Serena Williams IS the Hotness for Nike Women

Serena Williams was on hand to unveil Nike’s 2008 Women’s fall line Thursday in Venice, Calif. and she looked OUTSTANDING. I like it when my girl looks good. The hair was sleek and the curves were kickin’. Very, very nice.

Look at that sexy face! She’s putting the hurt on ’em!

And here’s a sample of the wares.

All art and video courtesy of WireImage.

10 thoughts on “Serena Williams IS the Hotness for Nike Women

  1. She is okay, but I never really thought of Serena williams as “sexy”, at least not compared to other celebrites out there. I know when she first came out, everyone was obsessed with her behind, but face wise she’s just not that attractive.

  2. dewfish: I’m a hardcore fan of many, many over-the-top, glamor queens. It’s not really about looks, it’s all about attitude, and she’s got boatloads. My short list of fav. glam queens are: Prince, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, RuPaul, Beyonce, Iman, Michael Jackson, etc.Basically, anyone who spends more money on hair products than me.It also helps if you’re extra difficult or a total bitch. But this doesn’t work for everyone. I can’t stand J-Lo. Or Jessica Simpson. But Lindsey Lohan? I love that crazy bitch! Even if she did try to blame “the black guy” for the cocaine in pants.

  3. I think she looks great! Brava Re-re! Leaps and bounds over what she used to be. And I ain’t one for the working out, but I do need those workout clothes in my life…you know, to make me seem like I am all athletic and stuff…

  4. “Never thought of Serena Williams as sexy?” I’ve..those..those words should never be put together. Ever.Serena IS the hotness. Serena on her own can uplift the self-image of so many women because she EMBRACES that image, in all its bootyliciosity (I made it up. shush). Serena is..just..straight-up…damn.And on top of that, the girl goes out and gets “distracted” by a college education. That’s what the tennis gods have said. She and Venus didn’t play full time. Were criticized. That’s so wrong. And yet we lambast black male hoopsters for leaving college early. Are black athletes damned if they do (graduate), and damned if they don’t?Forget the damning, though. Serena’s no longer distracted. Her Hotness has won two straight tournaments. Tremble, ye Belgians of the courts. Tremble, I say.

  5. David W.: She definitely looks awesome in these pics. I like it when she wears things that are tailored to her waist. Better to show off the flattering figure.And I do love it when she beats down a bevy of snotty former Soviet bloc princesses and that damn Belgium. She has permanent bitch-face that goes for days.Although Yankovic’s bitch-face is pretty horrid too.And Serena’s beat both of them multiple times.But I can tolerate Henin better than the Soviet bloc princesses. I get sick of the announcers drooling over them.

  6. I’m not saying she’s a bad person or anything. I mean, it’s great that she’s going to school and all, but honestly, she’s not that sexy when it comes to being a celebrity. Compared to average women, she is probably a 6 or 7 (with the body being the main factor), but honestly, her face just isn’t that attractive. Sorry.

  7. Dewey, you’re forgiven. ::sigh:: And I dug deep for that one. LOLAnd Snob, you gotta remember: there were TWO Belgians that tormented the Williamses (and vice-versa): Henin and Kim Clijsters. But the battles with Henin were classic.And I’ll admit that I loved her utter destruction of Sharapova last year.But I digress. When or lose – especially win – she’s hot. Even hotter after what my girlfriend just said. Hee.

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