I’m A Creep (for Prince). UPDATE

UPDATE: The Purple Cops at YouTube have taken down the video that I initially had up of Prince’s performance of Radiohead’s “Creep” from Coachella. Fortunately I downloaded a copy for personal use. Until then, please settle for this review of the show by the Associated Press that made me wish I was still in California blowing insane amounts of money for a chance a Prince-phoria. (It’s all high. No come down.) I hope the Purple Cops showed up because they want to sell a DVD of this performance that I am so FREAKIN’ SAD about missing.

Prince, if you really love me. You’ll put your performance of Radiohead’s “Creep” at Coachella April 27th onto a CD/DVD/Dear God, ANYTHING so I can plunk down whatever you see fit to charge so I can own it.

I don’t know how you fellow Snobs feel about Prince, but I, quite famously, went to every performance he gave in California four years ago during his Musicology Tour.

Mind you. I went into debt because I always bought two tickets as I was obsessed with turning people on to Prince. But I can’t help it. I’m a Prince fan. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

I usual don’t demonstrate my insane degree of Prince-phillia as unlike my TJ fetish it DOES border on creepy, but it’s a happy, Black Snob brand of creepy! Not put your pet rabbit in a microwave creepy.

Hence why I need this Radiohead cover in my life. To paraphrase the 90s grunge-era lyrics of the British band, I am a creep (for Prince.) I am a weirdo (for Prince.) I wish I was special (like Prince.) He’s so fucking special.

I just don’t care if anyone thinks he’s weird. Your loss, man! More Prince for me!

Prince is my drug of choice (next to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, B-boys and Grey’s Anatomy) and for a brief experience while watching and listening to this grainy Coachella video I caught a contact high that turned to a brief dash of euphoria, the same kind I had at all of those concerts.

If I could grind Prince up I would have snorted him away years ago and I’d be in Prince-rehab Prince-jonesing for some Prince-brand methadone.

What would Prince Methadone be? Lenny Kravitz (who I also like), Terence Trent D’Arby (Who I like more than Kravitz but not as much as Prince) or Michael Jackson?

And would that be 80s Michael Jackson methadone? Because I don’t want anything post the Dangerous Album.

I’m going to keep it real here–I would stalk Prince in real life if hundreds of other Purple fanatics hadn’t beat me to the punch. And I feel so ripped off being born in ’77 instead of ’64 because then I would have been old enough to stalk a much more accessible Prince during the bulk of his late 70s-80s hey day. Sharing eyeliner and wearing matching outfits. I would have been that girl in lace, fingers-out gloves and fishnets as Vanity never would have had the privilege of being fucked up by His Royal Badness because I would have been, “No, bitch. ME FIRST.”

And I can actually fucking sing. Unlike Vanity. Appolonia. Martika. Carmen Elecrtra. Countless other bitches who Prince was screwing who couldn’t sing.

Sigh. We’ll always have Fresno, Mr. Nelson.

14 thoughts on “I’m A Creep (for Prince). UPDATE

  1. i completely understand how you feel about Prince. i have made it my mission that all my friends also love him as much as i do. so your love for Prince is not creepy to me at all. it is truly appreciated.

  2. dee la: I have a theory, dee la, that if more people were Prince fans John Lennon’s dream of a world without war would come true.How can you fight when you’re in a ruffle shirt singing “Purple Rain, Puuuurple Rain!” at the top of your lungs with a multi-racial Straight/Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered Drag Queen Rainbow Coalition of Prince-a-holics? How many people have got shot outside the Prince concert? None.How many babies were made because of Prince concerts and countless albums? Millions.Prince wins. Dance Music Sex Romance INDEED!

  3. Look to your right.That’s me stalking Prince with you. I had to sneak into the movies to see Purple Rain. I have 2 copies of the movie. One that I watch and one that is still in plastic. Don’t know why, but I will cut you if you try to open it.Back in the 90’s I drove 4 hours to see him. Knowing dang well I had an 8am class the next morning and he did not wrap it up until 230 am. It was worth it. Every concert is worth it.

  4. all: Obviously, as you share the love, I know that you all must be wonderful, understanding people. Prince fans (true fans, not those johnny-come-lately at Musicology who pretend like 90s Prince did not exist) tend to be among the nicest people in the world.And Prince made some hot music in the 90s. Diamonds and Pearls, “O+> (Symbol)” album, “The Gold Experience” is his best 90s joint, by far. “Come” is a little hard to get into, but worth it.I even liked “Chaos and Disorder,” but this was bound to happen. Prince raised the bar so high on himself by being so fabulous.

  5. Allow me to don my Jeremiah Wright dashiki and say some truly outrageous shit. Every album Prince made in the 1980’s is light-years ahead of whatever over-hyped, instantly forgettable filth scooped the Best Album Grammy for that year. Amen. Sans dashiki, I’m still indignant about the 80’s Prince catalogue. The 90’s work is a little harder to defend. And I don’t think there’s anything blasphemous about saying an artist lost their way for a time. It happens. ‘Dirty Mind’ is the ultimate more-for-less record. Maybe Springsteen did as much with just as little with ‘Nebraska’, but that album is a shrink-wrapped headstone—a mournful, plodding forty-five minute dissertation on watching everything around you die. Who wants to sit through that?Prince, on the other hand, addresses the issue of that era using every genre at his disposal. And masterfully at that. Has there been a stronger synthesis of punk and funk than ‘Controversy’? Has any recent R&B record made a brazen play for immortality the same way ‘1999’, ‘Sign Of The Times’, ‘Lovesexy’ or even the dreaded ‘Black Album’ did? Hardly. I’ll give D’angelo some credit. He took a shot with ‘Voodoo’, but missed it by that much. And just by coincidence stuffed the album’s liner notes with a few not-so-subtle digs at His Royal Badness. I know ‘The Joshua Tree’ did him in 87, and it is a great record, but ‘Sign Of The Times’ is the sort of genius Prince could rip off in his sleep—and probably did.Dig if you will, the fact that nearly half the tracks on that record are demos. He hadn’t even perfected some of those gems yet! Meaning there was an entirely different level he had in mind to take ‘The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker’ and ‘Forever in My Life’ to.Ten straight years of genius. Even The Beatles didn’t hold it down for that long. Parade? Tightly orchestrated genius. Around the World In a Day? Trippy, neo-psychedelic genius.And for all his greatness, very rarely do write-ups on the man mention his boldness in bucking the traditional label-driven distribution model that’s now as dead as Latin. Or his extensive use of the Linn drum machine (one of the first pop musicians to do so). Or his eye for taking marginal talents and giving them tunes to make the world take note of who’s singing them (Sinead O’Connor, The Bangles, etc.) I could go on, but I think you get the point. One more thing: I suggest running home and listening to ‘Party Up’ from Dirty Mind, And then ask yourself who—in this time of war—is whipping out the funky anti-war jams now? I liked Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ just as much as the next guy. But I get a whole different feeling after that track is finished. That ditty makes you want to break something—and soon. Justifiable, but only if the first three words of your personal constitution are ‘We the destructive…’ Prince’s joint makes you want to dance, which dovetails quite nicely into The Snob’s position that a nation of Prince fans would embody the stress-free Valhalla that Lennon envisioned.

  6. Oh, Snob. I just sat here with my mouth full-on open watching this video. Thank you.Prince makes EVERYTHING great. Have you heard the song he produced for No Doubt where he sang some backing vocals? ‘Waiting Room’ is fab.

  7. I’m more of an old school Prince fan. I purchased Musicology but don’t listen to it much. I wear the hell out of Diamonds and Pearls and the follow-up he did with NPG. I wear the hell out of The Hits 1, The Hits 2 and The B-Sides. I’m also a die-hard Lenny Kravitz fan and Terence Trent D’Arby (Sananda Matreiya). His voice is amazing.

  8. CT: Preach on, preacher! Preach on! Amen.shani-o: “Waiting Room” was proof that everything is better with Prince, including No Doubt, which I’ve typically enjoyed but enjoyed more with Prince.He just makes people better. Like Beyonce. Alone, she’s OK, but with Prince — Now you’re COOKIN’ WITH GAS!madame z: Prince, Sananda Matreiya/TTD and Lenny Kravitz are the holy trinity of black non-conformist rock. I even liked Lenny’s “Rock n’ Roll Is Dead” album. (The single “Circus” did not get the love it deserved.) And TTD did had me at “Sign My Name.” But his third and fourth albums were the hotness, especially “Symphony or Damn,” because of “She Kissed Me.”

  9. prince is my favorite artist..period…i say that loud and proud…my cousins hipped me on to prince in 1978 during the “soft and wet” days…as far as i’m concerned he cannot (almost) do any wrong, musically…can you tell i love prince!

  10. Um, don’t you mean that you’re really a Freak for Prince =) .Thankfully he lives near me in Toronto =D.

  11. I even liked Lenny’s “Rock n’ Roll Is Dead” album. (The single “Circus” did not get the love it deserved.) And TTD did had me at “Sign My Name.” But his third and fourth albums were the hotness, especially “Symphony or Damn,” because of “She Kissed Me.”PREACH! LOLI think Circus was one of his best; most definitely his darkest album, but yes, it was AWEsome. I love how he always has a song about his daughter on each record. Are You Gonna Go My Way, Circus and 5 are my favorite Lenny albums. 🙂 I have TTD’s first, need to buy the second and third, have Vibrator (which I loved) and will probably buy his Sananda records just because of his voice and all around artistry. I wish he could blow up large again, but he moved to Italy and gigs in obscurity almost.

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