“Chicken Roost” Gate Continues!

This is what happens when your chickens get out of the gate, have a night on the town getting wasted and come home to throw up in the unsuspecting laps of innocent bystanders.

At the Howard University School of Divinity Tuesday, Barbara Reynolds, head of the National Press Club speaker’s committee, responds to allegations that she invited Rev. Jeremiah Wright to speak before the club with an ulterior motive to harm Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign. (Hamil Harris / The Washington Post)

From the Washington Post’sOn The Trail” blog (Also from Snob reader Carl Walker, who has been all over this, as I have been too busy contemplating the sexual subtexts of Subway commercials and grieving over why I couldn’t be at Coachella with Prince. It makes me want to cry every time I think about it too hard. Why? Why didn’t I just blow my meager savings and go? It’s like having a chance to risk it all on love. Instead I settled to stay put with my money. And can you sing “Purple Rain” money? CAN YOU??? Sure, I’d be broke but I’d have my purple memories. I’m sorry. I … I have to lie down now.)

4 thoughts on ““Chicken Roost” Gate Continues!

  1. Snob- I heard this lady Barbara Reynolds organized Rev. Wright’s Press Club event. At first, I was upset coz I thought she did it to sabotage Obama (since she was a Clinton supporter) but when I read she had also tried to have Rev. Wright speak at the Press Club 2 years ago…I relaxed a bit…but then again coming across a new quote by her “…the Senator is fueling the media characterization that Rev. Dr. Wright is some retiring old uncle in the church basement instead of respecting Wright…” etc makes me re question her intent again..so I’m confused about her..what is she upto, you think?

  2. Nevermind–I was clicking “not quite ON” the play arrow (still should have gone straight to the video instead of straight to NW’s actual website, but whatever). It’s directs just fine now–my bad.

  3. It was a SETUP.If there is nothing wrong with what she did….Then why did the Anti-Obama writings- the ones talked about in Errol Louis’ column…DISAPPEAR. HmmmmmmmmmmA SETUP

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