I’m going to be on NPR, fellow Snobs!

The good folks at National Public Radio found my blog and invited yours truly to be a guest on NPR’s News and Notes.

I know! It’s crazy, right? Well, if all goes according to plan I’ll be on the air with some other black bloggers April 30th. You’ll get to hear my famously deep voice. It’s not Barry White deep. It’s more, “I could do voice overs” deep. But you can be the judge of that.

I’ll keep you updated.

Stay Snobby!

11 thoughts on “I’m going to be on NPR, fellow Snobs!

  1. what time???Will it be online as well?I have an appointment with a specialist that day, so I will have to catch you online.Ohhh, post a link to the podcast!

  2. all: I think it will be on at 5 p.m., but I wasn’t certain about that so I’m waiting for the booker with NPR to get back with me about the specifics.As to the conversation at hand … I have not a clue. When it gets closer to air time I, along with the other black bloggers scheduled to be on, are supposed to submit some ideas based on things we’ve blogged on, what’s in the news, blah, blah, blah.I think it will be on-line, but I don’t know for certain.So, basically, I know a whole lotta nuttin’, but ya’ll will be the first to know!Thanks for the attaboys! I’ll try not to drop any swear words on the air and I will suppress the urge to shout out for TJ Holmes to “<A HREF="

    REL=”nofollow”>Google me!”

  3. Kewl! Wow! Congrats–like FMM said, right before our eyes! Sounds like an interesting topic (of course and it’s about time…). I look forward to catching it.

  4. Congrats, Snobette!Hit me on email and I’ll give you some tips for beating the first-time-NPR jitters. Looking fwd to hearing your best Barry White.

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