Angela Bassett Job Watch

My favorite sporadically employed actress has landed herself an new gig.

According to, Angela Bassett will be joining the cast of “ER.”

Angela Bassett will join the cast of the Emmy-winning medical drama “ER” as a regular next season.

Bassett will play a tough attending with a troubled past who’s coming back to Chicago after a few years in Indonesia doing tsunami relief. Her arrival in the second episode next season promises to shake County General’s ER to the core.

“Angela is a wonderfully talented actress whom I’ve long hoped to work with,” said “ER” executive producer John Wells.

I don’t watch “ER” and I never have and I likely never will (even with Angela on it), but I like it when Angela holds down a check. Granted, this is (of course) the last season of “ER,” but why not go out with some Angela “Git Yo’ Shit” Bassett in there?

7 thoughts on “Angela Bassett Job Watch

  1. torrance: I’ll try to shoot you an e-mail sometime today. The blog has been hoping along with my side hustle, so I’ve been all kinds of busy.So I will get back to you!

  2. Why would Angela Bassett want to be on ER? I mean it can’t be because of the money? She was just in a Tyler Perry movie. I looked at IMDB.COM and she’s got a ton of films she’s working on. I don’t get it? Maybe Angela likes the show but I think she can do better then ER.

  3. Anon. you are silly. But I am watching the next season of ER solely for Mrs. Angela Bassett-Vance. She makes everything shes in a must see!

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