Randomness: Playing Cops N’ Carjackers

When I was seven I enjoyed playing with “My Little Pony,” Little People and Barbie Dolls. (I also enjoyed “Miss Mary Mack” and being bossy.) But it never occurred to my sisters or myself to act out scenes from “Grand Theft Auto.” (Tip courtesy of Snob Reader Desiree)

That said, since I was so busy saying “ya know” ten-thousand times in my NPR debut, I’m going to take a breather and update the site midday tomorrow. Feel free to debate amongst yourselves about whether or not the press will continue to live fat off of Rev. Jeremiah Wright footage.)

2 thoughts on “Randomness: Playing Cops N’ Carjackers

  1. Black snob blogger demands my e-mail othrwise I cannot post.This kid is dangerous, I seriouly think we need to investigate the effects of these video games.I have seen a rise in kids being violet especially in England.

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