grand promises like the other candidates. That is sorely needed on the world stage dimplomatically. I cant tell you how stupid it was for us to basically announce to the world that “we are coming” as Dubya did with his bullhorn after 9/11. The Taliban could have been handled with special ops forces..not a full blown millitary onslaught. I think Barak would be a shrewd negotiator..never showing his whole hand to friend or foe. I think that will ultimately make us a safer nation.Sorry to post and run..be back late.

  20. Andrea: You mistake my analysis of the event on Monday as an analysis on the man. They are not one in the same. I am intellectually capable of looking at a singular event and having a rational discussion on what I saw and heard. My own Pastor Ron Wright out of Los Angeles has a personal relationship and looks to Dr. Wright as a personal mentor. I know the struggle is real and I know the tricks of those who fear lost of power. That does not mean that every speech that has ever been made by someone fighting for us in the struggle has been perfect. And by us discussing those speeches does not mean that we are fighting against the movement for social justice and equality. As an orator and speech writer (amateur) I am of the learning and understanding that when you are trying to get your point across, there are good ways in which to do it and bad ways to do it. Human beings are complex, but well studied creatures. If you present your message in a certain way, you can enlighten and sometimes sway people. That is not cowing to white people or not being true to oneself. A successful oral presentation begins with finding a common ground. You start in the middle and work your way to your side. Dr. Wright knows this much better than I.With that said, how you can say that someone that says to the world than his pastor is equal in his heart as his own grandmother, turned his back on Dr. Wright? peace and blessings

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