More Fashionable Fun With Michelle Obama

And she’s from the South Side, so don’t tempt her. (To see full size of image, click here.)

And why did Klymaxx’s hit “Meeting In the Ladies Room” pop on in my head at the thought of that?**

You just don’t know what me and Michelle Obama are talking about.

Seriously. You don’t mess with the Midwest. (And feel free to rock these on your blogs or Web pages, just give me a shout-out or a little linkage when you post.)

Apologizes for why I haven’t done one of these in a while. New pictures. New clothes. Same awesome Michelle.

Now for some this campaign is about Barack, but not me. It’s always been about Michelle. She’s the one I identify with, who sounds like my mother, aunts and friends. She … what’s the parlance? Keeps it real. I mean, if I wanted to see future first lady 1.0, I’d be blogging about that Fembot Nancy Reagan look Cindy McCain is rocking. And, let’s face it, back when there were nine or fourteen or whatever how many Republicans still in the hunt she didn’t even crack into my fav five.

Fred Thompson’s wife was hot n’ bitchy. Romney’s one-n-only was the “Girl Next Door.” Judith Giuliani was my favorite most likely to “go insane and kill someone” chick. Cindy is just meh. She’s not even the coolest McCain. That designation belongs to his beyond ancient, Last Confederate Widow mom who, like all people of a certain age, just said whatever bigoted, “I hate Mormons” crap that came out of her mouth.

But all those crazy, kooky broads aren’t good enough to hold Michelle’s purse. But I’m tired of writin’. Let’s look at the clothes!

In Pennsylvania, Michelle came out to press the flesh in a lovely green knit top. Nothing too crazy. Always classy. I like. I like.

Michelle whipped out her favorite belt as well. A little snake to spice up an otherwise bland khaki mix-in-match. But, once again. The hair is looking fabulous.

And I wish I could get a better shot of those shoes. They look interesting. Oh, well. Let’s move on to what I thought was Michelle’s most recent fashion TKO.

And the men all pause when she walks into the room!

Uh-Ooh-uh-uh-Ooh! This is an amazing dress. I loved the dark jewel tone and the display of leg was of such lethality that I was a little uncomfortable when Stephen Colbert began to uncomfortably hit on her in a comic bid to make Barack jealous. Plus, it pulled me into my usual of game of reading sexual innuendo into everything the candidates, their spouses and surrogates say.

Yes, we can, look for innuendo! Yes. We. Can!

It’s just my personal game. I’m not sure if anyone else does this. I’m bored basically … And … I’ll admit it …

I have a dirty mind. Blame Prince.

**Oh, and for the uninitiated. Michelle n’ Barry probably rocked it to this jam back in those crazy 80s. Man. I heart this video.

10 thoughts on “More Fashionable Fun With Michelle Obama

  1. Thank you Snob, I was having withdrawal attacks from not seeing my girl. Aaah I feel good now….

  2. Michelle is The Business. Thanks Snob for reminding me why I love her so much. I see myeself in her like so many Black women.She IS her husband’s better half. I love that blue dress she wore on Colbert. Ab-so-lute-ly Hot!

  3. rikyrah: You know? I don’t know if there are other Michelle-fan sites. I started doing more and more about Michelle because Michelle-fans kept finding me.A lot of people find this blog by either Googling Michelle Obama + fashion; TJ Holmes; Wentworth Miller or Jonathan Capehart.I haven’t done much to encourage the Miller and Capehart fans, but I thought the Michelle and TJ hunters were a natural base to cultivate for the site. I figure if you’re a fashionable woman who thinks likes fierce black women and the hot black men who love us … while reading the news, this blog was the blog for those individuals.

  4. Black Widow Spider dress – questionable choiceCould Michelle possibly have missed the fact that the dress she had on the world stage on election night was an exact rendition of a Black Widow spider. It must have come off the Holloween rack.My wife and I were shocked, and we doubt that we are the only people in the country that thought that about the dress.What was Michelle thinking ???? – Or did she choose it on purpose to make a point.

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