I’m Throwing “Under the Bus” Under the Bus

While watching “Hardball” last night the cliche speedometer on the idiomatic phrase “Under the Bus” officially hit 5 million so I feel I can no longer use the phrase in good conscious due to the sheer laziness surrounding its overuse.

But I need something to describe that “throw ___ under the bus” feeling so, what euphemism can I start using in it’s place?

Any ideas? I’m going to toss out a few at random. Please feel free to add yours. Which ever is the coolest I will start using. If you find me typing “under the bus” instead of our new catchphrase, please let me know that I’ve fallen off the hackneyed wagon.

Replacements for “Under the Bus,” por ejemplo:

A) Into the wood chipper (a nod to “Fargo“)

B) Off the monorail (a nod to an episode of “The Simpsons“)

C) Into the meat-grinder

D) Shot in the face

E) Throat-throttled

F) Put the mace to the face

G) Belichicked (I was trying to think of sports analogies, this doesn’t work but maybe someone thinks differently)

H) Into the rudder

I) Into the turbine

J) Pulled a Drive-by

K) Shoved into the Subway

L) Pushed onto the tracks

M) Bum-rolled

N) “went all Steve Seagal”

Anyone got anything better? It’s got to be better than “under the bus” otherwise I’ll backslide and go back to using it again, and I don’t want to be lazy like that Chris Matthews.

7 thoughts on “I’m Throwing “Under the Bus” Under the Bus

  1. Ironic…I wanted to push someone on the tracks in front of a train Saturday. And no, this was no friend. It was a colonizer, lost in time, trying to “put me in my place” at the train station — thinking it was the Antebellum South.You are haunting me. This is quite funny that you wrote that.

  2. Honestly, what I really wanna know is, how did this phrase reach such prominence! I feel like there should be some kind of explanation. How long have they been using this, anyway?

  3. carl: I have no idea where it came from and how it spread so quickly. But I’m thinking of putting up a poll on this, knowing my own profuse writing will cause it to fall off the radar.

  4. An old by of mine liked the phrase “under the bus” a whole lot. I wish he didnt.I think that “threw back into the water” might be an apt phrase. Also, “tossed back into the melee/fray” might could work. Please, lets pray that the talking heads find a thesarus – or this post perhaps!L

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