I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Journalist … UPDATED! (oops!)

UPDATE: So, as it turns out there was some confusion in the Snob household since the CNN was showing clips about the Rev. Wright/Bill Moyers interview all day yesterday AND someone asked me at 8 p.m. if I was watching the Moyers interview I erroneously assumed it was on last night as I happily watched “Grey’s Anatomy” instead of the news I thought was taking place.

My bad!

But I’m going to leave the rest of the post as-is because, who cares? You know? I’ve been wrong before. Anyway, “Grey’s” was awesome even though I didn’t understand why two medical interns could only afford the world’s shittiest apartment. I once made $22,000 a year and I could afford a cockroach free, non-gross abode. But they’re in Seattle, and the rent is high … so I would still not live somewhere that crappy. There are suburbs, right? Can’t live there and drive to work?

I totally watched “Grey’s Anatomy” instead of Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Bill Moyers’ last night.

I mean. I know Wall of Sexy member Isaiah Washington isn’t on there anymore, so I can’t even use him as an excuse, but … there’s been nothing worth watching but news and sports on TV in months. And I needed to watch “Grey’s.” It was like a mental colonic. It washed away the bad. Matter of fact, it felt so good to indulge in some TV pop fiction that I even watched “Lost” afterwards.

I got to hand it to “Lost,” much like The Young and the Restless you can go years without watching that sucker and still get caught right up. Sure, I only understood about half of what was going on, but it’s Lost. I could be watching it every week and still only get half of what’s going on.

So I watch that at my leisure.

That said, did anyone watch Rev. Wright? CNN showed some snippets, but it’s CNN. God, only knows what they left out.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Journalist … UPDATED! (oops!)

  1. Snob, You didn’t miss it. It comes on tonight. CNN is only showing you snippets of the full interview coming on tonight.

  2. That’s confusing. They were showing previews yesterday and everyone’s showing longer clips today, plus newspaper stories. And someone asked me if I was watching it while I was watching Grey’s. So I assumed …But OK. I’ll look into it.

  3. Upitty: Must you be so uppity and correct my errors? My WORD! Harrruphf!I don’t know why I said San Fran. I think I got it confused with that FOX doctor show that debuted the same year as Grey’s but sucked and got canceled after a few episodes.

  4. Bill Moyer’s show left me with: Reverend Wright: not wrong, but right about America’s ills.A powerful teacher and speaker on the issue of Hypocrisy and Race. Obama: a man with a hell of a task to bring folks together. Although, he’s the man who can do it.

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