Profiles In Sexy: Jill Marie Jones

I think if I could look like any actress it would be a toss up between earth child Lisa Bonet and No. 1 stunner Jill Marie Jones.

Bonet looks ethereal and mysterious. Jones is just fucking hot. I mean, seriously. Her face is flawless, classic hot black girl with luscious lips and big brown eyes. This was the kind of girl I saw and went, “I don’t have a fucking chance.” On top of that, she has a body worthy of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders of which she was once a member. When I saw her on “Girlfriends” it was girl crush at first sight.

Of all the actresses (and characters) on “Girlfriends” Jill Marie Jones’ Toni Childs was the greatest, sexiest, crazy person ever. She was narcissistic. She was a gold digger. She was manipulative. She was pathologically self-centered. On top of that she had the best comic timing on the show. She was the show, as far as I was concerned and I promptly stop watching it the minute she wasn’t there any more. I mean, I like Persia White, Golden Brooks and Tracee Ellis Ross as much as the next person, but Jones as awesome and Toni was an iconic character, like Jasmine Guy’s Whitley Gilbert. It was career defining.

I hope Jones will get more work and do better post-Girlfriends than Guy did post “A Different World.” She’s just too, too sexy, but that might also be her curse. She’s not sexy in the way Gabrielle Union is crazy-cute adorable or in the way Sanaa Lathan and Kerry Washington are pretty, pretty BAPS. Jones is so hot she’s at a Halle Berry level of mystifyingly sexy. I hate to say it, but sometimes I think the only reason why she’s not taking off in her career is because Jones is not half-white and not light-skinned. Her sexy is her burden. She’s too fierce to be the “best friend” in a flick, but Halle Berry isn’t going to cede the two roles she gets a year to any newcomer.

God. Jill Marie. If you don’t blow up that’s a terrible waste of sexy.

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8 thoughts on “Profiles In Sexy: Jill Marie Jones

  1. Hi Snob,I so agree, Jill is beautiful. Her lips are amazing. She has the kind of lips White people in Hollywood would pay thousands of dollars to have and yet those plastic filled lips could never be as beautiful as Jill’s. LolMonie

  2. Jones has a fantastic bod, as evidenced by scenes of her wearing nothing but lingerie on “Girlfriends.” I also met her about six years ago on the set of the show. I was an extra, and she actually deigned to talk to me. She was very sweet.

  3. Thank you for highlighting someone that has features like me. I don’t feel so marginalized at this moment. You are cheaper than therapy.Imagine if you were Tiger Woods babysitter when he was little? Like Cousin Danielle? You could have taught him that women with features like Jill are beautiful since its obvious his dad and his mother never wanted him to affirm that.

  4. OMG. She has always been my fav. I love her style and she is bad. I feel beautiful when I see her in mags or on covers of mags. The first mag King that had her on the cover, I bought it. When I read the comments from the guys, I was pleasantly surprised that brothers from all over the country raved about her. We are all beautiful.I wish her the best in her career.

  5. jill marie is totally gorgeous…i do have to admit to having a love/hate relationship with “girlfriends” though…and now that jones is gone, it wasn’t difficult to stop watching the show altogether…

  6. That’s so funny because I hated her character. I hate the whole overly- used dichotomy of lousy friend/ long-suffering friend. I also hated Sula from Tony Morrison’s “Sula.” All of my friends are good friends and I admire them (I also hate the racehorse/donkey dichotomy). It’s sad that these characters couldn’t be portrayed as getting on one another’s nerves a lot less and even sadder that without Toni, Joan seemed to go into meltdown for several seasons. This is just my gloss on the show because I didn’t really watch it.

  7. c: It’s true. Toni and Joan’s relationship did get grating from time to time. That’s why I grew a little frustrated with the show as time went on, but I still liked Jill Marie Jones. I thought she had great comic timing. Plus, I sort of hated Joan’s character because she was so spineless and whiny. And I also hated “Sula.”

  8. She looks like a horse. Meh, to each is own. She's not my type at all. Looks like a man. Alec Wek, Kelly rowland or Iman are hot. She's not really dark either.

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