Someone Fix TJ Holmes a meal …

I’d do it, but I’m not in Atlanta, Ga.

Video from All Things CNN

Sidenote: He must work out like a fiend if he really eats out that often because I used to go to town in restaurants in the Bako and it did not bode well for my waistline. I don’t care what the brothers say. There is a such at thing as too. Much. Ass.

10 thoughts on “Someone Fix TJ Holmes a meal …

  1. 1990: The key is to limit the amount of TJ you indulge in. I, personally, try not to take in more than one hour a week, that way we have our special time and I have my time not becoming afflicted with TJ-related burn out. Just like how I try to block out the fact that Wentworth is a chronic whisperer on Prison Break.

  2. @ The Black Snob………Girl, did you notice that he said “If I don’t cook, I don’t eat”, so girl he’s available!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Girl if he promises not to do/say anything else ignorant, I’d be his little Betty Crocker/Suzy Homemaker in this piece. Hahaha. I’m kidding… Sort of. I do plan to experiement w/G.Garvin’s cookbook, though. If I make it to ATL this summer like I hope, I’ll swing through there and whip something up for him.:) I enjoy his voice, maybe I haven’t been overexposed to it yet.

  4. LADIES –I’m trying to tell y’all: TJ ain’t trying to eat your cheddar! Your brother’s (or boyfriend’s), maybe.He loves the men — and white ones, at that.Take it from Someone In The Know.Peace.

  5. anonymous: Mmm … I already said this in regards to Wentworth Miller, but don’t care. Everyone says everyone is gay nowadays and what does that have to do with him being good looking and me enjoying day dreams?My WORD! πŸ™ Let us have our precious daydream time! Do your Paul Revere dressed as Richard Simmons “He’s gay!” town crier routine for someone who actually cares if Holmes is gay or not.That said … all who are actually here because they like to talk about TJ’s hotness, I’m seeing a lot of lovesick people mailing him food he doesn’t want to eat in the near future.

  6. He is a gooodlooking, handsome and educated black brother. I enjoy hearing him on weekends and I see him as a much needed role model for our community. Let us support.

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