We’ll Burn That Bridge When Get There … And Now We’re There, Part II

2 thoughts on “We’ll Burn That Bridge When Get There … And Now We’re There, Part II

  1. I’d seen one Jeremiah Wright speech and not the other all-out “performance.” Sigh! The speech, I was with–the “performance,” not so much.This is all such a disheartening mess for a lot of the reasons you stated in Part I. Unfortunately, any black candidate who EVER runs for president will face the issues you mentioned of trying to schizophrenically be everything to everybody. I am black and I understand many of the black issues in all of this, but at the same time, I also understand the extent to which the friggin’ game has to be played a specific way to achieve specific results. As long as you have the numbers of “us,” including Sharpie, that don’t get that, we will never be able to elect a president of color no matter how qualified or how much of a bridge-builder he is.I have to take back some of what I said about Wright in another comment in one of your posts because I hadn’t seen him “cutting up” this badly. As many of us have acknowledged, a lot of what he says is true, but the delivery and potential for bad fall-out really sucked–as we are seeing now. He gave it to ’em on a silver platter. As with ABC, Stephenopoulos and Gibson, I wonder there wasn’t some cash slipped under the table or somethign… I mean–the timing, the intensity, the “in your face” nature of it all??? That thought crossed my mind more than once.This is all driving me NUTS!

  2. tamra: In a perfect world, Obama could freely pander to blacks and whites and not have it be a newsworthy story.And Wright was operating on another, far more dazzling level that it rendered everything else moot. No one is talking about Obama’s first appearance on FOX Sunday in more than a year. It’s all about Wright has his talent for being both entertaining and an iconoclast at the same time.I don’t know how Obama gets out of this one.In a perfect world, Wright would have been more understanding and who’d have “dialed it back a notch,” with this being perceived as an attack on the black church. An attack on Wright? Yes. Trinity? Totally. Obama? Damn skippy. But O’Reilly wasn’t on TV decrying the Christian Fascist Black Nationalists in our churches. They were just bashing Wright.So, really, he could have been a little more understanding to how the news would flip this and make it somehow Obama’s fault.

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